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  1. Our XC90 does the self test. Don't actually trust it but it DOES work - typical Yorkshireman. Mrs YG still does the visual test and off we go. July 4th the roads will be packed with white boxes!
  2. We are looking for a site for a birthday party at short notice August 1st around Keswick. All CMC sites are obviously full. Any recommendations for any hidden gems. Cheers
  3. Hi Ian, (and all) Ours isn't gentle! The van drops quite dramatically which really concerns Mrs YG. Is it a call to the dealership or E&P? Its not a complaint as such but the retraction after fitting the locks is in sharp contrast to the auto levelling which is very measured and without any drama at all! Cheers all.
  4. Hi all, Been playing with the E&P in the garden (again) . Seriously, I needed to move the van to fix the garage roof! Lifting the n/s wheel in manual mode to refit the Alkos is a really convenient way to fix the locks. However I haven't discovered how to retract them manually to be followed by auto levelling. The only way I can do it is to retract all rams and corner steadies in auto mode which results in a really dramatic lowering of the van. Lifting the n/s wheels in manual mode can be carried out incrementally but I cant find a way to slowly lower the n/s wheels back down to be followed by auto levelling. Any ideas out there? Cheers
  5. Yes Ian there is a void - forgot about this! You could still fix the swing out bracket straight through the wall with 6 or 8 mm bolts cut to length with either wide area washers or a custom plate and nuts in the locker. This would alleviate the need for Silkaflex. When removed the two holes can be covered up with these cute little colour matched stick on discs used to cover up other fixing on the van. Very unobtrusive. Hardly ideal but it is what it is. (And you keep the bracket!)
  6. Hi Fozie, We have considered this although we don't really want a TV in the bedroom despite EH providing all the electrical bits but no mounting! I understand drilling into the bathroom cabinet to maximise strength and hide the fixings but is the location too far into the corner of the bedroom unless you fit a swing out mount? I guess so! Seriously do you REALLY need a TV in the bedroom? We have one TV in the front. Enough for us. Frankly I wouldn't bother because the leccy bits are in the wrong place! Good old EH!
  7. If you've just come back from Spain don't give up get ready to give it another go. I wish I was brave enough to venture abroad!
  8. Do remember that wood burning stoves require fully seasoned dry wood. Anything less than 20% moisture is considered dry so Griffs meter reading is quite rightly - 'dry'. Our one year old Swift had readings of 10 and 11% round the floor- perfectly acceptable.
  9. Morning Ian, We have the usual fixed panel and handset on our 2020 Commodore but I guess as its a production fitment at Elddis, they have all the components to hand during assembly. We contacted SAP when we were looing at a Zephyr (no E&P) and might have 'won' the later panel but I guess with double wheel locks, hitch lock and alarm even if thieves got the van down on the wheels, they would have to remove the locks. I like the idea of an isolator however - belt and braces. Where did they fit it?
  10. Hi Ian, When was your van actually built?
  11. Hi Ian, Whats this new removable docking remote with removable touch screen? Is this the remote hand set or something new or is it the cost option app for smart phones? Sounds interesting! Cheers
  12. Hi there, My mistake! sorry. I assume that the compact system WILL lift both wheels for lock/wheel/tyre jobs. My only thought is that the automated full version does everything whilst you watch whereas the compact system still needs you to run round with drill in hand and spirit level somewhere in the van whilst someone prompts you from afar! Have you shopped around for an independent E&P fit? We were quoted sub £3000 for the whole system - a lot of money BUT we looked at an Elddis Zephyr and after factoring the E&P there was little difference between the two (and we have underfloor heating on the Commodore). Sorry to confuse the matter. Does it seem a lot of money for what is effectively an axle jack whilst still needing manual adjustment of the corner steadies? If you learn how to use the manual system, you have complete control of the corners. Our van levelled out a little 'nose down' and I recalibrated the system with an accurate long spirit level and page 15 (?) of the instructions. Easy peasy!
  13. We have the full E&P system and its brilliant for lifting both wheels to insert the Alko locks. Puncture repairs wheel changes are all possible without a jack which is almost impossible because of the movers. I recalibrated the system a couple of days ago and its easy. I do feel that the full system is worth the extra outlay if only to get two wheels off the ground! You cant get the wheels up with an electric drill!
  14. So, its been asked many times, when do we all think we can go out to play again?
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