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    Listening to music (and the associated hifi equipment). I have kept koi carp for about 12 years.
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  1. jampot

    What towcar do you use for your Buccaneer

    Chris, have you got the van yet? If so / when you do, take the opportunity to weigh it carefully while unloaded to understand properly where you are starting from. There are a number of things you can do to mitigate the problem if it exists, possibly the subject of a new thread. Certainly, in the event of a claim which may prompt an investigation of such matters it may well invalidate cover, but even before such an incident, over loading the tow hitch and it's mountings together with the rear end of your vehicle is not a good place to start! Jim
  2. jampot

    Simple wiring problem

    Don't they all! Jim
  3. jampot

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Found it! Thanks v. much:-) Jim
  4. jampot

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Should there be a book of maps this year? Ours arrived today from C&CC - 2 books of sites but no map book like the one included last year. Jim
  5. Last few posts just convinced me we are doing the right thing - Dover to Calais and a leisurely trip through La Belle France! Jim
  6. jampot

    Twin Axle Levelling

    The tricky part of fitting 2 locks is lining up the gap in the wheel with the receivers on the chassis. Once one lock is fitted you can't move the 'van to align the second but need to lift that wheel off the ground to turn it by hand. The Lock and Level provides a means to do this. If you were using 'Denver Boot' type wheel clamps the issue doesn't arise of course. Jim
  7. jampot

    Safefill In France

    Worked for me on the only occasion (so far) I have needed to fill a Safefill in France! I queued behind a french lady filling her car and she kindly let me watch her, which was helpful as I bought the 'set' of adapters and wasn't sure which was which. I moved the car up to the pump and then strolled over to the booth to pay after filling. More smiles from the cashier, presumably because the eccentric English man only bought 18 litres of gas for his great big car:-) Jim
  8. jampot

    Bank charges in Spain

    Ours is a 1-2-3 a/c. Must try it again when we are there next as it is certainly much safer than travelling with loads of cash. Jim
  9. jampot

    Aerial Socket with Fuse question

    Like this little chap.
  10. jampot

    Bank charges in Spain

    That was my understanding but not my experience with Santander. Only used it once but was charged for drawing euros at a Santander ATM in Cadiz. When I challenged the charge at the home branch I was told that Santander in UK is a separate entity and the charge was normal. Have always tried to travel with enough cash for walking about money and used credit cards (Nationwide and Halifax Clarity) for purchases since that occasion. Jim
  11. jampot

    Camping in The Rain. Best Tips and Gadgets

    I 'camp' in my caravan. I may also be a caravanner but have been a camper since before I joined the Camping Club 46 years ago! That said, I have browsed the blog and acknowledge that it does appear to be directed at tent campers rather than caravan campers and despite European references, sidebar advertising is priced in dollars;-) Jim
  12. jampot

    Tethering or Mifi

    I have an 02 sim only contract with 18Gb per month plus unlimited calls and texts. So far the data allowance has never run out completely however during a stay at Loch Ness Shores C&CC site during the summer hols the 02 signal was useless and the 3 Internet with Legs sim came into it's own (used in an unlocked EE car dongle that plugs into one of the 12v outlets in the 'van). Equally, I have not yet been away for a whole contract month when 18Gb may be short, so I have bought 2 new 3 IwL 12Gb sims to take on our winter trip to the sun. I wonder, does anyone know whether there is any difficulty actually activating the sims whilst roaming? Jim
  13. jampot

    Jockey Wheel Shaft Diameter

    Surely, 'corner steadies' are just that - steadies, and not (generally) intended to support the weight of the van? There are exceptions of course. JIm
  14. jampot

    Omnivent water ingress

    If water had pooled in front of the omnivent it could well have 'surged' rearwards as you moved off and flowed over the vent surround. If that's the case, tipping the van in one direction or another before coupling up might help to drain it safely. Was the omnivent a factory fit? If not I have another suggestion, but best kept to myself if irrelevant. Jim
  15. Their loss Geoff, every bit as much as the local traders. Jim