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  1. Hi Scooby1 We travelled from Stoke to Cheltenham when we bought our Coachman VIP575. I researched a local caravan engineer to inspect the caravan before purchase, 2 hours he took to go over the van with a fine toothcombe. Once we had his report, with no faults reported, & a full damp check, we did the deal. Research & get an independant Caravan engineer to give it the once over.
  2. We looked at all manufacturers for a second hand caravan, & i concur with above posts, Coachman all the way, but it's what ever takes your fancy. Build quality of our Coachman is superb, 2 year old & as good as new, very solid & sturdy, & no deviation when towing.
  3. Being relative Newbies to vanning, we bought the Vango Montelina, & although one of the tubes burst on our first outing, the people we bought from, sent replacement to site within 3 days. I think its a cracking awning.
  4. We have wrapped up pur caravan for the winter, with cover & emptied all the water to stop any split pipes hopefully. I am looking to buy a mains plug adaptor, & extension for keeping the battery topped up, maybe charing for 8 hours a month running straight of the mains via the mains lead. Do i need to invest in a trickle charger & leave it connected all the time, or is what i have described going to suffice. Any help & advice would be welcome. Cheers! Grizzly
  5. We have just purchased a caravan privately, 3rd owner on a 2017 caravan, time for alarm bells to ring. No. First owners elderly couple, family ilness forced sale, second owners with 2 teenage kids, van not big enough. I paid £260.00 for an independant engineer to check van out, before purchase, he was ther for 3.5 hours , thorough check including damp, & van passed with flying colours. I agree get an independant to check, & ask for discount.
  6. From what i have heard there is good & bad in every caravan manufacturing process, we must have been very lucky when we bought ours, third hand, but still no problems.
  7. Hi Wozzer We have a 2017 575, 100w solar panel, factory fitted by coachman, yours should be the same. And it keeps battery topped up adequately, only just had the caravan, one trip & all was well.
  8. We picked up our new to us, Secondhand Coachman VIP 575 today. Purchased from private seller, but only after service engineers 3 hour inspection report and approval. First time ever towing experiance, except for Caravan club towing lesson, and everything was fine. No major problems with towing, sure & stable on road with no wobbles even when closely overtaaken by juggernauts. If you find a near side towing mirror on the M6 near junction 15, please return to sender, as it fell off going through roadworks.
  9. Yep, the VIP is not big enough for his needs, and he is upgrading to a Twin axle. He got a derogatory trade in value.
  10. Hi David Caravan dealer when purchased in 2018, is based in Gloucester, not too far to travel from Staffordshire Moorelands. Hopefully no warrenty work will be needed, but if it is, i can stay with family in Bristol whilst it's fixed.
  11. I have CRiS checked caravan & HPI checked, all is in order. We have a mobile independant engineer going to storage who will check van over. Water,Electric & gas appliances will be checked, having seen hundreds of caravans in the last 2 years, this is the cleanest & best kept we have seen. It does look too good to be true, but all the signs are that it is a true gem. We will get manufacturers warrenty swapped over, it still has 15 months warrenty on it, like i said after all this time viewing so many different vans, you get a feeling when you find the right one. Grizzly
  12. After 2 years of selling my late parents house, & it falling through on 3, yes 3 occasions, we have finaly sold it. Inheritance will now allow me to purchase my first caravan, seen a few we like, now just have to make up our minds which way to go. May even look at buying privately, as it looks like there are some good deals out there at the moment. I will keep you updated as to progress, and what we buy. Grizzly
  13. Yes Geoff, the same company, & I would have no hesitation in recommending. We are traveling from Stoke to Thirsk, and have reserved this caravan with only seeing it on the net?
  14. Back in January 2018, we put a deposit on an Adria caravan, due to an imminent inheritance, on the sale of my parents house. It sold twice, and both times at the 11th hour, fell through. The dealer was patient up until December of this year, when I informed him no completion on house means no purchase of caravan. The salesman said he would have to put caravan back for sale, and offered to transfer my deposit against a caravan of our choice when we were ready, which I thought was very honourable by todays standards. The house has sold again, with a completion date of end March 2019, in the hands of solicitors as we speak. We viewed the site, found a caravan we liked & phoned to see if our deposit could be transferred for the purchase of another van. I paid a further £100.00 to secure the van for the next month or so, until funds are in my bank, I feel many dealers could learn a lesson from this dealer. I will not name the company, suffice to say they are in Thirsk, since this will be our first purchase, I am very pleased with the level of service from these guys, and the way they treat customers is second to none.
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