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  1. At 85% the safety margin is 15 /85 x 100 =17.6% (or there abouts). I'm sorry to, but I couldn't resist:-) But of course the 85% guide relates to the kerb weight of the tow vehicle not the safe towing limit declared by the manufacturer. It's probably more correct to describe it as a loading margin rather than a safety margin. Jim
  2. Not for 800 quid I don't suppose Robby! Tons of info and a a bunch of very helpful folk on here to help you out by answering questions and offering advice. It would help to know (vaguely) how you define 'taking it easy', whether you already have a suitable tow car and so on. Jim
  3. If you need 3 wheels re-finishing I would just get all 4 done - that way you know they will match. I have 2 to get done but will then put them together on the same side of the van so they can't be compared with the other side directly. Jim
  4. The only one I have come across is the C&CC site at Bellingham. They sell Thetford green in sachets for one shot use if passing through and standard size bottles (1.5l?) for less than most dealers sell blue or green. After spending over a week there and using Thetford green I switched to Elsan green and much prefer it to either Thetford type. Picked up 2 x 2l Elsan at Catterick for £9.99 each when there recently. Jim
  5. Our ta Buccaneer has tyres rated at 600Kg. The previous Lunar single axle tyres were rated 900Kg which is a typical commercial van rating. When we had a burst at a weekend we could only find car tyres rated at 450Kg so continued with fingers and toes crossed that we didn't have another puncture before reaching the next long stay site where we could order the right type. Loads of good info here - https://www.tyresafe.org/ Jim
  6. Completed the on line form Sunday evening and the postie brought the new licence this morning! It has a Union Flag on it as well as the blue EU flag. Don't think the old one did:-) Jim
  7. 50 you say - https://www.screwfix.com/p/flofit-flo-fit-collet-clips-red-15mm-50-pack/90116?tc=FA7&ds_kid=92700020952484440&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249404&ds_rl=1249799&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249481&gclid=CjwKCAjw_YPnBRBREiwAIP6TJ3N5YvG2KqU0n74GrJf1_fSLVaUlsjt_NxqN0FRFQ58ADHkHRKJ7NhoC8eAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Also available in blue for the cold water pipes:-) Jim
  8. I use tethering to my 02 mobile at home and abroad and don't often have a problem. However I also carry a 'myfi' type gadget (actually an EE branded in car device) bought 'unlocked' off that auction site. I use a 3 network Internet With Legs 12 month 12Gb sim card as back up. It comes in handy if data on the phone gets low towards the end of the month and during a week at Loch Ness Shores CCC site it came into it's own as there was no 02 reception what so ever! Just need to make sure there isn't any data left at the end of the 12 months..... Jim
  9. Thanks Chaps. I would like to re-visit the USA at some point but am unlikely to rent a humungous RV:-) I won't trouble the quack for a ticket but will apply on line. Jim
  10. Having passed the driving test in the dark ages my licence includes C1, C1E, D1 and D1E categories. Renewal at age 70 which includes these requires submission of a doctors certificate and can only be done by post. In the context of caravanning would anyone recommend maintaining the right to drive these categories of 'medium' commercial and passenger vehicles? I can't recall having used the facility in many a year and presently tow a Buccaneer with a Mercedes ML total gross around 4500Kgs. so not required currently. Any constructive (or humorous!) input wlecome. Jim
  11. There is little or no 'maker customer service' in the caravan industry The dealer is key and with a 2 year old van most teething issues should be sorted or will be sorted by the dealer. If you choose both well you should get another 15 years happy holidays from the new one. Jim
  12. jampot

    Cadac lid

    Is that circular wire below the grill pan fixed in place? there appear to be a pair of wire hooks on it (foreground and upper left in the pic). Pop the rim of the lid in there and the hook on the lid over the rim of the pan as you have it. If it isn't fixed, perhaps it isn't assembled correctly. Jim
  13. My 7.5kg capacity safefills only weigh 4.1kg each when empty - less than a calor light. Jim
  14. It's an odd thing, but the safari / carri chef size pizza stone instructions say that it should be placed on top of the grill plate which of course achieves the same as Fredsautos suggestion. There is no such instruction for the larger one. We have good success with the small one but when away with family last summer had the same disaster as Chris76 with a big one. The baking parchment sounds a good idea - less messy than sprinkling with flour like the book says! Jim
  15. We spent a VERY wet weekend at Camping Montreal in December enroute to Spain but will definitely try to re-visit in better weather. It looks a lovely spot. Jim
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