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  1. Looking to buy a new walker awning for my new bailey Pegasus caravan. I've used Jeff Bowen before as he was recommended. Any others I could try just to compare pricing. Bit of an added expense but needs must as the other doesn't fit. Where to sell my 3 year old walker 1020 awning is another question that I could do with some assistance with. Chris
  2. Decided to change my van this year after 3 years of good use. Got me thinking how often should you change your aquaroll and what is the best hosepipe to use for the mains supply to the aquaroll. Any help most appreciated and where is the best place to buy an aquaroll from.
  3. Have used a few different ones for both the flush and the waste tank. The best by far for breaking down and smell was the Thetford but is a tad expensive. Anyone used any good ones that are up there with Thetford ??
  4. Serviced to manufacturers specification and book all marked up by a bailey accredited mobile mechanic.
  5. Thanks that's why I was asking here so to try and both Remove any pitfalls and also get a decent deposit for my next van.
  6. Bought my first caravan 2 years ago and it has done a little over 100 miles as it was towed to a site then left being taken in and out of storage for 3 summers. Have had a tentative offer for a trade in but I'm being reliably informed that selling private will enhance that offer by approx 2k So I'm looking for some reputable or good ways to sell it to realise a fair price.
  7. Tried it again today and I'm still pretty sure that it's leaking from the big o ring seal. Need to look at trying to get the out to try some silicone spray
  8. That's exactly what she did luckily no blue toilet bowl but that was my concern that the blue may have damaged the seals in the Cassette even tho it was only in a couple of days
  9. My daughter used the toilet fluid in the flush instead of the bowl cleaner
  10. When emptying my toilet last night I found that there seemed to be some leakage from the seal area. Now my daughter managed to use the wrong fluid in the flush this week could this have damaged the cassette. Is there and way to repair or fix the seals.
  11. Any ideas on the wastemaster problem
  12. How do a clean my awning as the rear of the awning cloth part is maukit oops very dirty with the trees at the back. Is there any easy way to get it clean again. Next problem I noticed tonight that my waste master was leaking from the top It was pretty full but just wanted to know if that's a common problem. It's only approx 18 months old. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  13. Is there a list available somewhere of what to do for an initial set up of a van on a season pitch. I know the van has to be levelled, electric hook up , toilet filled and chemicals added, waste water outlet attached, water to the van attached. would love some sort of follow this list to be able to tick things off in the correct order. Last thing is I have a truma water system will that immediately kick in when I change over the switch frim winter to summer. Sorry for All the silly questions but first day is looming and will only have a couple of hours light to carry out all the tasks and have a first nights sleep in my new van. TOTAL NEWBIE !!!!!! Help Please
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