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  1. Our ta Buccaneer has tyres rated at 600Kg. The previous Lunar single axle tyres were rated 900Kg which is a typical commercial van rating. When we had a burst at a weekend we could only find car tyres rated at 450Kg so continued with fingers and toes crossed that we didn't have another puncture before reaching the next long stay site where we could order the right type. Loads of good info here - https://www.tyresafe.org/ Jim
  2. Completed the on line form Sunday evening and the postie brought the new licence this morning! It has a Union Flag on it as well as the blue EU flag. Don't think the old one did:-) Jim
  3. 50 you say - https://www.screwfix.com/p/flofit-flo-fit-collet-clips-red-15mm-50-pack/90116?tc=FA7&ds_kid=92700020952484440&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249404&ds_rl=1249799&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249481&gclid=CjwKCAjw_YPnBRBREiwAIP6TJ3N5YvG2KqU0n74GrJf1_fSLVaUlsjt_NxqN0FRFQ58ADHkHRKJ7NhoC8eAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Also available in blue for the cold water pipes:-) Jim
  4. I use tethering to my 02 mobile at home and abroad and don't often have a problem. However I also carry a 'myfi' type gadget (actually an EE branded in car device) bought 'unlocked' off that auction site. I use a 3 network Internet With Legs 12 month 12Gb sim card as back up. It comes in handy if data on the phone gets low towards the end of the month and during a week at Loch Ness Shores CCC site it came into it's own as there was no 02 reception what so ever! Just need to make sure there isn't any data left at the end of the 12 months..... Jim
  5. Thanks Chaps. I would like to re-visit the USA at some point but am unlikely to rent a humungous RV:-) I won't trouble the quack for a ticket but will apply on line. Jim
  6. Having passed the driving test in the dark ages my licence includes C1, C1E, D1 and D1E categories. Renewal at age 70 which includes these requires submission of a doctors certificate and can only be done by post. In the context of caravanning would anyone recommend maintaining the right to drive these categories of 'medium' commercial and passenger vehicles? I can't recall having used the facility in many a year and presently tow a Buccaneer with a Mercedes ML total gross around 4500Kgs. so not required currently. Any constructive (or humorous!) input wlecome. Jim
  7. There is little or no 'maker customer service' in the caravan industry The dealer is key and with a 2 year old van most teething issues should be sorted or will be sorted by the dealer. If you choose both well you should get another 15 years happy holidays from the new one. Jim
  8. jampot

    Cadac lid

    Is that circular wire below the grill pan fixed in place? there appear to be a pair of wire hooks on it (foreground and upper left in the pic). Pop the rim of the lid in there and the hook on the lid over the rim of the pan as you have it. If it isn't fixed, perhaps it isn't assembled correctly. Jim
  9. My 7.5kg capacity safefills only weigh 4.1kg each when empty - less than a calor light. Jim
  10. It's an odd thing, but the safari / carri chef size pizza stone instructions say that it should be placed on top of the grill plate which of course achieves the same as Fredsautos suggestion. There is no such instruction for the larger one. We have good success with the small one but when away with family last summer had the same disaster as Chris76 with a big one. The baking parchment sounds a good idea - less messy than sprinkling with flour like the book says! Jim
  11. We spent a VERY wet weekend at Camping Montreal in December enroute to Spain but will definitely try to re-visit in better weather. It looks a lovely spot. Jim
  12. During a 6 week stay on the Med coast of Spain this Dec / Jan we used gas exclusively for heating, hot water, fridge and cooking. some mornings had frost but days warmed up considerably. With the thermostat set to 12C overnight and boosted when we got up we used an 11 kg propane bottle every 7 or 8 days. Jim
  13. We have one each side - works fine. Jim
  14. Commander Dave said- After 5 years I see any extra as a bonus! I'll grant that Gordon's photos give pause for thought however..... Jim
  15. I don't agree that 'no.... seasonal awning can be used for long term extended periods'. We bought and erected a Trigano Montreux in northern France at Easter 2014 and it is still erected and going strong. The poles are 22mm steel and the 'canvas' is heavy guage pvc which can be scrubbed clean with car shampoo and never needs re-proofing. the roof (with the supplied supplemetary vertical pole in the centre) is good for a snow load. When pretty much every other awning on site was destroyed by a hail storm (which dented the caavan roof and several cars) the awning survived the onslaught. I wouldn't want to have to take it down and re-erect it much less find room and load capacity to carry it if touring but for a permanent pitch it is a sound investment. Possibly sold under the Eurovent brand in UK. Jim
  16. P&O Brasserie has the best seats on the ship, as it should for around £35 for 2 courses a drink and coffee for 2! It's peaceful, the food is (usually) excellent and the staff friendly and polite and it sounds as though your timing is perfect for lunch. Granted we use it when crossing with the caravan but on those occasions it means we don't need to start cooking that evening. Jim
  17. Glad that's worked out. I agree €60 seems OK for a month as we pay £1 a day in the UK for year round storage and pay whether there or not. I'll have a few days at Seracourt on the way home from Portugal to stock up on French goodies and catch up with folks who were there when we had a permanent pitch. Possibly also wait out any chaos at the ferry ports as it will be immediately post Brexit (or not!)...... Jim
  18. If I wait until the light comes on it's too heavy to lift comfortably. Better not to go there! Jim
  19. Fred said - It is regrettable (but not wholly surprising) that Chinese goods have a reputation for inferiority across the board. I damaged the side wall of one of the Ovation tyres fitted to my Buccaneer a few weeks ago and have had to replace. I expected some difficulty but the Portuguese tyre dealer explained that their policy was to replace identically and was able to source an Ovation for next day delivery. Total cost fitted (with Tyron band) was €57. I tow the 'van with a Mercedes approved used ML which was supplied fitted with Chinese made Davanti tyres when I bought it, and performance has been fine. I don't think there is much doubt that most of those Aldi and Lidl 'special buys' we all enjoy so much are also sourced in the far east. Perhaps a more apt (and less emotive) description is 'inexpensive' rather than 'cheap'. Jim
  20. Camping Vivier Aux Carpes in Seracourt le Grande near St. Quentin on the A26 have storage. In the main season they may well be able to accommodate you as 'regulars' will be using the 'vans which normally occupy the space. It's as near as makes no difference 120 miles from Calais, and a pleasant site in it's own right. Jim
  21. Check and compare the length of the respective wheel base. We test drove a Kuga with a view to replacing an S-Max. The shorter wheel base made it 'choppy' in comparison so we replaced like with like. The Mondeo mentioned above is similar to the S-Max and longer than the Focus / Kuga range. Jim
  22. Chris, have you got the van yet? If so / when you do, take the opportunity to weigh it carefully while unloaded to understand properly where you are starting from. There are a number of things you can do to mitigate the problem if it exists, possibly the subject of a new thread. Certainly, in the event of a claim which may prompt an investigation of such matters it may well invalidate cover, but even before such an incident, over loading the tow hitch and it's mountings together with the rear end of your vehicle is not a good place to start! Jim
  23. Should there be a book of maps this year? Ours arrived today from C&CC - 2 books of sites but no map book like the one included last year. Jim
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