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  1. Very much appreciated. Will have a look into all of this tomorrow.
  2. Thanks so much for your advice. And the solar controller? It doesnt have ‘profiles’ but i can change the settings for absorption and float values so im guessing thats likely to be ok assuming i can find out what the recommended values should be.
  3. Thanks. Presumably the inbuilt charger in the caravan (2017 Compass) is fine for an AGM battery? Likewise the controller on the solar panel? I do have the ability to change all the parameters in the solar controller and so im assuming i can set it up in accordance with information supplied by the battery manufacturer. I hadnt seen your post tictag. Its the absorption and float figures that i can change in the solar controller so im guessing it can be set up suitably.
  4. Thinking of buying an Platinum AGM battery either 100 or 110 Ah. I particularly need the reliable usage off grid, charging on a solar. The AGM batteries seem to have a very high cycle rate for a long life, although obviously they cost a little more. Also seem to get a good write up. Just wondered if anybody is using one or has any experience/comments on them. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just placed an advert for this awning in the For Sale section of this site, but seemed appropriate to give the heads up here too. In as new condition, used only once. Moderators please feel free to delete this if placing it here contravenes the rules.
  6. Borussia1900 What do you run the Shogun tyres at for towing, just out of interest? I raise mine to around 40psi on my swb. Cracking tow car!
  7. Joeblogs Nice work! Very impressive job indeed. I seriously considered doing something similar myself but caved in and bought the Kojack brackets, mainly because I realised I could use the hydraulic jack that already comes with my tow car - Shogun. Your brackets look extremely sturdy and are similar in design to the Kojack brackets. In my opinion the Alko brackets are barely fit for purpose and I would not trust them ever.
  8. I think I must have a newer version on our 2017 Compass. It's a sort of flimsy wire frame that's only just sufficient to hold the weight of the wheel. One end stays attached to the offside chassis rail whilst the other drops down to the ground after releasing a pin. It's not great, it's rusty already and the pin sticks, however, it does seem to allow access to the wheel in under a minute (so long as you are lying on the floor beneath the caravan!), and that seems to be a great improvement judging by all the comments above.
  9. So why is it unacceptable to fasten a spring clip type cable to a fixed point on the tow bar? I'm lucky enough to have a suitable fixed point on the tow bar and so I fasten my spring clip to that rather than looping round the ball. It seems like a perfect solution and in my opinion it hardly differs at all from fixing a carabiner in the same way. I can only assume that they think there is a chance of the spring clip somehow coming undone against a fixed point but that seems so unlikely as to be almost impossible. Anybody know for sure what the problem is?
  10. Congratulations on your new caravan. Hope you enjoy it.
  11. No, it's just a sticker! I did it on our new Compass, upped the MTPLM by around 40kg from memory. All I was sent was a sticker to put over the existing sticker. Presumably the manufacturer also makes one or two admin adjustments in the caravan and ownership details. All they are actually doing is accurately reflecting the maximum weight that Alko specify for their axle, rather than what the caravan manufacturer chooses to specify as the maximum weight in order to make the caravan attractive to different buyers in different market sectors with different towing vehicles.
  12. Apologies if I've misunderstood, but I thought you were saying that anything other than a classified ad will incur 10%? I'm saying that's not true. You can list in whatever format you want, i. e. auction or buy it now for only 1% so long as you do it in Ebay Motors, which is where caravans are supposed to be.
  13. With regard to selling on Ebay, it should be pointed out that as long as the caravan is listed in the correct category of the Ebay Motors section (which is the correct place for a caravan), then the final value fee is only 1% (minimum £18, maximum £30 I think), not 10%.
  14. We have a 2017 Casita 586 and when we bought it we were offered a bike rack and told that the necessary reinforcements are already in the rear wall, so i would imagine the situation is the same with the 866. We were also told that only the dealers can fit such a rack because only they have access to the necessary template which shows where the reinforcements are in the rear wall. We were very tempted at the time, but decided against it due to the extra weight at the rear potentially causing instability. Think i would have been less inclined to worry about the extra weight at the rear
  15. There’s a little red reset button on top of the heater itself which you could try. Failing that I would ring Whale. They’re the sort of company who answer the phone and actually put you straight through to a helpful person. No messing. I’ve always been very impressed with their customer service.
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