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  1. Oops sorry! But the XC40 seemed to have crept under the wire! And let us not get into the JLR reliability battle!
  2. Volvo XC90 didn't get a mention. When we are eventually allowed out to play again, I will hitch up the Buccaneer, put the 90 into eco mode and bomb off down the road again - doing 29 to the gallon. Who selects the review lists?
  3. Did your friend successfully pursue this under warranty? I might chance my arm again! Cheers Griff
  4. Hello there. This happened to us but we were a little more fortunate. Our glass ended upon the floor presumably the carpet pile stopped it breaking and sliding around! However we have a large scratch on the underside of the glass as a result of the glass sliding over the centre of the casting on the burners. The dealer refused our warranty claim! For us its not a massive issue BUT checking the security of the glass has become a 'pre-flight check' before hitting the road. If you are really concerned about this, gaffa tape might be a solution! How many of you out th
  5. I've had 8 Volvos. Wouldn't change out of choice. All of them totally reliable. Freelander in a skirt? No!
  6. We use our internal front locker doors all the time. We considered a Coachman Xcel but there were some glaring omissions and poor design IMHO. No internal locker doors, poor gas locker provision, toilet door hits you in the back whilst cooking (great!), no solar panel, flimsy shower cubicle, protruding TV mount in bedroom. .........and the front dinette seats are very short. There were some plus points (gorgeous bathroom) but as Mrs YG says, she would go for substance over style all the time. Its all got to work!
  7. Cheers. Might consider a dash cam instead.!
  8. Has anyone bought one? Thinking about one as a Christmas Gift. Preferably one which projects onto the windscreen without stick on film. Biggest screen and maximum info for a tech focussed driver would be great. Not a caravanner but would make a great gift. ODB connectivity is OK. Cheers all.
  9. Yes but some are located in strange, potentially (dangerous) places!
  10. Best place for the isolator is behind the EHU socket in the external locker. This means you CANNOT move the van whilst on mains power. My advice is to move the switch to failsafe position in an outside locker. Towing with the power engaged for me is a NO NO. Most installers adopt the above technique. Our new van has the switch BEHIND the EHU. So you cannot engage the mover with the socket in. Did the dealer put the switch in the locker? I am very surprised if they did? Was it an aftermarket addition? For safety's sake get the tools out and move it to the outside!
  11. Sounds to me as though they simply want some cash! I'm really cynical about this. Remember NEW vans come with a 10 yr water ingress so after this we are all on our own. This van was made in 2006! In short ignore them. They looked at a 14 year old van. If they want high revels of redress then they should buy new. Even then, warranty issues can be a complete nightmare! I had a 2018 van that had problems. Its easy to say but stop worrying! Caveat emptor!!
  12. Pigtails are about 2 years old - removed from previous van as our Commodore didn't come with any! So, I'll try one at a time with different cylinders - i.e. ring all the changes. Interestingly, we have been out four times with the new van but this issue only manifested after the last outing. IF it continues with both pigtails and a change of cylinders then could it be something that's shifted. Cant be the appliances - Alde, cooker or fridge as they were tuned off SO it could only be the rigid pipework I guess. What do you all think?
  13. We have two new Safefill 10k bottles and have noticed an occasional very slight smell of propane when sitting in the front of the van. Nothing to merit evacuating the van but noticeable. I have checked all gas drop holes - all ok and sprayed all joints (inc the cylinders) in the locker with the proper gas detecting spray from Screwfix. Nothing! I have turned off the three appliances at the isolating valves in the van but the whiff remains - most noticeable in the locker. Next task is to connect a Calorlite cylinder and see if the problem remains. Anyone out there with suspicions about about
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