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  1. Hi EW, Stripped it AGAIN and removed the whole door flap from the outer catch assembly only to find that the 'chrome' plastic tube bit which houses the square rod was disintegrating!! Epoxy did rectify this whilst I wait for a new flap. The dealer carries them in stock they do fail. Surprise surprise! there is nothing else left to repair - that's it! Cheers!
  2. Damn! Went to get in the van this morning. The pull catch wouldn't open the door! - but the key would. Stripped the lock AGAIN and found that the long pivot on the door handle has a retaining allen key which holds the spindle in place. It had slackened off allowing the release roller to swivel on the actuating rod. i.e you can pull he door latch but the roller doesn't move. I tightened up he allen key, put back the lock and its firm and has a positive throw on the latch. However, how long before it slackens off again! Don't you just love these naff plastic bits! - (or the self tappers strip out the plastic threads!! ) Has anyone araldited the pivot in place? That might stop the thing slackening off!!
  3. Anyway, to the point of the OP, the lock is 'fixed' (or upgraded) at no cost other than time spent! Happy days - lets go 'vanning
  4. Cheers EW, Stripping the lock off on a van that isn't a year old yet does go against the grain, but 4 hours round trip and a day drinking coffee at the dealership versus an hour in the garage knowing full well that you are not left with the same problem is a no brainer really! - AND the production fault is solved with nylon (not plastic) against the release roller!
  5. Thanks all for you input. I've fixed it! For all you out there with sloppy door catches, this might help. 1. Carefully pry out the plastic 'oval' to reveal two screws. Remove these. 2. Carefully remove the centre grey circular cover off the internal handle 3. Remove three screws securing the 'chrome' surround remove and pull off the handle. (You will have to reposition the spring inside the plastic lug or the lock wont work on reassembly) .Note its position. 4. Remove 4 screws and lift off the square black lock assembly and the outer handle and seal.. I found that nothing was broken or worn but there was about 1/4 inch of 'slop' between the release roller and the plastic lug which releases the catch. I made a nylon block, attached it with Araldite to the upstand of the lug and checked the play between roller and lug. The roller now contacts the release lug. 5. Reassemble in reverse order and Robert is your Father's brother!! See pics.
  6. Hi there EW. How did you access the screws to remove the lock? Are they behind the large plastic cover (and a smaller oval insert)? if so is it a 'simple' prize off of these two plastic components to reveal the fittings inside the van? Cheers
  7. Hi there again EW, Is your van a 2009 or 2019? If you have had 10yrs service from the lock then well done! If only a few months/weeks then I'd better get the tools out! Cheers, Bri
  8. Does anyone have any inside info as to what might appear at the Lawns later this year as the new 2020 models across all manufacturers are announced?
  9. Mrs YG really fancies the Barracuda. Our current 2018 Challenger 580 was a purchase to return to vanning. We love touring and are thinking about something bigger (heavier and more expensive!) Any positive views out there or do we buy an Elegance Grande?
  10. Many thanks Gordon, Just phoned my dealer and they have a lock in stock - so - I will investigate. Do you have any info on dismantling or I'll Google Hartal and see what comes up! Thanks again, Bri
  11. Now then! We have a 2018 Challenger Dealer Special and the outer opening flap only releases the inner catch when pulled out to its full travel. This has worsened over a short time. I am aware that very soon it will become inoperative as it fails completely i.e. opening the door is impossible! I contacted the dealer and they have very little or no workshop time for about a month and a half! (We are out next week!) In fairness, I talked to the service manager and he promised to call me tomorrow. If a cupboard knob falls off, life goes on but being effectively locked out of a van whilst touring isn't funny. Has anyone had a similar problem and, more importantly done a DIY fix without having to lug their van on a four hour round trip to a dealer to sort this out? I'm fine with the spanners and tools and would prefer to repair it/replace the lock myself if possible. Cheers all!
  12. Bought a Goblin (?) from Wilko - I think its their own brand now with floor tools etc. It's small and is very effective and about £20. Packs away easily - mains powered but that's no problem in the van.
  13. I had two Series Ones in the past, and 86''and an 88'' (yes a Series One 88) - I was young and daft and loved them. They cost a fortune now. A few spanners, a five pound note and dirty finger nails kept them going. We trialled one and concoursed the other. Happy days!
  14. We are planning next year's tour and are seriously considering the Western Highlands, the Hebrides, (Skye, Lewis Harris etc) We haven't been to Scotland since we travelled the Corrieyairack Pass (a General Wade road) from Laggan to Fort Augustus- over the mountains in a 1958 Series I Landrover. We survived the 14 hour return trip! We were very young then!! So, where do we go to avoid 'honey pots', camper vans and aggro from the locals. Peace and tranquillity are paramount. We are quite intrepid and have the outfit to cope with most conditions. All advice welcome, Cheers all!
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