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  1. Compile a list of possible vehicles and then do a tow check against a 1600 kg van and see what materialises. Also consider BHP and torque figures, these are vitally important. Volvo XC90 is a seven seater with 235 BHP and masses or torque and a superb tug. Not cheap but look at ex-demos or used vehicles in good condition.
  2. We have just changed our 2018 Swift Dealer Special for a Buccaneer Commodore. However, we noticed NO pigtails on the gas changeover on the new van so we hung on to these, Frankly ANYTHING that was and 'extra' on your p/x, I would hang to - i.e everything that isn't replicated in the new van. If your new van doesn't come with wheel locks and you have an Alko, then keep it. They are inordinately expensive. (Our Commodore does come with twin Alkos). Waste, etc. in fact any accessories you bought . Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks David, Any links to your choice of gar would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. I need one to reach the far corners of the chateau yg! Anyone just bought one that works well? Cheers
  5. Thanks Jim, Yes, I have braced myself against the gas locker and it IS heavy! I'll observe Mrs YG who always is in charge of the movers but its my job to release the handbrake!
  6. Thanks for this, I'll have a play with it again and use my Aquaroll 32mm white DIY filler pipe as a lever extension if I need it. Bet Jeff Capes didn't have this problem!
  7. Morning all, We were moving our new, unused, never been out Commodore around the garden (as you do in the current situation) and I found (again) the 'two way assisted handbrake' really difficult to operate. Our previous Swift was quite hard work but not as bad as the new van. I am a fairly fit bloke but this handbrake would be impossible for anyone with any physical impairment. I also noticed that its possible to leave the brake lever in the upright position which fouls the front locker door when it opens. Am I doing it wrong? Cheers!
  8. Our dog training has been cancelled until further notice! We WERE planning to go away in the new van on Wednesday simply to give it a dry run. (Its a 2020 Buccaneer - never turned a wheel but looks great in the garden). We do understand but increasingly find the whole scenario very upsetting. Yes we are still OK but three months of personal isolation - we will be fine but what about those who are home alone? I can bounce everything off Mrs YG (and the dog). At 67, I have never seen anything become so all encompassing so very quickly. Hang in there if you can!
  9. We were planning three weeks away from June 1st - right on the peak of the virus. We are resigned to the fact that sites will probably be closed or 'vanning will be difficult or impossible. September might be nice!
  10. Volvo XC90. D5 Powerpulse 235 bhp with 140kg max load on the tow ball. Max tow 2500 kg. Van is plated up to 2000kg
  11. I did check a 2020 Commodore ex works at a local dealer (not my van) and it was 90 k. Oh and the E and P system is 100 k max
  12. Hi all, We are currently loading up the new van for its inaugural outing (unless it all comes to nothing with the current situation re Covid 19). We have been ruthless with not filling lockers with unnecessary stuff - in fact the front upper lockers are empty! - and the front gas locker has two empty Calorlites and very little other equipment. The under-bed storage has the usual waste master and other gear. The real issue is that the nose weight is showing about 120 kilos - measured on a calibrated Milenco gauge. I can't see what more I can do to reduce this figure. other than filling the on-board tank! I have a medium Safefill cylinder which will be used instead of the Calorlites. Any thoughts out there from fellow Buccaneer owners?
  13. Thanks all. Sorted it! We removed the facia for the m/w and the oven itself which allows you to just gain access to the top of the fridge. Marked and positioned the position of the bracket very carefully and drilled the top two holes in the bracket through the panel which allows the two upper bolts to pass through and accept the two wide area washers and nuts. Ignored the bottom hole and you can only use a wood screw here. So - no wood screws at all. Its rock solid with a 2.4 kilo TV on two 6mm bolts. Checked removal and positioning of the TV before drilling. Seriously, its as good as it gets. Incidentally, Irwin Hymer had no advice at all other than warning me that it was a modification to the van and it was at the owners risk. Wonder what the dealers actually do? Never really found out! Happy days
  14. Thanks for this. I'm reluctant to double up the thickness of the panel as the van hasn't been out yet and want the bracket (if any!) to be as unobtrusive as possible but I'll go and have a look. The TV might just end up being on the shelf below. Cheers
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