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  1. We have a big dog.!! Awnings (for us) are essential in summer and when it rains. Nuff said!
  2. Our Commodore tracker subscription is due for renewal. Knowing that the standard Tracker requires you to notify the police if your van is stolen then they go and hunt for it makes me convinced that its not worth it. I currently have two new insurance quotes. Without tracker is more than £100 LESS that WITH tracker. Also, with a new for old policy, I am certain that if someone absconds with my van, after the hassle and damage caused by removing locks, E & P etc. then I dont want it back. I'll have a new one thanks!! Any thoughts on this including third party DIY devices?
  3. Total scam!! Keep your money safe and keep looking close to home and preferable at dealers. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!
  4. OK David, how do you configure your setup? Do you fill the A/R (with internal float) via the blue feed, with pressure reducing valve from the stand pipe and then use the standard take off from the top of the A/R into the van??
  5. Chris - couldn't agree more! Feeding water into a van always has some risk but I would sooner keep an Aquaroll connected at low pressure than direct connection to the mains. Its unlikely to empty the local reservoir no matter what you do. I'm working on using the food grade direct connector to fit onto the float in the Aquaroll so I dont have to carry tons of pipe!!
  6. I agree with Griff. But as I said earlier IF the input on the van fails then water at mains pressure flows into your van uninterrupted until you spot it. Aqua roll and float for me regardless. The mains supply and Aqua roll still relieves you from the constant filling. We have an on board 40 Ltr tank and this setup constantly fills this too. We use a two way branch on the pitch tap so we can wash boots, fill the bucket for the dog's water, etc etc. and still remain connected to the van. We also use Toad's waste arrangement. Saw this on site and copied it. Made the straps from
  7. Keep the aqua roll, buy a float for main side filler and buy food grade hose if you are worried. We use a Streetwize expandable hose on a reel. About £7 off eBay - not food grade but remember your Aqua roll is open to the elements a little. Advice to me was never use direct mains water into the van. A friend once had a pressure switch/valve failure and it flooded his van floor. So, even on service pitches we (and many others) always us the Aqua roll as a fail safe device.
  8. We tow 2000kg with a 235 BHP XC90 Powerpulse. Don't skimp on power or torque. Its always there in reserve if you need it. Also factory/dealer fit tow bar every time. I would be very surprised if Audi don't support AL-KO ESC electronics. Volvo even prohibits Pilot Assist and rear park sensors (but rear camera zooms in on the towbar for hitching up) because it knows there is a trailer fitted.
  9. Hello all, Just spent two days washing and polishing our Commodore. I must say that an 8.16 meter 8 foot van is a serious job! Has anyone polished a roof and if so, how did you do it being mindful of the risk of injuring the van, yourself or both! Cheers
  10. Sorry - my description was a bit confusing. The Buccaneers have a high level fixed front window. No its not actually in the roof and cant be removed - apologies for that. Van is one year old. First time its appeared - it has been very cold and wet and today has been relatively warm so it all adds up.
  11. I'm sure this has been covered many times but here we go again! The front roof window on our Commodore had developed a very slight mist in a lower corner. I had this on our last van - Swift Challenger but the problem remains the same as all the windows only come from a couple of manufacturers. Its guess its impossible to construct a completely air tight and moisture proof unit. Does anyone have any definitive means of removing this? There have been opinions that the plugs are actually one way valves? Is this the case? The plugs are still intact and I assume there are tw
  12. Van covers, toilet fluid. Not much more.
  13. Sorry my typo. Yes its in their current store handout!
  14. e-move manual movers available to order next weekend from Alde - £499.99!
  15. Any help? Get a removable bracket and swivel the TV as required. Read my solution about gaining access behind the fridge. Bit involved but it's very unobtrusive indeed. Not a lover of wood screws which always run a risk of pulling out. Small bolts through the panel into the bracket have proved bomb proof. I could upload a pic if this helps.
  16. Doubt the screw holes from the EH type lever catch will line up. Discs of gaffa tape on both faces do reduce the pull. As I recall there have been many discussions on CT regarding this issue. They really do bang shut!
  17. I'd run it and and watch. There is a lot of capacity in the whole system. DONT top up with water. If you are worried about this you will have to buy some fluid. Fluid match is crucial.
  18. Welcome!! We have a 2020 Commodore. Firstly, are you able to store at home? If not, the most you can go for is the pair of AL-KO Wheel locks, the best hitch lock you can buy and the van comes with a tracker with one year free subscription although it gets very poor reviews. For an insurance quote, shop around. Safeguard, Caravan Guard and Caravan and Camping Club are competitive. Get back and we can all contribute further.
  19. We looked at Knaus but found them a bit 'overbuilt'. My mate says they are a bit Teutonic. His words not mine. Yes, the Bucc offers tons of goodies, Jez has outlined them all, We went in today (at the side of the house ) and it does fill you with pleasure. Recalibrated the E&P (as you do) filled the o/b tank, ran the water, warmed the toes, stretched out on the long dinettes, looked up through the massive sky lights, etc etc. Yer pays yer money...................... My next van will be another Bucc. ....and it looks stunning.
  20. Ditto Jezzerb! Our 2020 Bucc Commodore won out over Coachman which had short from dinettes, no solar panel or underfloor heating and the loo door hits you in the back whilst cooking! Other negatives too. Funky fridge - do you REALLY need to open the doors both ways?? Look at the 2021 Buccs. The only changes are decals and drawer front colours as far as we can tell. Put E&P on the Elegance Grande and its not good vfm. Bucc layout doesn't change so it must work. Front L shaped lounges look cool but don't work for us. Substance over style Mrs YG says. Went in the C
  21. Tom Harman at DTH Caravan Services based in Pontefract. Google him - top guy! He's very busy but is totally professional. He's servicing our van in May.
  22. Run the oven with EVERYTHING removed - check very carefully - and see what transpires.
  23. Yes KnausCol is right you CANNOT do without the rear upright poles. This is ours on its first outing.
  24. We have an All Seasons Ace Air Pro 400. Really heavy at 40 kilos but built like the proverbial. We didn't like the pulley idea of pulling through the rail. We use a rope in the eyelet. I pull and Mrs YG guides it through the rail. Inflate and peg the corners down. Insert the panels, adjust the 'shape' and ensure its snug against the van. Upright poles against the van go in last. If I find some pics, put some on. Adjusting as you go is part of the job.
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