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  1. Is the Remora 40 actually the same model as the Remora 40 pro? Its an Out and About Live award winner. Cheers
  2. Another issue to consider after price is how much the weight of the additional movers eat into your payload? Our new Commodore (when it comes!) has quite a modest payload and Powrtouch 4WD movers weigh about 60 kilos! (which why virtually everyone plates them up to 2000kg). So ya pays yer money and...……………………….!
  3. Talk about spot checks!!!! I saw (solo!) TWO L200s over the weekend BOTH towing double axle trailers at over 70mph in the middle lane on the A1M.
  4. Thanks for this sureflow Our Buccaneer Commodore is due next week and as an experienced 'vanner, I am keen to make sure that we can get up to the site safely without damage to the van now that we are towing an 8 footer!!
  5. Our only real concern is the risk of damage to an 8' wide van on the final approach up the narrow road to the site after leaving the A3078 Cheers all
  6. How tight is the approach with an 8' van?
  7. Thanks for this GB, Our PX is a 2018 Swift Challenger dealer special so we are well up to speed with the 10yr water ingress warranty. The only issue for me is the interest charges on the finance which is taken out to potentially help protect the buyer but the interest charges seem a bit of a stab in the back for something we didn't want to take out in the first place
  8. The Commodore was purchased with a sizable PX and unbeatable discount on the new van so the actual cash balance was significantly less than half the cost of the Commodore. Actually if all goes wrong , I might be happy with £30K - does this make sense?
  9. Hi Jacko 1, Thanks for this - we are glass half full types and, yes, the satisfied customers rarely comment! We are looking forward to the new van. (Incidentally our three XC60s were superb!)
  10. We have a Kampa Ace Air Pro All Seasons 400. We use the standard Gale pump on its own 12v lead plugged into the entertainment hatch 12 socket. Up in a trice and we have NEVER had any problems with leakage/bursts/zips. Pump up to 9 PSI and that's it. We negotiated the pump as a freebie (with other stuff - rear poles, carpet etc) and, yes, its heavy but really substantial.
  11. Self evident title really! We are going to view it in the next couple of days. We are optimistic about the build quality of the finished product but mindful that some buyers have rejected their van safe in the knowledge that they have financed their purchase in part. We paid a deposit on ordering by credit card. Does this constitute some form of finance rather than buying the van cash outright? There are some worrying vlogs out there!! Cheers
  12. No pockets in a shroud ! We are now SKIing - (spending the kid's inheritance). We are not coming down this way again……………... Picking up our Commodore next week. Happy days!
  13. Heard it can be very windy, Is this true?
  14. We narrowed down our list to two vans BEFORE the October 2019 show. The NEC is hectic and tiring for browsing and making choices Try to do your homework if possible BEFORE you go. Visit dealers and drive the deal and approach your most local dealer last of all and push them hard. Extras such as motor movers, AWD upgrades, Hypnos mattresses, etc. are all within reach. You need to be calm and ruthless. Remember, the world is full of caravan dealers hungry for your business. Do not be swayed by the 'today only' offer. Get it in writing and walk away if needed. We ended up selecting our second closest dealer simply because of 'price to change' after a lot of 'pre-show' homework. Our Buccaneer Commodore is due with us in the new year. Enjoy!
  15. We are picking up our 2020 Commodore next week! If we have similar problems what is the procedure for rejecting a new van? What is the time scale etc and, quite simply, how do you do it? £35k......….. mm!...………….
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