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  1. Thanks all for some very useful comments and tips. I managed to pick up an 11mths old Santa Fe with an Auto gear box and am looking forward towing my twin axle van with it
  2. Thanks for all comments as I’m leaning towards an Auto. I’ve always had manuals myself and have driven quite a few demo vehicles that were Auto and the drive seems more relaxing. I also find the manual gearbox of the Sorento quite clunky for gear changes between 1-2 and 2-3 although that’s been a minor negative (I’m assuming that the Santa Fe has the same gear box). If I pay £20k+ for a nearly new Santa Fe then it has to be right.
  3. I am looking for another tow car as my Kia Sorento 2016 (manual) has to be returned as part of a lease agreement. The Santa Fe seems a good car to go for as there are some good deals about for cars 1-2 years old and it apparently has the same engine as the Sorento which I like. My caravan is an Ace Award Superstar 2009 that is twin axle with a maximum permissible weight of 1815kg. It is loaded close to that weight. The Sorento (manual) tows the van well and I’m sure the the manual version of the Santa Fe will be the same as one of my friends has one and speaks very positive about it. But. ..I fancy an automatic transmission this time which lowers the maximum towing capacity to 2000kg compared to 2500kg for the manual. I’m not sure if this has any impact on its towing capability because of 500kg less capacity. My van is heavy and I don’t want to compromise on towing and want the same amount of power when I’m towing regardless it being a manual or auto. Can someone please offer me some advice as I need to make sure that I’m getting the right transmission on the new car? Thanks, Bas
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