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  1. Immediately I received the email I tried to book our usual long stay in Portugal direct. They tell me because (at present) their rules require them to use only 2/3rds capacity to maintain distancing they are effectively already over booked for the whole of the winter. I'm aware that many who have been regulars for years are afforded the opportunity to book on arrival for the following year but surprised it amounts to over 2/3rds. They said to email again at the start of the winter season period in case guidance / requirements to protect against covid 19 have changed. Jim
  2. That appears to be bowing upwards and pulling away from the furniture, quite different to the stargazer 'dip' described in posts above. How very odd! Hopefully the dealer will meet his obligations....... Jim
  3. I bought Co-Pilot attracted by the facility to enter outfit details. It runs on my android phone and I have been very satisfied with it. When planning I do usually preview a route with Google maps, as much as anything to check whether Co-Pilot is choosing a significantly different route due to size or weight restrictions. Been to Spain and Portugal the last 2 winters with it as well as extensive travel at home last year. IIRC I paid £50 for a lifetime licence with updates. Jim
  4. Insurers usually require 2 locks on a twin axle 'van. with only one it may be possible to let down the tyre on the locked wheel and drive away. Sure the tyre will be ruined but a small cost relative to the reward the thief might enjoy.
  5. It's funny isn't it how expectations change. A cold box was all we ever needed when tent camping. After a couple of outings in an ancient 10ft Lunar (snuff dry!) I went looking for a fridge and at a local dealer found an Avondale Wren, with fridge, for less than the price of a fridge would be Your nose will usually tell you if a van is damp but your own damp meter is more reliable. Good luck with the move from canvas to tin. Jim
  6. Self cleaning roof! (says he who spent all afternoon shuffling the step ladders around the 'van....) Jim
  7. Not at all Mal, It appears the major issue is a lack of 'competent' info - even the clubs (at the time I wrote) didn't seem to have any useful suggestions for managing the situation. In another thread on here it has recently been pointed out that the tunnel may be taking telephone bookings in spite of the web site showing sold out. Just yesterday the C&CC called me and offered to book a channel crossing with P&O or DFDS but that the tunnel wasn't available until April 21st..... During French strike action in the past this website was initiated - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/calais-situation-information-and-advice It hasn't been updated since March 2016 but does have links to the various operators, however it is the kind of thing that could be provided if there was a will. Jim
  8. Motor homes seem to be travelling OK through Spain from the Algarve. Friends who left yesterday were allowed to stay (free) at Ruta de la Plata site in Salamanca but all facilities closed and have crossed the border into France this morning. With a caravan progress won't be so rapid so we are hunkered down for now. They have a booking with Eurotunnel who have texted to say we will put you on the earliest available crossing after arrival. I had to smile at Dominic Raab's reported comment to a H of C committee yesterday (paraphrasing) 'If you have safe ongoing accomodation it is better to stay where we are'. Doesn't sound as though the Foreign Office will be doing anything to help out then! Jim
  9. Stand with your back to the van so you are pushing the lever forwards with body weight rather than pulling. Agreed when it is vertical it is tough and will block the gas locker, but the only time that has happened on our Commodore is when I have forgotten to release it before trying to move with the motor mover (stupid man!) Jim
  10. You and me both Griff (and probably many others!) Jim
  11. That's £800 - there is a 0 missing:-) With a family to shower I can see that being useful, but otherwise an expensive luxury! The Alde system has 'boost' setting. It defeats the heating when used (to max the heat going into the water) and raises the temp to 70C so more cold used to get the temperature usable at the shower head. I think the real reason for it being there is to kill bugs (Legionaires disease anyone?). Just put it on half an hour or so before showering and use gas AND electric for a quicker result. Jim
  12. The only sensible way is from Inverness on the B852 through Dores and past the power station at Foyers. That there is a power station there should give you some comfort - around 35 years ago I delivered a transformer weighing 122 tonnes along that route! To be fair, the police did close the road to oncoming traffic:-) The road to / from Fort Augustus is worth a ride with a car, or bike but not with a caravan in tow! Note the club advice to delay travel along the B852 until into the PM so that you don't meet any other outfits travelling away from site. Lovely site, I was there in July 2018 with a TA, 8' wide Buccaneer so unless you have a HUGE outfit all should be well. Jim
  13. For a first visit, why not check out the Camping and Caravanning Club's winter sun programme on the website? There are far too many to suggest one without knowing a little more about what you hope for - particularly distance to travel beyond La Turbaul. Jim
  14. This may be a silly suggestion but you do mention being new.... Have you primed the tank by running the hot tap until the water flows freely - to make sure all the air have been expelled from the boiler? I'm not familiar with this heater, the point I make is a general one. Also note that the original thread is 7, nearly 8 years old so perhaps start a new thread with specific details of your make and model of heater and perhaps get more replies. Hope you get it sorted. JIm
  15. Recharging is via a supplied lead which fits a regular usb charger plug top. The camera battery has always been adequate for any journey we have made - I run out of juice before it does:-) It will recharge overnight without any problem. Jim
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