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  1. For the really stubborn parts . Lay a micro fibre cloth or clean tea towel over a section and carefully pour boiling water over it. Leave it a few minutes and it will just wipe away. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCALD YOURSELF!!!
  2. Hi all. I was recently washing my 2010 sterling europa and whilst washing the roof noticed that water pools along the seam at the back where the roof meets the back panel. Now at the moment i have no leaks but there is only a thin bead of silicone/ mastic which one day is going to fail. I was just wondering if i could brush liquid rubber over the join as a belts and braces approach? I uaually store the caravan at an angle to aid run off when not being used. Just wondered if anyone had tried it?
  3. Brilliant thank you for the swift reply Ern. No pun intended. I will get on to them and get the details. Ps if anyone on the forum has carried out this modification some pics would be great!! Thanks again.
  4. Hi there. I know this is an old tread but was just wandering if the op ever went ahead and fitted the rear cycle rack. I have a sterling europa 550 and although a 2010 model,it is still my pride and joy and with the kiddies growing up definately dont want dirty bikes inside.
  5. It sounds like thw little button thermostats. There are 2 of them and the fire needs to be removed to get to them. . Gary from arc systems is brilliant and gave me a diagnosis over the phone. The thermostat sensors are about £20 each. The become brittle and break over time or rattle loose.
  6. In response to the laminate becoming unstuck that is usually caused when people use the heater without the fan, hence the heat is not distributed around the caravan and builds up directly around the heater. I learnt this lesson the hard way, when the bottom of my cuttlery draw melted away.
  7. When re applying your new decals, if they are vinyl then spray the area that they are to be attached too with warm water and a drop of washing up liguid using a hand held spray bottle first then apply. The water solution allows a little bit of movement and when your happy wipe over with a dry cloth. Hey presto. Also reduces tbe chance of creasing the decals.
  8. Hi all. We have a sterling europa 550 lux 2010 and we absolutely love it, however we have been looking at newer vans and the wife has decided that she would like a more modern kitchen tap! Among with other little upgrades I was wondering how easy it would be to change? Any advice welcome.
  9. If your ariel is a status 530? It may well be the actual ariel thats leaking and water is running down the cable in to the wardrobe. Checkout Dan tridgians you tube video on it. Hes replaced both the holder and then the ariel.
  10. Our issue was the same. We turned off all of he electric but made sure when we reconnected it the water pump and water heater were in the off position. We then drained the system fully. We then switched on the electric, made sure all the taps icluding the shower was closed. We then refilled the water system. We then turned on the water pump. When the system was full and we could no longer hear the pump running we turned on the water heater. We then left it for 10 minutes before getting any air locks out of the taps. Make sure you dunk you pump in the aqua roll to help remove any air locks. Good luck.
  11. I have a sterling europa 2010 model and i have a switch on the front of my fusebox. If not it should definately have a fuse somewhere. I will post a photo of mine when i get home.
  12. Dont lose hope. I had a similar event. I completely disconected the electric hook up. Filled the tank with water and left it 30 mins for element to cool down. It did cause the fuse to blow which i replaced. I did have to switch all the elctrics off to van in order for it to reset properly at the fuse box. In theory the fuse should trip before the element burns out. One more thing to check. Check the wiring going to water heater. If loose items have been in the same cupboard and move about they may have caused a wire to dislodge. Everything is fixable. Its just trial and error.
  13. Daft question but have you turned the water heater on at the fuse box and checked the fuse hasnt blown?
  14. I was going to get the vp5 as it has the built in signal finder.
  15. Hi all. Looking at adding a second tv as the kids are getting a bit older now. I was wondering will the vision us V5 amplifier work with my 530 aerial or will i need to upgrade to the 570?? Any advice greatly recieved. Thanks
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