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  1. I've only tried the 900 once on a hard standing don't think there would be much room to manoeuvre if the ground was uneven, think the 915 would be a better fit. ... the awning in question comes with an annexe, carpet and new curtains and is quite a bargain. .might have to buy it keep the annexe, swop the curtains for mine and sell it on . .if the cost of alteration is too much
  2. Hi all . .. been offered an awning it's a bradcot 930 my caravan requires a 908cms at the moment a use a 900 (886-908) the next size is 915 (909cm-223cm) . The 930 is (924-938) will this be far too big or is it worth having it altered??..any advice welcome
  3. Hi Gordon, hope you don't mind but could you please email me the manual for a pennine 1996 many thanks Gary
  4. Thanks for the advice. . Will the sergeant 151 do the job. . don't want to spend too much if I can help it!.. thinking new is better than used. . also I will probably only use the caravan on EHU whilst on site so could I get a small trickle charger to keep the battery topped up instead or is this frowned upon ?.. can't you tell I'm new to all this. .😁
  5. It's a new battery but I don't think it's charging. ..I thought that if you connect the ehu the x7 transformed it to 12v so you can use the 12v system?.. but this doesn't seem to happen, just the 240v sockets an light work
  6. Also forgot to mention if a disconnect the battery when connected to the mains none of the 12v system works!
  7. Hi all. .I've just bought an Avondale pennine 1996 put a new leisure battery on, plugged it into the mains . .240v work. .. all 12v lights, water pump work. the green led light doesn't come on the x7 unit and it is not charging the battery. . has the unit died ? If so what are my options . .a replacement or an alternative unit. ..Any advice greatly appreciated
  8. Can anyone help me, I want to replace the missing bunk bed from my caravan but I'm not sure which one I need. Seen some advertised from breakers yards. My van has two battens screwed to the side wall with I think 3 plastic fittings covered in matching material. Any advice or photos would be very much appreciated. ..thanks Gary
  9. I have checked the CRiS number and it's a 1996 model pennine 5 berth. .. if anyone has a user manual for this model that would be very much appreciated. . thanks Gary
  10. I've just joined this site and I've already posted in the wrong section. . still trying to get to grips with uploading pics. ..hopefully I'll get there in the end!
  11. Hi all. .. i'm new to this forum and new'ish to caravaning . I've just purchased the caravan below. . I think it's a 1998 but at the moment unsure is does require some work which I'm looking forward to doing. . I'm looking for a manual or instructions to using the water heater. zig unit etc. ..any help would be very much appreciated. .regards gary
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