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  1. You are 100% right. it was in the heat of the moment.
  2. There have always been diseases and this lockdown is allowing a pandemic with mild lethality to destroy life as we know it. Destroying the economy. Cannot have cinemas, pubs, restaurants, sports stadiums, nightclubs, music venues etc unless everyone is 2 metres apart and wearing masks and there are plastic screens between all of the seats and hand sanitiser in all of the aisles. Cannot have public transport. Cannot fly. Cannot go abroad. Cannot travel to the coast or countryside. Cannot go swimming. Cannot take part in multiparticipant sports or running events. Cannot eat at anyone else’s house. Have to take your own chair, food and drink to a garden party. Kids cannot go to school unless they learn songs about hand washing, whirl their arms about to keep people away from them, stand on their own in chalk circles and throw away all toys and equipment that cannot be bleached every 5 minutes! How are they going to learn anything? Kids have a virtually zero chance of contracting and dying from the disease yet they are all being turned in to OCD scared to touch anyone freaks!! Queue forever to get in to a supermarket. And just as long to get out again. Look at everyone you see on the street as a disease carrying hazard to be avoided at all costs. This rubbish way of life will be made to continue by the powers that be to justify the massive over reaction in the first place. It benefits some people who are loving it and making loads of profit from it. Scientists are now saying there could be wave 2 and wave 3 and restrictions should not be lifted. They should have identified those people at risk of dying if they caught it and informed them about the best way to proceed and protect themselves and then let the rest of us get on with it! Fair enough maybe the first 3 or 4 weeks to get the health service ready if thousands of people got really seriously sick at once. The overflow hospitals like Nightingale at the O2 have not even been used have they? This extended lockdown is a hideous mistake. Destroying the fabric of society.
  3. Thanks, I will check with them as they emailed me 2 days ago a new booking as I requested change of my original date 27.6 to 4.7 which is for car+caravan https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53104733 fingers crossed 🤞
  4. Well I have to wait and see and if they return me there is nothing I can do! Funny thing is that if the government decide to relax quarantine for EU countries on 29.6 which most probably they will. then it will be ok, right 😂
  5. I have my annual policy with direct line so surely they would write to me if it’s not valid! Anyway I’ll take my chances! I’m not loosing my summer over this!!! Thanks
  6. We are definitely making our ferry crossing on 4th of July. Campsite in France emailed us confirming that they are open for business and P&O also confirmed that they are sailing as normal. We have P&O season ticket so we are planning 3 trips to Europe this year, Sofro - July, Croatia - August and Holland - September.
  7. I don’t mind as long as I get away from here. Lying in a lounger in the sun 20 meters away from the sea with beer in my hand, BBQ every day for 2 weeks sounds better than spending a summer in my garden 😀 Working from home for last 2 months so don’t really care for another 2 weeks when I get back neither!
  8. Thanks Anders, I’ve heard that too. Of course I would respect social distancing and wouldn’t go stupid like everything is normal! Thanks Steve that is really helpful 👍 Thanks Steve, that is really helpful 👍
  9. Thanks Steve, hopefully Bojo and Emmy will agree something today 🤞
  10. I think the safest place is to be at the campsite actually. Much safer than waiting in mile long queue outside Primark or being in London where all these craziness is happening which will just become worse if they continue to keep us in cages!
  11. Thanks John, I know that but I‘m more interested in how strict they are. I know someone who drove all the way to Croatian campsite without any problems. Hopefully by the end of June the quarantine rule will change.
  12. Hello We have booked campsite in South of France beginning of July. Does anyone know if they are letting Brits enter France without quarantine or can you quarantine at the campsite? Thanks Dan
  13. Thanks Caravan is Freedom Sunseeker, emailed the dealer but didn’t get reply, perhaps they are closed due to the situation.
  14. Yes they are for the sink. im not sure about the make. Thanks
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