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  1. Update on pump flow rate after contacting Whale They say that "8L per minute is the open flow rate of this pump" and would advise checking for any blockages in the van or a damaged pump. So I'll take it back to the people who fitted it. Thanks Ern
  2. The flow rate with the new pump looked to be less than that of the old, hence my interest in measuring it. The methodology I used was to run the cold water into a plastic bowl for one minute, then pour that into a litre measuring jug. I did this tree times – first with a new filter – then with the old (back on again) – then with no filter. I might add that I was on a serviced pitch at the time. J
  3. What cold water flow rate can I expect at the Kitchen sink (first water outlet next to the front seat) With a new Whale Watermaster onboard water pump FP0814/B Model 2. 0 GPM 8Ltrs/min fitted in my Bailey Olympus 462 2011 I have measured the flow at 4. 3Ltrs, with old and new filters fitted and very slightly more with no filter. (so slight that I didn’t bother measuring it) Which does seem a long way off the rated 8Ltrs Any help would be appreciated
  4. How right you are, what were we talking about!! Tadge
  5. Hi Angus Second one just slipped your mind! I know it happens to me all the time Tadge
  6. Hi Angus & RogerL I agree with you both, I would prefer to do business with someone I have met and know where to find in case of any problems. I am even prepared to pay a small premium for the privilege. But lets not forget the inflated prices we have historically had to pay for our cars in the UK and the generally poor service dealers on the whole tend to offer not to mention the fact that a lot, if not most of the new cars sold on the web have come from main dealers in the first place! Tadge PS. If I can get a new passat for within £180 of the web price, Angus, I would jump at it
  7. Hi Angus You may have a point, and rather than sitting on it, can you give us your take on it. It is after all a big question, internet v high street where will it all end. Hopefully after my retirement days are over, but maybe not! Tadge
  8. Some really helpful insights so far into “Buying from the Internet” thanks to all contributors, many of which have helped me personally and those that havent I’m sure have helped others. If you have internet experience of buying a car, share it with us and if we can get up to something like statistically significant numbers (even if we can’t) I’ll collate the results. Any information on recommended sites, ones to avoid, delivery promises kept/broken, savings made etc. , you know the drill, would be helpful. Just to give you my take on this, the day before I made the original post my wife and I had a test drive in the VW Passat Estate and when we got around to discussing price I (foolishly) mentioned the internet. Well! I can only describe the response as a ‘tirade’ and on the way out my wife and I looked at each other and she said “Do you think he was a bit desperate?” Well yes, but it also made me think about our perceptions of the internet, I know that I have been unduly influenced by one bad review. Which? Says nice things about a vehicle and on parkers. co. uk you read 7 or 8 good reviews and then one guy slag’s it off, and that’s what I remember. So, can we add a bit of weight to our experiences and get a balanced response, good or bad, If of the 192 folk who have looked at this post have something to add, do it! Cheers Tadge
  9. Hi del That was quick! Did you find the dealers websites yourself or did you go through someone like uknewcars. co. uk? Tadge
  10. Would any folks out there who’ve bought a car off the web like to share their experiences with me (us all). I’m particularly interested in a Passat Estate or Honda Accord Tourer (diesel versions). But any information on recommended sites, ones to avoid, delivery promises kept/broken, savings made etc. would be very helpful Thanks in advance Tadge
  11. Anybody out there got any updates on the diesel engine Sharan/Alhambra/Galaxy gear box failures due to towing! Tadge
  12. In the past you could always get LW down to about the Loire. I take it that, that is still the case, haven’t tried it for a few years! Tadge
  13. Tadge

    Water Supply

    Exactly, so how come you’ve got no fingers (or toes) dunking them in water is my guess, and you’ve got a gender crisis. Pssst! What’s all this about white containers!!!
  14. Tadge

    Water Supply

    Mary, they aren’t water marks I see at the extremities of your limbs are they? You bears are not exactly squeaky clean when it comes to putting your paws in barrels. Not that I am one to point any fingers!! Tadge
  15. Tadge

    Water Supply

    Sleep! What wouldn’t I do for a nights sleep, with all this water going missing I don’t have time to sleep!! After I’ve laid the perimeter wire, there’s the proximity sensor, and the infra red beam (can’t tell you how often that trips the 5amp power supply, I’ve tried the gas but somehow its not so effective, wafts about a bit) I have my suspicions, in France, this slip of a girl knocked the stones holding down my waste outlet, EVERY SINGLE time she filled her water bottle, she must be all of eight now and we all know that’s a dangerous age, first kicking over stones then she’ll be wanting sites with discos. Don’t think because of one bad experience that I’m immune to the charms of young ladies, I’ve told my son, if we don’t want to see our water supplies diminished, best lock his daughter in a closet until she’s eighteen, keep her out of harms way, best all round, can’t have three year olds running around setting of carefully prepared alarms, accidental or on purpose. I suspect the latter, its all part of a larger conspiracy every other summer we’re told that there is not enough water to go around and I know why! ….I can tell, you don't believe me! Tadge
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