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  1. When you say you passed your driving test in September, I presume you do have the relevant licence to tow a caravan? B+E?
  2. Yes, the caravan has been serviced and tested for damp. All ok.
  3. Hi We bought it private so it came with everything we need to get started. Water butt and waste carrier, 3/4 awning, porch awning, electric leads, battery etc etc. It is a 2008 Diamond Anniversary model with fixed end bunks. We’ve just had everything out today seeing what’s what and giving it a good old clean. Maiden voyage is end of April. Matt.
  4. So we have now bought our first caravan, a Sprite Major 6 single axle. Very pleased with our purchase and we pick it up next week. Now i’d Like to know your kit lists please. The necessities, the little things that make it so much easier, and everything else in between. Many thanks. Matthew
  5. Hello, I’m currently looking at buying our first family caravan and have come on here to get the advice and tips of some seasoned caravanners. First of all I’m wanting a caravan with fixed bunk beds as we have two children (4&7) and feel that this would be the best layout for them in our first ever caravan. I’m looking at pulling it with a Ford Kuga Titanium 2. 0 so obviously the caravan needs to be within the cars limits. Whilst looking at towbar fitting I noticed there are 7 and 13pin electrical available, which is the most common please? What is it you really look for in buying a secondhand caravan? I have my budget (£6. 5-7k) and for that I would ideally like some of the accessories to come with it such as water containers/awning/wheel lock etc etc. Would your advice be to buy private or through a dealer? I like the look of the Sprite range of caravans what does everyone know about these? I’ve narrowed it down to a Major or a Quattro and would probably be looking around 2006-2008 for my budget. All advice greatfully received. Matthew
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