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  1. Thanks for the help everyone ordered a Weinsberg 450 FU
  2. Yes finding a dealer is no issue. Anyone have any experience with Caravelairs ?
  3. Yes I can find a reputable dealer. How well are Caravelairs built? French van they have all the kit I am after with a reasonable water ingress warranty.
  4. Australian versions are out of my price range even for the euro versions we tend to pay more for EG a bailey 430 works out at £26000 and the cheapest Australian made one works out at £43000 Maybe I have no experience in dealer back up here but we do have reasonably good consumer laws, what brand is your caravan?
  5. Its some what difficult to spec stuff when they are made on the other side of the world here normally the dealer orders a large amount and 5 months later they arrive I think its purely to do with the shipping cost. Im In New Zealand
  6. Thanks for the advice . Im looking at something that is not electric in terms of cooking or hotwater as basic campsites with just water (no power) are £1. 50 for club campsites im part of, I can also get a yearly pass for our conservation campsites (over 200 sites) for £90 and some are even free. Okay I was somewhat put off buying a Bailey as they seem to have many complaints interms of water ingress but for the price and 10 year water ingress warranty not to mention dealer back up and layout it seems like the way to go.
  7. Hello All I hope this topic of conversation is not too controversial Looking at a few brands of caravans I am very new to this but I am concerned about water ingress issues I seem to find on forums so just doing some general research into what to avoid or rather what is the better choice of caravan brand for myself not living in the UK I do not have the selection you have of brands. Looking at these ranges: Caravelair Antares Dethleffs C'Go Sprite alpine Elddis Avante Bailey Pursuit Weinsberg Looking at a few models I would prefer to not for for the German models as they don't seem to put ovens in but if the water tightness is that much better than the French or English caravans I feel this would be an acceptable trade off. Any advice would be appreciated.
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