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    Listening to music (and the associated hifi equipment). I have kept koi carp for about 12 years.
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    VW Toaureg
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  1. Snap! The really annoying thing was that we had to find out from the internet! It should have been our first trip with them, from Santander back to Portsmouth. Instead we drove 1400 miles from the Algarve to the tunnel - and that is what I will continue to do. BF will never see another penny from me:-( Jim
  2. Yep, that's what I used. Thanks for chiming in Ian, hope you are able to getaway some more before this good weather breaks. Jim
  3. That's a 'real' Buccaneer, none of your badge engineered Elddis stuff:-) 1cwt used to be 112lbs and a kilogramme is 2.2 lbs Assuming 1 axle at 16.9cwt (860 kg ) and (say) 100kg max hitch load if you use the conservative ratio of 85% you want the car to weigh of the order of 1130 Kgs. That sounds quite small to me so it would be nice if someone has definitive info regarding the actual gross weight of the van. I think the number (11, 12 or 15 and so on) refers to the approximate internal length of the van so take a tape measure as well as the damp meter! Jim
  4. Same problem with our Buccaneer. I recently replaced the angle brackets which attach the struts to the door with these - https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Galvanised-Adjustable-Angle-Bracket-140-x-35-x-40mm/p I had to drill the short leg to accept the existing mounting bolts and the gas strut fastened at the top of the slot you see in the long leg. If you have a full length hinge it doesn't work apparently - could crack the door which is very expensive to replace, so if you try it close the door very carefully and watch for any stress or flexing in the hinge mountings and door. It didn't (to the best of my knowledge) work for @IanV8 of this forum for instance. If it works, it's a good idea to remove the excess length of the bracket and round it off to avoid a new source of injury! Jim I can't claim any credit for this, it's the subject of a long and helpful thread on a Facebook Buccaneer owners group.
  5. Hopefuuly someone with an avante 860 will be along eventually with exact info but in the meantime it would seem your new van is similar in size and layout to our buccaneer. Our solar panel regulator / control panel is located in the same o/h locker as the tv aerial, The panel is locate to the nearside of the sky light over the 'lounge' and is indeed horizontal. I suggest you should specify an oversize clear panel in that general location and keep your fingers crossed if more specific info is not forthcoming! The 120w Truma panel we have is 1195mm x 670mm Jim
  6. Only 22 weeks. Things will improve when the Mrs. retires VM! My brother in law has a Vanmaster (bought from new I believe but now 10 years old) and is in fairly regular contact with them as they are local. He tells me most of their work these days is refurbishment / refreshing them as they get very few orders for new builds. Jim
  7. Google 'insulated aquaroll cover'. They usually come with a 'sleeve' to protect the hose. It would be sensible to put something between the aquaroll and ground in addition I guess. When very cold, I have before now lifted the part filled aquaroll into the doorway overnight, worked a treat but on one occasion the waste water froze in the drain pipe when I pulled the plug out Jim
  8. It sounds as though the fitting you have isn't a regulator at all, but a 'tap'. If the caravan isn't a recent model with a bulkhead regulator fitted (now required by law on new vans), then yes, you need to fit the correct regulator at the bottle. I had a similar issue with a connector I bought in a diy warehouse in Spain for using a gas bottle off the van with a BBQ. Gave me a heck of a surprise and singed all the hair off one arm! Jim
  9. I cut 3 lengths of wood the same thickness as the Reich (or there abouts) to support the wheels not on the Reich, at the same level. I can't vouch for the accuracy but it made me feel better:-) Jim
  10. The version of CoPilot I have uses a pic of a motor home for 'caravan'. I set combined weight, 'van length, width and height. Not really had any routing difficulties doing it that way in around 12000 miles of towing here and abroad. Jim
  11. Nice result if correct. We did the same with ours on collection in April 2018. Battery is definitely included and we had the AWD motor mover too. The only extra was a part full Safefill bottle (to see the gas appliances work on handover) and it came in at 1900Kgs! Jim
  12. We have a Commodore and the bedroom is cool - just the finned pipes with vents in the top of the boxing in and a small area of underfloor heating (not much floor area to fit it!). I have read of other owners having after market radiators fitted at great expense - over £300 if I remember correctly. I fitted a 400 watt wall mounted convector heater on the wall adjacent to the tv sockets (no tv) and shortened the flex to suit. Works fine to take the chill off in the evening before retiring but I don't leave it on all night. Jim
  13. We managed 4 nights at a small farm site close to home from last Sunday, would have stayed longer but they were full from Thursday. Managed to get in at C&CC Scone Palace, Perth for next weekend but only because there had been a cancellation! Jim
  14. I had the misfortune to scrape the side of our Buccaneer, a long but narrow area of damage. The Elddis approved repairer explained he would have to extend the repaint over a huge area to make sure it 'blended' and was not keen. I suggested to him Volvovanner's solution but using an original decal fitted to both sides, supplied by Elddis so an exact match with the originals. Unless you saw it side by side with another van of the same model you wouldn't know! Jim
  15. The tricky part is moving to and from the step ladder! I did our Commodore last summer by kneeling on it. GaryB's suggestion to use a spreading medium is sound. I used 2 pieces of 20mm ply each about 60cm x 20cm with foam taped on the underside to avoid scratching the roof. Two pieces make it easier to move about. Jim
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