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  1. Hi I think that is exactly what has happened thanks for getting back to me. . The original replaced rear panel was done under the directions of that time but now they have added to modify the timber corners. I believe it is the screws under the awning rail that could be causing this crack. Unfortunately getting Elddis to do anything is impossible. The van was purchased in Sept 2013 the rear panel was replaced 18 months later due to cracks at the bottom and then the new cracks came 18 months later on the top hence the caps. They say the new cracks are new and therefore beyond the 3 year warranty. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the cracks in the front under the storage which they say is due to putting the gas bottle on it - this is wrong as you can see that area stressing when moving the caravan with the mover on rough ground.
  2. Hi Last year I joined this chat seeking out other members who purchased an Elddis caravan and have had issues with cracks appearing on the rear panel. I got a lot of replies from anguished members who are caught out with these costly issues not being covered by warranties and of course Elddis not offering any solutions. I personally had cracks appear on the lower part of the panel soon after purchase and this was sorted with a new panel. Unfortunately new cracks appeared later on the top left and right and the only solution (the caravan was now over 3 years old) they offered was caps to cover over them. I reluctantly agreed to this with assurances that this was a good fix. However, I now find that with only traveling more than 50 miles and just storing for 4 months a crack has now appeared below one of the caps (see photo). Needless to say Elddis are saying it is not due to the caps. I am sending this just to warn others that caps may not be the solution. If any one wants to look into legal action with Elddis let me know. Charles
  3. Hi I know I have finally had caps put on but have no idea how they will hold up.
  4. Hi David Bellamy seems the best I have found - let me know how you get on. His details are - Tel: 01623 411489. Mobile: 07860 901992 E-mail: davidbellamy@talktalk. net
  5. Hi all There really is no easy answer to all this. I have now had the caps put on which are okay but I have no idea how long they will last etc. If changing caravan beware who you go with as I know Swift have problems and any independent repairer give the same answer - all of makes can have problems.
  6. nojiee what a disgrace. It is the same problem as mine. I am having caps fitted as my caravan is 2013 and already had panel replaced once. There is no proof the caps stop the cracks from spreading - plus they say it won't effect resale but obviously it will - we shall see! Not sure if your solicitor will take on group claims? How could you buy an Elddis again it would be impossible.
  7. Hi All I am looking for independent expert advise on these cracked panels - does anybody know a person or establishment that would be willing to look at this? One of the problems when you are in dispute with a manufacturer/dealership on this issue is getting them to outline what they will/have done and why it happened in the first place - in writing. The dealer is compromised with their contract to the manufacturer and they deal direct with them and the manufacturer likes to keep things vague and keep a strict control of the information. My service engineer will not tell me exactly how my replacement was done so that I can compare it to how it is done now - let alone why it has happened again. Hence the need for an independent expert and any help with this could benefit all other people with this problem. Chas
  8. Hi all I would like to contact someone for independent expert advise. Does anybody know of such a person or establishment? Chas
  9. Hi Paul Good to hear from you. At the moment I have a few people who are interested in joining together regarding this. PM me if you like.
  10. Hi I have been offered by Elddis caps to cure the issue on both sides of my rear panel at the top - near to the seal between the rear panel and the main body (may even run into the seal on one side). This happened after replacment of first panel - any experience or advice on these caps?
  11. Yes that might be worth doing - tried legal expenses but that is a whole other issue. Legal expenses on your insurance is very tricky as it seems they are set up solely to find ways not to support your claim. Can you believe this. I made a claim for the legal expenses on my caravan insurance - they said that I can't do SOGA with them as I paid a deposit on the caravan on the 4th Aug - purchased the insurance from the 19th Aug when I paid in full and collected it - so I was not covered when the contract started on Aug 4th. So they are saying that a deposit is actually ownership of the caravan and the start of the contract but I was not insured at that time!
  12. I have sent letters but they are now just ignoring me. I think I have no choice but to go legal plus talking to media re looking into this.
  13. Hi Problem for me is the dealership closed so I can't go to them and Elddis know that. Elddis did the first replacement under warranty so I believe the sales of goods now sits with them as they accepted liability. Any thoughts?
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