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  1. Our Commodore arrives in about a month and we opted for the Hypnos. It seems a no brainer at £200! Cheers.
  2. Cut to the chase - get it back to bare metal! Nuff said!
  3. We had 3 XC60 D5 AWDs and all were superb! We now have an XC90 Powerpulse 235 and this is equally awesome! (8 Volvos in total) over the years) I would stick with AWDs (and keep away from the JLR products!)
  4. Hi, Similar thoughts here. We ordered a Commodore at the show. We have a Volvo XC90 D5 Powerpulse, 235 bhp, at least 2020 kilos kerb weight - more if you add a second person, auto tow bar, 35 k dog, dog crate and a 45 k awning - takes it up to about 2250 ish! with a max tow ball weight of 140k. Can you increase the kerb weight of your F pace by adding additional kit?
  5. Hi all, This is the nitty gritty! The XC90 manual (page 600 and something!!) states that the max nose weight for a 5 seater is 140k and the 7 seat variant lists 110k. This is for ALL new XC90s regardless of engine spec. Don't really understand this as I thought ALL new 90s were 7 seaters! I guess that Volvo assume with less passengers in the back, the vehicle can carry a bigger nose weight. (?) I went to my local dealer with Milenco nose weight gauge in hand and measured the nose weight of a new ex-works Commodore. It measurers 90k. This is a predelivery vehicle as it left the factory. So no more guessing!! Hope this if of use to you guys out there. Cheers all!
  6. Hi Vanning Man, Our 90 is a Momentum with a few additions but basically the same vehicle. The Inscription is, without doubt, very desirable, and having 8 Volvos over the years (not all for towing) we have been very happy with reliability being a Land Rover enthusiast in the past. So this sounds good. The twin turbo tows our current Swift Challenger 580 Dealer Special with consummate ease at about 70% of vehicle KW. It is truly effortless!! We really do aspire to a Buccaneer but were a little apprehensive re the weights - especially the nose weight. So, it sounds like a match!! Excellent Cheers, Bri
  7. Hi Mr Plodd, I have the Volvo XC90 235 Powerpulse and previously three XC60 D5s - and get 29mpg towing and 36+ solo. What I was needing advice on is the ability of the XC90 to tow effectively. I'm not concerned about fuel consumption really, On paper it all stacks up with about 88% of KW match but what I was hoping to find out has anyone got this outfit and simply is the 90 'up to the job'? Cheers all.
  8. Simple question, Has anyone got this combination of tow car and 'van and if so what are the pros and cons? Is the Volvo up to the job? Cheers
  9. Hi there, Does anyone know the ex-factory nose eight of a 2019 or 2020 Crusader or similar? Not the max permissible figure of 150k as specified by IHG but an average fig on a new ex-works unladen van? Cheers!
  10. Hello all, I have read all these posts with real interest. We are contemplating upgrading to a 2020 Commodore. This will be towed with a 2019 XC90 D5 Powerpulse. Its kw WITHOUT tow bar, awning, dog, SWMBO, beer and general stuff is 2021 kilos so I guess t will be easily 2250 max up. I was frankly a little apprehensive about the potential match as we currently tow a Swift Challenger 580 with ease - less than 70%. The increase in weight will be substantial but it looks ok on paper. What do you all think? Cheers all!
  11. Hi EW, Stripped it AGAIN and removed the whole door flap from the outer catch assembly only to find that the 'chrome' plastic tube bit which houses the square rod was disintegrating!! Epoxy did rectify this whilst I wait for a new flap. The dealer carries them in stock they do fail. Surprise surprise! there is nothing else left to repair - that's it! Cheers!
  12. Damn! Went to get in the van this morning. The pull catch wouldn't open the door! - but the key would. Stripped the lock AGAIN and found that the long pivot on the door handle has a retaining allen key which holds the spindle in place. It had slackened off allowing the release roller to swivel on the actuating rod. i.e you can pull he door latch but the roller doesn't move. I tightened up he allen key, put back the lock and its firm and has a positive throw on the latch. However, how long before it slackens off again! Don't you just love these naff plastic bits! - (or the self tappers strip out the plastic threads!! ) Has anyone araldited the pivot in place? That might stop the thing slackening off!!
  13. Anyway, to the point of the OP, the lock is 'fixed' (or upgraded) at no cost other than time spent! Happy days - lets go 'vanning
  14. Cheers EW, Stripping the lock off on a van that isn't a year old yet does go against the grain, but 4 hours round trip and a day drinking coffee at the dealership versus an hour in the garage knowing full well that you are not left with the same problem is a no brainer really! - AND the production fault is solved with nylon (not plastic) against the release roller!
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