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  1. Crowhurst park In Battle has a lovely scenic site with a swimming pool and clubhouse and bar beautiful grounds and a mixture of holiday static caravans and just holiday lodges on a separate part of the park. I haven’t stayed on the park but at first look it looks fantastic to stay long or short term with 50 week period does anybody have any experience of the park Thank you in advance
  2. Lots of people for various personal reasons are looking to live a simpler life on residential parks in statics lodges and caravans, having looked to outlay 40k on a 2 year unit the thing that worries me most and it certainly isn’t my view but does this living have a stigma attached, I am looking to share a home with my wife and young son and don’t want people thinking we are crazy we are in our 40s is that to young to escape the rat race of mortgages and choose life! Thank you in advance to replies everybody
  3. Hi Pebble Thank you for your comments Kevin
  4. Hello looking to live in a static caravan for 50 weeks of year with my wife and 9 year old son, selling up to pay some debts and enjoy some money and no mortgage hurrah found lovely park and nice caravan/lodge but worried about the stigma not that I have feelings like that but society can be quite judgemental has anybody taken the leap and regretted or been happy, opinions would be welcomed and appreciated thank you
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