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  1. Whatever gives you pleasure but I’m just glad you don’t live next door to me.
  2. We use Eurotunnel four to five times a year and our passports are always checked and scanned both on leaving France and on entering UK or vice versa. If the 90 day rule does come in then it would be obvious if we had overstayed.
  3. Sutton Scotney services are just north of Winchester on the A34. As stated you will need to pay and it’s not cheap, normally around £25.
  4. Because I’m at work and don’t have time to give a detailed answer but was simply trying to avoid confusion for others.
  5. The title does say ‘tow car to caravan connection’
  6. I’ve owned three Swifts, a Hymer and a Bailey. The Hymer was the best by a million miles but I am very happy with our current Swift and would gladly buy another. After four years I have had zero faults with it.
  7. Use a flannel to dry most of the wetness from you and then just finish off with your towel. That way the towel won’t be nearly so wet and dries much easier.
  8. From around the middle of last year they revised the engine range. Its now either the 220 at around 190 bhp or the 300 at around 240 bhp. At around 6k difference in price on a nearly new one I’d probably settle for the 220.
  9. Fair point. The latest model GLC got a good review in this month’s caravan club magazine. We are considering one when we do change our E class.
  10. He said he was looking at 2010 to 2012 cars. The GLC wasn’t launched until 2015.
  11. I’ve got a 2014 E220cdi which I’ve had since new. It’s now done 45k miles and has been totally fault free. It’s still on the original front tyres. I tow a Sprite Major at 1340 kgs. Contrary to what others have said it is a very stable tow but it’s important to set the tyre pressures to the maximum load setting. It has rear air suspension which is excellent. We tow all over Europe including Spain and Croatia and am very happy with it. Towing mpg averages around 28 but 30 is not unusual. I tend to set the cruise at an indicated 62 on motorways. All in all I would highly reco
  12. That’s an entirely different scenario to being broken into in the middle of the night. There would be no safety in numbers because you’d all be asleep in your own units. Most of the report’s of people being burgled in service areas the aggrieved persons seem to only realize when they wake up and find their valuables missing. Some then claim to having been gassed which I don’t believe for a minute.
  13. Hillside and Bilbo are two that spring to mind that we looked at who convert VW Transporters. I’m sure there are others. Also VW do the California and Mercedes the Marco Polo. All of them seem very expensive for what they offer but also seem to hold their value very well.
  14. What age and price range are you looking at. We are seriously considering a Mercedes Marco Polo to use as both a tow car and a small camper for short breaks. It doesn’t have a toilet but space for a ports potty. Many of the vw conversions are the same.
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