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  1. Thanks to all for the advice, bought a battery today from Halfords and I've fitted it myself without any issues and all works well. Tested the gas supply and water system, had a bit of a panic when water came gushing out from the drain outlet but didn't realize the dealer had left the drain taps open 😂 All stocked up and ready for our first outing tomorrow in West Ayton, hopefully first of many caravan holidays. Hope you all have a great Easter holiday
  2. I've measured the box and the one I'm getting should fit. ... Hopefully 😁
  3. Cheers Stevan, I'll measure the housing and make sure it fits
  4. I'm going to get one, I've seen one in Halfords. I'm at work at the moment, so haven't got the spec book to hand but can I fit any type of leisure battery? Are there different sizes?
  5. Do we need an isolation switch then? I noticed that it didn't have one next to the empty battery rack. I'd read you need to isolate the battery when hooking up to the mains but others have said they don't even know where it is, so don't bother on their van 😂
  6. Hello Its our first outing in the caravan on Monday and just wanted to clarify, do we need a lesuire battery? The van didn't come with one and I've hooked it up to our mains at home and tested everything and all works fine, we've also only booked electric hook up next week. We don't have a motor mover fitted either. So just wondered if we do actually need one, unless we ever go to a basic pitch? Cheers
  7. Thanks for all the advice, the starter kit came with a watermaster and aqua roll, so all good 😁
  8. Hello might seem a silly question but a friend of ours says you shouldn't clean your worktops or inside the caravan with general household cleaners, is this true?
  9. Thanks for all that advice, it's really useful. We're definitely getting a waste master after all the read up on them. The starter pack we're getting comes with an aqua roll. Looked on gumtree and preloved but no sooner do they go on, they've sold! I managed to get an Al-ko hitch lock on gumtree but bought a new Milenco wheel lock. We've a few Caravan stores near us and a go outdoors, so I'll be spending a few hours in there 😉
  10. Point taken, I'm ex military and remember carrying full Jerry cans and ammo boxes! I think I'll go for the branded ones! I've seen some on gumtree but keep missing out! I'll keep looking and if not I'll buy new, as we're planning on taking our first trip at Easter. Thanks for the info.
  11. Hello, new to caravaning and we're in the process of procuring a container to collect waste water and fresh water for the caravan. Onthat note, what alternatives are there to the waste master and aqua roll? I assume they're recommend because there are easy to move around but I'm happy to carry things. Also what connectors and pipes do we need for a super pitch with water and those where we have to carry the water to the caravan? Thanks in advance
  12. That's my plan, I know we won't always reverse it in bang on but not bothered about taking my time. I'm really looking forward to it, just looking at buying used aqua rolls and waste masters unless there are alternatives?
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