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  1. Cant go wrong with a bit of research, when we last changed vans (4 years ago) we worked out what we wanted in the replacement van, then looked at what vans had the layout we wanted and went from there, ours choice was based around, 1. Fixed Island bed 2. originally a mid ships bathroom which then changed to an end bathroom after looking at a couple of mid bathrooms 3. Alde heating 4. big fridge with freezer Ended up with a swift conqueror 645 and love it, the caravan we were selling was a swift and we'd had no issues with it so was slightly inclined to go swif
  2. having had both blown air and Alde heating and caravan all year in Scotland, I'd go with Alde every time. last weekend we were at Braemar where one night the temperature was minus something, nice and cosy in the van and only discovered how cold it was outside when we opened the blinds to see the cars windows all frozen. one thing i find though is the Alde thermostat reads high, but not a real issue, you just find what temp suits and set it to that and ignore what the thermostat is actually saying. should of said, our caravan is a swift.
  3. similar experience to JanandJay, after setting up van and connected to mains power, i forgot to fit wheel lock, so went to move the caravan using the motors to line up the wheel (couple of inch at most) whilst still connected to mains power and fried the mother board. Ever since I've always disconnected the mains before switching "on" the isolator.
  4. I trimmed down 2 Prosecco corks to use as bungs, worked a treat, and with the amount of prosecco the wife goes through I have a steady supply !
  5. A lot of sites are fully open, anywhere area particular ? Only one we've been to so far in the past couple of months that the showers / toilets were closed was Beauly
  6. cheers folk's, it was more the feed from tap to aqua roll I was concerned about, and you guys have pretty much answered it.
  7. Having caravanned for many years but never really in winter, and just booked a Hogmanay get away on a serviced pitch in the Scottish highlands so temperatures likely to be low, what are any winter caravanners using to prevent the water feed hose from freezing ? Cheers
  8. don't know if this is on your route but apparently these guys are staying open in france for now but has to be booked you can't just turn up https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Forêt-de-Tessé/105568912810628?__tn__=%2Cd-R-R&eid=ARD8Ticj9rj_8LSwOrl9XYT4aKHRhThS6Be8XGA5yDQgthEEViwsnsXU3jlNz6QW7EBpsY_97WvKDQsD&hc_location=group Link didn't work as planned, Camping and Gites La Foret de Tesse, campingLft.com info@campingLft.com +33(0) 545 311 914
  9. This is the answer for us all, sounds good if true https://www.h2-view.com/story/nikola-unveils-game-changer-badger-pick-up/
  10. I used cheap foam garage floor tiles to make a flat bed floor covering which helps to stop stuff sliding about and got some cheap plastic storage boxes of various sizes for everything, that way its easy to pack and I know all my stuff is in the boxes ready to go, so no forgetting anything. If there is room for stuff to move around I just use bungee cords onto the side rails and tie down points to secure the boxes. Also as Grouse says, roll tops aren't 100% water proof so the plastic boxes keep things dry.
  11. Varley, I have a 2018 Ranger with a roll top on the back, I usually pack everything in the back of the truck, and only clothes, booze and food in the van. The gas I leave in the vans front locker. I kinda prefer having more weight in the truck instead of the van and feel it makes it easier to set up once on site as the wife can be in the van pouring beer / wine whilst I'm outside setting up. By back I mean the flat bed
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