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  1. The toilet in this van does not have a separate tank, the flush is fed off the mains water supply, as winter approaches I'd like to know is there anything else you need to do to ensure its drained properly as there is no additional drain for the toilet. Also has anyone used the Floe drain down kit about £45 which uses compressed air? Any advice welcome, thanks
  2. I've been unfortunate enough to find out this week that our 17 month old van has a major structural defect and has to be returned to Elddis, apparently there is a large bow in the roof, ingress of dampness, all very disappointing!! We bought it new and I would like to know has anyone experienced this and if so how did you get on with Elddis or indeed with any other manufacturer (that is, if the other manufacturers turn out faulty vans) My concern is the van, will never be right and will be more of a problem in the future, hence it's not fit for purpose and they should replace it.
  3. I've had to use a two pin adapter in Spain and France for electric hook up, Is there a different requirement for Italy, Austria and Germany ?
  4. It's also VERY annoying for HGV drivers when their spaces are taken with caravans when its not necessary. (I'm a Class 1 driver and have seen this stacks of times) Please be mindful of the fact that HGV's have a LEGAL requirement to take a 45 minute break and sometimes will have no choice but to park in any bay they can as they don't have the option to get to the next services as they are out of time. I agree about the stench (I don't contribute to it when working) and personally try to avoid them when pulling the van.
  5. WOW - had some complicated and technical responses to my question, I think the general concensus is as long as I'm careful we'll be OK. Thank you to all who contributed
  6. the plate inside the fridge says 240v / 190 w and below 12 v /170 w
  7. It seems a number of sites abroad only offer 6amp hook up, is that sufficient to run a large 145 litre dometic fridge ???
  8. hi thanks for the info, we are away for 2 - 3 months wow your blogs really helpful, thank you
  9. I'm going into Spain following the coast after a stay around Montpellier but looking at the possibilities of a different route back as we would like to visit Gironde and Vendee regions of France, we will be towing a twin axle van from the Cambrills area of Spain back to the UK. Google maps shows the fastest route as heading back through France via Perpignan then Narbonne, Toulouse then Bordeaux. 1) Has anyone gone from Cambrills/Tarragona via Zaragoza, Pamplona (AP 2, AP68, N121),to Bayonne then N63 to Bordeaux. If so is that route suitable for car and caravan as it looks like i
  10. I pull a twin axle Elddis 1800K MTPLM with a 16 plate 3. 2 shogan long wheel base, the car is great for the job but fuel consumption at 18 mpg and less is dreadfull. I've had it checked and Mitsubishi say its fine. Have towed with this set up as far as Spain and even long runs gives rubbish mpg. Does anyone have a better experience with a large twin axle and what vehicle do you use for towing? I'm interested in both Cars and Vans, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer for either a top or full caravan cover. Is there a downside/ issues with using a full cover?
  12. Having passed it many times on the motorway have often wondered is Reims worth a visit? Can anyone recommend a site nearby for a short stay. I am aware of a municipal near the centre. Thanks
  13. Being over 3. 5 tonnes when towing proved expensive to Annecy on previous trip using toll roads. Is it worth the extra time/fuel avoiding them. We have 2 & half days to complete the trip from Calais - any route rcommendations welcome.
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