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  1. Ha ha - ok thanks guys..... Issue 1 kitchen tap. i had a standard kitchen tap fitted by the previous owner. The micro switch was a toggle button and you needed 2 hands. Not ideal to I will do a straight swap. After some research it seemed I needed a comet Roma - so I bought one. The existing flexis are about 1m long starting with a 10mm thread and dropping down the cupboard and turning left to go under the oven and finishing in 12mm JG STEM where they go into a female to female elbow then a female to male elbow and into the red and blue semi rigid pipe. most new taps
  2. I am having a total disaster....... Is anyone staying at Culzean this weekend and a bit of a tech whizz - I’m having trouble with taps and awnings and gas pics and details to follow 😭😭😭😭
  3. thanks for all comments thus far..... Notwithstanding the advice about a mover - which is all valid...... I think if Steven is 100% correct - then I have no issues - I can manage it all as I currently have explained. As I say - it all works fine if a bit faffy - but my main concern was this suggestion that the hand brakes don't work in reverse... so I am pushing it slowly and as soon as I feel the hill start to "take" the wheels - I clunk on the handbrake - it takes an inch or three - but it defo grabs on solid. BUT If I upgraded
  4. Hi Guys - so I have been reading some posts - here and elsewhere about parking / Storing and getting a caravan up and down a steep driveway. I have NOW managed to get my caravan up and down WITHOUT issue about 12 times or so (I have only been caravanning 2 years) - but I am looking to seek some advice as to whether all is well OR I have just been lucky. 2 issues - physical space AND operation of handbrake. I currently own a 2005 Sterling Cuarch Torrin 5 berth and although I didn't know it at the time of purchase the particular length (6.81m) of this caravan
  5. So - i have checked the fuses and wiring - all seems ok. the previous owner obviously did some wiring - PLS NOTE though - i haven't messed with this ever and everything worked ok last year. There are 2 plugs under one of the front bunks - like Tamiya connectors - something you would use to charge a battery, Is this normal for caravans or something he added? thanks
  6. Hey guys....... REF - 2005 Sterling Cruach Torrin So just got my caravan out of storage - 2 wks ago and having spent 2 weeks repairing major structural damp, and fixing sink and tap and fixing other issues...... I am now stuck with the battery. The battery has been out and on a conditioner over winter and currently shows 12.7V on a multi-meter... However - when i turn the battery charger OFF and turn the 3-way switch to "van" the lights dont work, nor does the radio and the battery meter reads 0V.... strangely however - the toilet fl
  7. Sorry I DEFO don’t mean when towing - I mean when stopped in service or whatever for security
  8. Can I use my hitch lock to secure my caravan to my car
  9. It’s not the house breaker and RCDs are designed to be sensitive deliberately. I don’t have a diff supply to try right now.
  10. Yeah that sounds exactly right - I tried in on 2000 &1000 - tripped the house both times
  11. 2005 sterling cruach torrin. ... plate says vitesse 500 strange thing about the heater is it runs for 10 mins before tripping. .. but yes a 2000w electric plug in works so I conclude the same. .. a fault somewhere ive got the gas plumbed and job working so that’s a win. The fridge works - so that’s a win. Fridge i assume it’s 230 when you have it / gas when you don’t and 12v when towing I also don’t fully understand the batt charger/van/car switch etc. ... on the main electric thing i mean I get you ru
  12. And on the south side. .. AND fancy being a saint and coming to give me an idiots guide to my caravan. ... I honestly just don’t get how the “systems” work. ... ive read my manual like 10 times and I’m just thick. .. ive got my electric hooked up - but my space heater has tripped my house like 3 times now. ... i just dont get it😭😭😭
  13. That’s it?? Loads on google but what are folks thoughts here? thanks
  14. Gearing has become a strange thing. .... firstly - Morag modern cars have a change indicator - my 2010 seat Ibiza ALWAYS wants time to be in a higher gear than I want. It’s based on economy and tests and a whole myriad of waffle that just isn’t really world driving. The at can’t see the road ahead - it can see inclines or bends or any other reason I may want to be in a lower gear. secondly - with so many gears these days top gear should be really over driven - it isn’t which is a con made up from greedy pertrol conpnies and lazy driving. There is no need whatsoever
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