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  1. Just what we do. It's powerful enough to do the job & a 3 week holiday hardly made a dent in the charge on a 5 AH battery. I suspect that other makes of cordless 18V tools will also do a small vacuum cleaner for a similar price.
  2. We have a Challenger 530 - having moved on from a smaller 2 berth. The side diner is really useful & the extra acres of space around the kitchen makes it really comfortable to live in. Most importantly, SWMBO is really happy with it. We've spent a calendar month away in it, & any worries we might have had about choosing this layout vanished very quickly.
  3. Chances of someone, who tows a boat on a trailer, reading a forum called "Caravan Talk"? Not too high.
  4. On re-reading, I think you're right about that. Low down in the middle of the car is a good place to stow weighty items, even though I'm not too sure what would happen to it in the event of a crash.
  5. If the van's spare wheel lives in the "empty spare footwell of the car" Where does the car's spare wheel live?
  6. True, but there seem to be quite a few people who don't think that way. When I asked one driver why they left an indicator going for several miles, they complained that the self-cancelling system didn't always work. (It wasn't me. It was the car!)
  7. Toddler! Date of Birth: 1st April 1900.
  8. Thanks for that. There's a list of questions which _must_ be answered, & I do dislike being forced to hand over personal details - especially when it looks like it's marketing who want to know everything about you.
  9. We've put down a deposit on a new Challenger & I thought it would be a good idea to join Swift Talk. I wanted to read what owners of Swift vans liked and disliked about their vans, where snags can be found & if there are any common defects or problems. (Yes I can & do read what's posted here, but a dedicated forum might also be useful) Only, I can't. If you try to join Swift Talk there's a question you must answer before you're allowed to open an account. Caravan VIN - I don't have one & probably won't for a couple of months. I would like to raise this as a question on Swift Talk - but, obviously, I can't do that because. .. Can anyone on here, who is also in Swift Talk, take this up with them?
  10. The OP didn't say they _had_ to find a new insurer. The only time you will find out how good your insurance is, is when you need to make a claim. Clearly they made a claim & were pretty unhappy with the result.
  11. Different answers for different people in different situations. As our van is kept a few miles away, I bring the battery home & store it over the winter.
  12. I had a Kojak a few years back. One month after the warranty ended, the hydraulic seals started to leak a bit - & then failed altogether. Purpleline didn't offer any repair, replacement or even advice on the problem.
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