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  1. Update on the corner caps. The new caps I ordered which were supplied by Elddis were different to the ones fitted to the van. I've not been able to find out though whether the caps on my van were the official Elddis offering at the time or whether Elddis simply didn't have an offering and used another manufacturer's solution instead. Elddis do now have an offering but it's not the same. I have seen similar caps to mine on other Elddis vans of the same age so mine isn't a one off. I've seen both versions on eBay from reputable sellers. I've attached a photo of the same corners on another
  2. We bought our 2015 Affinity 550 in 2018 privately second hand. We've generally been very pleased with it. No major issues although it had previously had repairs to fix cracking in both rear top corners so that would be an area to look at closely I think. This seems to have been not uncommon on Elddis vans of that period and I'm not sure whether they have fixed it on newer vans. Incidentally the reinforcing corners they were fitting at the time are not the corners they supply now, but I've seen the same corners as are fitted to my van fitted to other Elddis vans of same age. The ones they
  3. Just to add a variation on this theme. My ATC LED stopped working i.e. not lighting up at all, recently and at the same time the system stopped initialising when I plugged it into the car i.e. no tell-tale self test sound. I checked the rod position and it was fine in the disengaged position. Having no wiring diagram to work from I thought I'd at least check the condition of the LED cable. When I took this off I found that it must have become trapped and general vibration had chaffed through the outer coating and the wires were exposed. So it needed changing and I
  4. For the small hairline cracks around the screws under the rear panel I did drill out holes at the end of the cracks and then fill with a paste of ABS/acetone and also drill out the screw holes themselves. The cracks haven't got longer although I can't say whether that's my repair or simply that they'd gone as far as they were likely to. The screws seem superfluous anyway and just seem to have been banged in without much care - the spacings between them aren't equal and the screwholes aren't big enough so it seems it was the screws themselves causing the cracking. Regarding the to
  5. I've got the same problem on my 2015 Affinity 550 and it's fairly common across all manufacturers I think. I've tried heating with a hairdryer and it did stick back but this only lasted a short while. I've bought a reel of tape recently from Kenmore who were advertising it on eBay (joint cover strip tape). There are several patterns and I found one that's the same as mine. I'll keep this as a back up but will try to refix the existing tape first - there's nothing wrong with it other than the peeling edges.
  6. Just adding a couple of photos of sidewall cracks in tyres on my 2015 Elddis Affinity 550 which prompted me to change them. The tyres are dated 4014 so were presumably original equipment but that makes them less than 5 years old. I didn't spot any of this cracking last year so must have deteriorated over the winter. I didn't jack up the caravan over winter to take the weight off the tyres but I will do next year. I've now replaced them with Maxxis 184R14 104/102N fitted by Kwikfit who did the change at my storage location and had the right kit to handle the Tyron bands. Good se
  7. Thanks for posting this Amdram. Good to hear some positive stuff. We really like our 2015 Affinity 550 which we purchased privately in March. It's very comfortable and so far everything seems to be working fine although I'm keeping an eye on some small cracks around the screws at the bottom of the rear ABS panel - see other post. It has had a real test already in the form of a head on force 8 gale at Caerfai in St. David's, Pembrokeshire, a couple of weeks ago. Locals told us it was just a breeze. .. Good to get positive and negative dealer feedback too.
  8. The caps in my photos were I believe fitted by Raymond James in July last year (2017) so they might be worth a try. I've still not been able to get definitive confirmation from this from RJ or Elddis although I have now managed to complete the warranty transfer process. Special thanks to Chris Jones Leisure for taking the time to dig out the original documentation for the first service in 2016 which hadn't come through to me with the van paperwork. I'm still trying to get a copy of the 2017 service documentation though from RJ, although they did send this to Elddis direct to support the
  9. Another thought on this - if a repair is done under warranty does the repaired area get a warranty extension? My 3 years from first registration anniversary is in May so if/when I can get the service records back from the dealers and into Elddis I'll ask about this 3 year extension but this might be complicated if the repair that has already been done was done outside warranty, but then although it was done at about 2 years old and outside the original 1 year warranty period maybe it was covered by this new policy from Elddis!
  10. Thanks for this detail, and the previous suggestions from the others. I'll try with this technique and will update here to let you know how it goes.
  11. Thanks - do you use pure acetone or is cellulose thinners OK? Also what do you use as your source of ABS? I see you can buy ABS 'welding' rods on eBay quite cheaply. By printed - do you mean 3D printed?
  12. Yes, it's obviously best to have the full documentation, although if the dealer has stamped the service book then wouldn't that be considered an appropriate indication that they had done the servicing to agreed standards, particularly if they were Elddis and NCC approved? I guess not but maybe it should be. Pleased to see that the warranty held up for you though.
  13. Yes, but apparently this isn't sufficient. They say they need the service report and the damp report. However your question has prompted me to re-read the T&Cs in the warranty section in the handbook. It is pretty clear I think - 'Original invoices and damp reports must be retained as proof that the annual services have been carried out in accordance with the warranty terms'. And in the transfer of ownership section it says 'Full documentary evidence that the caravan has been serviced annually should be provided at the time of transfer, in accordance with the
  14. Thanks - yes, am aware of this and am trying to extract the appropriate service paperwork from the 2 dealers that did the 1 year and 2 year services. Previous owner didn't have them and presumably didn't chase/bother because they were given a separate warranty by the dealer that sold it to them in July 17. Elddis say they need these documents and also need CRiS registration to process the transfer. I've done the CRiS registration already and just got inside the 3 year term for the MTPLM plate upgrade from Elddis which they supplied via the dealer I've just used for the 3rd year service.
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