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  1. We have a “rhino guard” universal one from a well know internet auction site, paid less than £40 for it. Does exactly what it should do, looks good, keeps the van front clean while travelling, has a soft touch inside layer. It’s also fully adjustable so we can take it with us if we change vans. Not sure I could justify the cost of a caravan specific one after getting such a good cover for very little cash.
  2. We have a 1998 Lunar Appolo and we have 2 of these switches, one on each side of the front seat corner. One is for the electric water heater and the other is for a night light that is low down near the toilet door. Both are from the 12v supply. Hope that helps.
  3. The Sky HD boxes all worked independently of each other with separate satellite feeds and their own planner. With Q, the main Q box is designed to feed content and signal to the mini boxes via the home WiFi and the mesh created by the Q system. If you have no internet connection and mesh the mini will not work. 3G/4G mobile internet connections are no good for Q either. Hope that helps.
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