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  1. I had a lunar, that has the floating roof. it had a 150w panel bonded to the roof. No problems in the three years of ownership. Screws through the roof are a potential leak point, the bonding adhesive is strong and has no leak potential
  2. Nothing worse than noisy late night revellers, who don’t appreciate how sound travels on site at night.
  3. For many years used a bucket with pouring lip. Wife upgraded me (well the bucket) to a collapz bucket / water carrier/ watering can.
  4. I guess Mitsubish didn’t get that memo. The outlander I had a few years back would always try to take you down every back road it could, irrespective of which setting used.
  5. I thought about having this option fitted, but found out it’s battery would fail without warning. Went back to common sense and good practice
  6. Thanks for the clarification. It does sound like the issue is related to the heater. Is this the water or space heater you are referring too? I’m sure you are aware, water heater must have water in it prior to turning on the heater, else you risk damage to the heating element (see Dacs reply above). It maybe the 10a switch you refer to. With the EHU unplugged, a visual inspection of the rear of switch usually reveals if any problem.
  7. Some of the tall fridges can draw around 17a. don’t forget you need a permanent feed for charging, and switched feed for fridge
  8. Your post is confusing. You state the fridge/charger/lights MCB on, all ok, then you state fridge/charger/lights MCB on, and it trips. Then you state that turning heater on gives issue. Please clarify
  9. Maybe you should send the photos to the caravan club. Whilst they may not act on them, at least they would be aware of the issues
  10. I checked nose weight prior to leaving dealer with new van. It was reading 5kg over cars limit, but was on slight down slope. I then checked it prior to leaving site, this time on slight up slope. Now was 15kg below cars limit. (All loaded exactly same on both occasions) in both cases, the slope was slight, but significant variation in measured weight. Obviously it needs checking on level surface, to get accurate readings, but that’s not something readily / conveniently available to lots of people. I wonder if you would get more accurate readings if the van was level, even if the
  11. Having experienced butane “freezing” due to a late frost, I can tell you that lack of first cup of tea results in grumpy wife and grumpy husband. Not ideal when on holiday. Having to wait for air temperature to rise is a form of torture. Propane is the way to go.
  12. Maybe your battery has failed. If someone can see the vans voltmeter, watch the volts as you drive the mover. It could also be loose or dirty connections in the wiring system
  13. Sorry, I didn’t say, I use Safefill bottles. These are less than two years old, and have not been refilled (topped up) more than three times, due to COVID preventing use. Also, I have used the same forecourt on each occasion I have obtained gas. What I did notice was that the pigtail is “of generous length”, (to enable use with either bottle in the locker). When I fitted/ connected the pigtail, it had a slight sag, or low point. I have now rotated the bottle so there is a continuous fall from regulator to bottle. I plan to monitor this, and check / drain deposits regularly
  14. This is quite a common issue with Lunar spotlights. Apparently the connectors that join the wiring loom to the lights are slightly loose, and this results in the light not working. Maybe worth dropping the light and checking the connections are tight
  15. Try this link to Jackson’s leisure https://www.jacksonsleisure.com/caravan/motorhome/dometic/spares/toilet/cap/
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