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  1. We have every thing recorded and printed from emails sent with times and dates as well as all the pictures again times and dated. It came with the self levelling legs that wasn’t an option not to have. And we didnt find the issues and not report them, as we found issues we reported it straight away. And it’s not like we haven’t done anything, we have spoken to many people regarding this for advice and as a solicitor pointed out to us. “Due to the fact the caravan is on finance, technically we don’t actually own it therefore if we can’t get the issues resolved then we can just take it up with the finance company “ which we have done and we are just waiting for them to get back to us. I can’t say that they too are ignoring us because they have got in contact this morning and are sending someone over to inspect the issues and then they said they will get it resolved. So fingers crossed this nightmare mite actually be over 🤔🤔
  2. No it’s service is booked for 1st may! We haven’t used it since October and as we have been advised by the finance company we will keep the services and everything up to date. I’m just fed up with chasing the ghost! And to be honest I’m done with the lot of it. If I have to I’ll just dump it on the dealers forecourt and leave it. Bottom line is we’re paying for a 36k caravan that is a pile of shoddy workmanship! Why should I call other people in to do there work?
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/B5jxnrv here are are the pictures of the hitch thanks
  4. We had the leak checked by the service guy we called out he couldn’t see any issue from what he could see with it being on the site. But he did a damp test and it read 74% and you can clearly see the floor is stained from the water damage. What’s the most frustrating thing is as soon as we found that there was a leak we reported it straight away and still to this day had no response from the dealer and this was back in July!! We have sent 26 emails to them and still nothing back. We can’t use the caravan anymore cos we can’t use any water cos it will just get worse
  5. Well now we have the report from a approved independent service centre we are hoping that black horse will take this up with the dealer on our behalf. As I can’t see how they can expect to treat a customer this way and just think in time we will forget about it. Or another thought was are they trying to buy time hoping the warranty will expire so there not responsible?? It’s the tow hitch that’s shattered.
  6. I’ll upload the pictures when I get home tonight. And as I said I know what your saying about the dealer but I’ve tried several times over the last 9 months to speak with them on the phone and sending email but they just completely ignore us! We rang them once and they answered we explained the issues they said we need to Talk to customer service and then put us on hold for an hour and 37 minutes!!! I fed up and tired of giving them another chance. Yes!! That’s the bits that’s shattered the casting on the Akko hitch
  7. When I say sewage water I don’t mean it literally I mean it just stinks like that. It’s very potent! As for the hitch being shattered when we had it delivered it was delivered to the site were we have an annual pitch so we don’t have to tow it back and forth each time. But when I took the cover off to give it a clean that’s when I saw that it had shattered. And yes there are a few minor issues that could be an easy fix but why should I have to make it right when it should’ve been done properly the first time especially when it’s costing nearly 35k!! And also we have done everything we can in every way to get things resolved in thw way anyone would expect but we haven’t had no response from anyone and it’s beem going on for over a year now. I’m sure you would be feeling the exact same way about it and just want done with the whole situation
  8. Hello all, I hope everyone is well and getting ready for the fast approaching summer🤔😉 I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle and I’m really in need of some solid advice if anyone can please help me?? So basically in November 2017 me and my fiancé ordered a new buccaneer barracuda from a established dealer, like everyone we was very excited and couldn’t wait for it to be delivered! Especially it being our very first caravan. On march 5th 2018 the day had finally arrived for our new caravan to be delivered and so that morning we was informed from the dealer that the caravan would be delivered to us by 11am. After waiting around till about 2pm and still not heard anything we rang them to see what the hold up was and we got told there having a issue with the self levelling legs and that there running late. Eventually the caravan finally made it to us (10:30pm) and the guy very briskly set up everything as well as trying to show us how it all works but he was in such a rush we didn’t understand what he was telling us. More to the point he put a cover on the hitch and being dark we didn’t see anything. Anyway a a few months later we started to notice some issues and as you would we rang the dealer and reported it all asking for them to come and fix them. But unfortunately we was in the politest way to say it fobbed off and every time just told us to contact the manufacturer. Which we did cos the dealer was of no help at all and just wasn’t interested in anything we had to say. But when we contacted the manufacturer they told us that the dealer is the one responsible for any issues as that’s who your guarantee is with. We we found ourselves back at square one and not only did we still have the issues but now even more! It’s now at the point where it’s no longer useable!! We purchased it on finance and so due to getting no response from the dealer or manufacturer we contacted them and they are trying to get to issues resolved on our behalf but due to the length of time it’s taken to get the problems resolved (which we are still waiting to be done) We now have lost all interest in the caravan and just want it gone! This is is the problems we have got: water leak (sewage water, it absolutely stinks), shattered hitch lock (can not be towed), self levelling legs don’t work, the tv has been fitted wonky, bed frame collapsed and the wallpaper has started to peel off. Its a complete bodge job and we had an independent mobile service company come to see the issues and they said they won’t touch it as all these issues should be resolved by the dealer. I cant emphasise how disgusting the caravan actually is and how disappointed we are with the dealers reaction! Can anyone one tell me what we can do? Are we in our complete consumer rights able to give the caravan back to the dealer and ask to end the agreement? Please please help us and tell me what you would do in this situation? thanks Rik
  9. Good evening all, Now I’m sure this has been mentioned more than a few times but I can’t seem to find any topics so thought I’d just go ahead and ask. Does anyone live full time in their caravan and if so what’s the pros and cons to it? We recently purchased a brand new buccaneer barracuda and we love it. We have had it for about 6 weeks now and we spent the first 4 weeks in it and now we have returned back to our boring normal bricks and malter but are seriously considering going full time in it. What are the general thoughts on this? Thanks
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I have it sorted now. I had it on the wrong setting where we are it needed to be tuned to Astra28. Thanks for all your advice 🙂
  11. Tarmac ☹️☹️☹️
  12. HEllo thank you for the reply. How do you peg it down to the hard standing floor? Thanks
  13. Hey just a quick one, we ordered a Isabella ambassador seed awning for our Barracuda, We opted for this as we have it on a permanent pitch, however when we order this we had the intentions of being on a grass pitch however we are now on a hard standing pitch. Can anyone tell if this awning can be erected and stand properly with no issues being on hard standing pitch? Thanks
  14. Evening ladies and gents! Sorry to quiz you on a Saturday night. However I am in a pickle and need help and advice please. .... so we have taken delivery of our Buccaneer Barracuda, and not being biased but I can’t think of one single issue or fault with it. Literally the best investment we have ever made!! However for the life of me I can’t work the self seeking satalite dish out 🤔🤔 it’s made by telesat and and apparently all set up ready to use all I have to do is find the signal. Which is where the issue is, I can’t find a signal for no love no money!! Can anyone help me or give a little advice? Thank you to anyone who has some helpful hints or tips
  15. Hello, I know this topic is nearly a year old. But thought I would just drop a message to anyone else whi maybe experiencing a similar issue now. We recently purchased our first caravan and are yet to take delivery. However, we have been recommended by many dealers and fellow tourer owners the Vax Cordless Blade. We bought our from Argos for £150 (currently on offer) it’s offer 35 minutes of hover time and only takes 4 hours to full charge. Plus it’s a nice lightweight and has multiple use and adaptiors. I can only say it does seem to be the perfect caravan hover.
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