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  1. Well I would defnately not recommend a Willerby. I have a 2 year old Willerby Skye and while it looks good I have had loads of issues with it from Corrosion, Paint peeling, sticky drawers, ill fitting patio doors. Just have a look at my posts.
  2. During winter months I use the gas periodically for about 2 hours each day for heating and then between times of use rely on the electric fan heater to keep the living area up to temperature. Two people shower daily - and all the usual cooking. I get about 16 days from a 19KG bottle. I did have one 19kg bottle consumed in 11 days - but I found the bottle connection was leaking.
  3. I could of started this post with lots of other negative titles about Willerby. But ...Incidentally ( My Mom said never start sentences with But... ) But I have a problem with most of them, in that they would be very rude ! Under my static home, purchase requirements - all Warranty issues have to be addressed through site owner ........ and they have been duly reported to - and acknowledged by.. them. Under the first years warranty ( 2018 ) I had to report and get fixed get replaced, 1. An entire internal panel as it had a split, 2. External patio door ref
  4. You don't say what type or what age your static is. For the more modern statics, I'd leave the gas on. Their boilers monitor air temperature and if it falls too low they ignite the boiler and heat the boiler contents only, for a very short period, to protect it from frost.
  5. I was told Willerby make the site selling the van to you responsible for first point of contact regarding warranty issues. They ( the caravan site ) then interface with Willerby regarding the warranty issue. I believe the Caravan site negotiate what they - the site will fix and what Willerby will be required to send a representative or parts to fix. I was told a Willerby team come on site once a month to rectify issues ( jeez I thought - are there that many issues ) I'm lead to believe that Willerby did come on site and replaced the wall panel that split. - that took abou
  6. Willerby Skye static, In the first year from New, all done under warranty:- Interior wall panel split on receipt of van, had to be replaced. Leaking kitchen sink, fixed on second attempt. Patio doors had to have hinge screws tightened as they were totally loose and doors needed aligned. Drawer that was seriously tight to open and close needed fixed. Shower pole and hose needed replaced as they were rusting. Entrance door handle paint peeling back to base metal needed replaced. Now just out of warranty I notice the toilet roll holders are lightly pitted w
  7. Check that gas bottle is not leaking by wetting the fittings with a soap solution and look for bubbles. I had a small mesh filter dislodge from within my fitting that subsequently created a poor gas seal at the bottle and I only got 2/3 of what I expected from a gas bottle.
  8. Well I love my Willerby Skye, but the build quality is not what I expected. Under the first years warranty I had to get replaced, 1. An entire internal panel as it had a split, 2. External patio door refitted as there were no screws in the hinges, 3. Shower head holder and hose replaced, as the bar and hose were rusting, 4. External door handle replaced as the paint was peeling. 5. Repair a leak from under the Kitchen tap fitting 6. Drawer fixed that was really stiff to close Now thats all fixed, I hope I have no more problems with it. That said, it
  9. pm sent to you so I can sent my 2018-2019 running costs for each night onsite.
  10. Site I am on wanted £120 to supply and fit a wifi booster. Which I am told by others, doesnt give a significant improvement. I purchased off ebay an ALFA R36 router and an ALFA UBDo-nt directional booster antennae both for £64 . Problem solved and good enough to stream should I want to.
  11. Judges

    Gas Consumption

    Just purchased a new Willerby Skye - and Joined this forum. HELLO to all. My question is in relation to gas consumption for heating purposes. 38 X 12 2 bedroom Willerby. What could I estimate / expect for (a) Summer (b) winter, gas consumption for heating. Answers, per week or per weekend are acceptable :-) I appreciate weather plays a part in that determination. regards
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