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  1. Bit disappointed that there isn't any positive advice out there!
  2. Nah then! Has anyone cleaned the upholstery on a 2020 Commodore? The backs of our front dinettes could do with a slight freshen up where the dog leans on them. Its only just noticeable but I don't want it to become a project further down the line. What do you use? Might sound a stupid question but I need something gentle and don't want to 'fluff' up the fabric surface. What is your modus operandi ? Hope this makes sense. Cheers all!
  3. Any information regarding mobile coverage on site? Cheers
  4. Just made a waste outlet to attach the Colapz pipes to. 32 mm courtesy of Toolstation and straps from a old awning skirt. Had to insert a sleeve as the wastes are the same size as the rigid plastic. Less than four quid for the lot. Happy days.
  5. If its accidental damage what about an insurance claim if the price is exorbitant?
  6. Just returned from Hawes CMC site and at one point, 80% of service pitches were occupied my Mohos that didn't use any of the facilities other than EHU (at the most!) True if you prefer to pay top dollar for a large pitch then it is your choice but I think its time 'the club' got a grip and escorted outfits to an appropriate pitch and charged a non-returnable deposit. This would stop selfish individuals booking everything in sight knowing full well that they can cancel up to 72 hours before arrival with impunity! Right I'm off the soap box!
  7. Anyone bought and replaced the bottom plastic extrusion? Looks simple enough but who does the best price? Any help out there?
  8. We have a an XC90 after three XC60s. The D5 Momentum Powerpulse (235 Bhp) tows a Buccaneer Commodore (max up 2000Kg) and returns about 29MPG when towing. Acceleration is astonishing and the stability is even better. Returned back yesterday from North Yorkshire at the legal limit and steady as a rock. For my money go with Volvo. I looked at the Ford Edge (and JLR) about two years ago and the Ford reviews were very poor. In simple terms, I will stick with Volvo until I go to the great rehearsal room in the sky. Simple as that. Hope this helps.
  9. Any help on locating the lower moulding which incorporates the skirt channel. Does anyone have a part number, possible price and best supplier? Cheers
  10. Done it! Got the dimmers from Amazon and carefully removed the Burka switches and connected the wireless device with Lucar spades behind the switches with NO wire cutting. They can be reinstated with no evidence of intervention whatsoever! Happy days!!
  11. Only issue with removing the drums is that you will have to replace (and torque up the new) sacrificial nuts!
  12. Yep! Our Swift did this. Its down to the brake lining material. Swap the shoes for better quality and this should cure it!
  13. Hi Bubble, which dimmer did you fit? Any links to a suitable item? Cheers
  14. Yo, After four nights away in the new Bucc, has anyone wired the LED downlighters above the sink and worktop separately from the LED strip directly above the plastic widow surround behind the sink. They are both on the same switch and are great for tasking but too bright for ambient light. The tiny single floor light by the door is on its own separate switch. A bit odd really. I'm happy to have the floor light and the window surround on the same switch. Cheers
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