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  1. I use a Falcon wireless camera with an app on the phone. It comes with a steel plate to 'glue' to the back of the van and then clings magnetically. I haven't used the recording facility but providing you have sufficient storage in the phone (SD card?) I can't see why it won't do what you require. I find it particularly useful on the continent for a) those little cars that travel out of sight tucked in behind the 'van and b) when passing trucks - it has a very wide angle of view so as soon as the front of the truck appears in the pic, it's safe to pull in! Never had a problem establishing the wireless connection but sometimes the phone will switch the screen off to save battery even though still connected. The phone is fastened over the rear view mirror with 2 elastic bands so I just look in the 'mirror' as usual:-) I think they run about £200 but I found mine on ebay apparently unused as the steel plate had no old glue on it. Go Outdoors have them I think with the usual card and club discounts. Jim
  2. Early night on Hogmany for an 08:00 flight on Jan 1st from Manchester to Alicante - hope the car and caravan are still where we left them when we arrive! Actually, the Phantom tracker tells me the 'van hasn't moved, it's the meet and greet car parking at the airport that gives me the heebie jeebies it being a public holiday Jim
  3. Keep an eye out for Aldi tool deals Ian. I carry one of their torque wrenches in the Commodore and on the one occasion I had to use it in earnest found it a great solution. You will have to furnish a suitable socket as well of course. Jim
  4. Have you never seen the French ladies walking to empty the lidded bucket in a morning! Thetford still make Porta - Potties:-) Jim
  5. If it isn't urgent, wait until Aldi have there caravan specials next spring. They do a breathable awning carpet 5m x 2.5m for £20 (2018 /19 price). Yep, much too big for a porch but it folds to size easily. I carry 2, one to put down full size and pegged, to fold out the awning on during erection and dismantling and the second fitted inside as required. Cozy:-) Jim
  6. Darren, There will be (hopefully) tons of comments forthcoming so I will limit this initial response to areas I can pontificate on with confidence:-) Our daughter has girls of (now ) 7 and 11 but they have been caravanning for about 5 years. When recently changing the van they decided to stick with a layout which has a seperate dinette / bed and 2 bunks so the girls can use the dinette as a play area. It isn't used for eating and it isn't used for sleeping unless they have someone extra staying. (put your own spin on that!) 5 or 6 berth vans will usually have that facility. Despite your professional skills, I doubt there is much you can do to add facilities like underfloor heating! Caravans of all makes are basically very similar in terms of equipment. Some may have 'wet' cetral heating at the upper end of your price range but most will use blown air. They will all have a water heater, stove, bathroom facilities and so on. If you haven't come across it, this site is useful for browsing - www. caravanfinder.co.uk It allows you to search by layout as well as maker etc. but I firmly believe that a local dealer with a good reputation is the first priority. Good luck. Jim Having found a layout which you think will suit, choose your dealer first. In the used market (hopefully) most teething problems will be history, but you still want to be able to go back to the dealer if problems arise.
  7. There is usually no shortage of advice here at Caravan Talk so I am a little surprised that no one has responded to your post in 22 hours! Perhaps the usually helpful folk are all on holiday in there caravans.... You are probably correct in surmising that many Brits use their caravans for longer stays rather than travelling on frequently, except of course, those of us who travel long distances to search out the sun in winter - and even then there is usually a long stay at the end of the journey. Whether you make your bed in a different place every 1 or 2 nights or only every 1 or 2 months shouldn't (IMHO) make any difference to the wear and tear on the habitation area. Three small children might! Having just had a holiday with 4 grandchildren I would suggest making sure you have the means to tidy and sweep up after them - grit walked in to the van will very quickly take it's toll on the comfort and condition of flooring and furnishings. If you won't have access to EHU make sure that while travelling you charge phones, computer and games consoles to avoid disappointment at bed time:-) Perhaps invest in a second leisure battery and install a charging point for it in the luggage area of the tow vehicle, that way if you stay more than 1 or 2 nights in the same place you can keep a battery topped up during days out or shopping trips. While your dealer is making additions, a decent roof mounted solar panel will be a useful addition if you can afford the initial cost. Carry 1 or more of those power bank phone chargers and keep them charged when there is chance. For peace of mind on the road, check tyre pressures regularly and carry a foot pump to replenish them, don't wait until you 'need' fuel (for the tow vehicle or caravan gas supply) to replenish it. Off grid, hot water, fridge, cooking and some heating in the evenings and early morning can easily eat through 10Kgs of LPG a week. Carry a small spirit level and something to put below the wheel(s) on the low side of the van and packers for the corner steadies so that if your chosen wild spot isn't billiard table flat you can level the van and sleep comfortably. Good luck! Jim
  8. At 85% the safety margin is 15 /85 x 100 =17.6% (or there abouts). I'm sorry to, but I couldn't resist:-) But of course the 85% guide relates to the kerb weight of the tow vehicle not the safe towing limit declared by the manufacturer. It's probably more correct to describe it as a loading margin rather than a safety margin. Jim
  9. Not for 800 quid I don't suppose Robby! Tons of info and a a bunch of very helpful folk on here to help you out by answering questions and offering advice. It would help to know (vaguely) how you define 'taking it easy', whether you already have a suitable tow car and so on. Jim
  10. If you need 3 wheels re-finishing I would just get all 4 done - that way you know they will match. I have 2 to get done but will then put them together on the same side of the van so they can't be compared with the other side directly. Jim
  11. The only one I have come across is the C&CC site at Bellingham. They sell Thetford green in sachets for one shot use if passing through and standard size bottles (1.5l?) for less than most dealers sell blue or green. After spending over a week there and using Thetford green I switched to Elsan green and much prefer it to either Thetford type. Picked up 2 x 2l Elsan at Catterick for £9.99 each when there recently. Jim
  12. Our ta Buccaneer has tyres rated at 600Kg. The previous Lunar single axle tyres were rated 900Kg which is a typical commercial van rating. When we had a burst at a weekend we could only find car tyres rated at 450Kg so continued with fingers and toes crossed that we didn't have another puncture before reaching the next long stay site where we could order the right type. Loads of good info here - https://www.tyresafe.org/ Jim
  13. Completed the on line form Sunday evening and the postie brought the new licence this morning! It has a Union Flag on it as well as the blue EU flag. Don't think the old one did:-) Jim
  14. 50 you say - https://www.screwfix.com/p/flofit-flo-fit-collet-clips-red-15mm-50-pack/90116?tc=FA7&ds_kid=92700020952484440&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249404&ds_rl=1249799&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249481&gclid=CjwKCAjw_YPnBRBREiwAIP6TJ3N5YvG2KqU0n74GrJf1_fSLVaUlsjt_NxqN0FRFQ58ADHkHRKJ7NhoC8eAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Also available in blue for the cold water pipes:-) Jim
  15. I use tethering to my 02 mobile at home and abroad and don't often have a problem. However I also carry a 'myfi' type gadget (actually an EE branded in car device) bought 'unlocked' off that auction site. I use a 3 network Internet With Legs 12 month 12Gb sim card as back up. It comes in handy if data on the phone gets low towards the end of the month and during a week at Loch Ness Shores CCC site it came into it's own as there was no 02 reception what so ever! Just need to make sure there isn't any data left at the end of the 12 months..... Jim
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