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  1. I think Paul is right look at the position of the yellow tap.
  2. If its the key they are less than £3 each on ebay, I cannot remember the price.
  3. My spare is out of date but did not change it. Maybe should have I will maybe do that another day when the bank balance grows a bit.
  4. I jacked the van up on one side I also then put in a second jack but I am a bit OCD about these things. Got one new tyre fitted and back on the van then repeated the process on the other side. My chassis is an alko chassis with the jacking bracket.
  5. Pifour

    Land Rover life

    I think you are spot on here and totally agree the 4x4 label can give a false sense of security to some.
  6. Pifour

    Land Rover life

    A local bus company near me used a Discovery to pull a single decker back to the workshop a few years ago. I like Land Rovers and have been running a Defender 110 this last 9 years and a Discovery the 10 years before that. But never pulled a lorry, maybe a 4x4 with horse box once and yesterday a tractor a few feet.
  7. I have been watching this thread but due to my ignorance I seem to have missed the point. I have a Bailey and can see the second label shown above. I had thought what was shown was a certificated conformance as designed, in the thread what is the advantage of changing the label?
  8. £320 was expensive and I will not try to justify it, but once the bearing problem was found I was happier. I take it the guys you go to use new one-shot nuts etc? Not sure which way I will go next year
  9. I paid £320 for a mobile servicing at my home. But that included running gear checks, gas servicing and change out of tail, Heating fluid top up, motor mover water pump heaters etc. It was about £100 dearer than my local caravan agents. But I feel I got value. I asked if they minded me watching and I did it was a good course in caravan maintenance. However the left-hand side wheel bearing had a problem were the inner and outer separated. So that was another £190 for a pair of bearings but the guys kept the labour etc down a bit.
  10. I understand the benefits of statins but I found I suffered anxiety and depression when taking them. I know others who suffer with joint problems when taking statins. The leaflet in the box lists potential problems. I will rely on diet rather than pills.
  11. I used to use Butane on my last caravan, I had problems with poor gas supply which was due to oil from the Butane bottle blocking the regulator. I took the regulator off fitted a new one and then noticed oil draining out of the old regulator. Some interesting youtube videos on this oil but that is a different subject. The regulator was a Truma mounted on the bulkhead, I was advised by someone I should have have the regulator mounted on the top of the bottle to stop this problem. I did buy butane from a Calor gas agent. This van has only ever had propane used and never had a
  12. Sounds a great day I have only been up Lawers in mid summer, I am in the North East and its bright but cold today.
  13. Ok looks like a photo will be of no help - sorry. Best of luck.
  14. Hi my caravan is a single axle chassis but I had the wheels off yesterday the jack bracket was at rear of the wheel about a few inches back. The motor mover is forward of the wheel. I would imagine yours will be similar. I can photo it for you in the morning.
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