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  1. Most window stays have finger screws that you loosen to open the window, and then tighten to hold the window at the desired position
  2. To answer the OP’s original question. I have lost 2 over the years. The first one was a bathroom one, that we think was forgotten about when doing checks, the other one was over the lounge area. It was double checked prior to setting off, but missing on arrival. Inspection found that the lid had just fractured off at the fixings, leaving what looked like washers, but was part of the roof light This was all some years ago, on a fairly old van. Don’t remember the exact cost of replacements, but around £40 each
  3. We had this. The filling cap was not tightened properly. Its amazing how far a tiny amount of the fluid will go, and it takes forever to clean up
  4. You will always forget something at some time. The trick is to keep as much everyday stuff as you need in the van.. I have a large plastic store box that we use to store van stuff ready for the next trip. Anything we take out of the van for laundry goes into the box once done, together with sundry things like kitchen and toilet roll. That way, we getting ready for going away, only need to pack clothes, food and the box
  5. Maybe the habitation relay has stuck. That would explain the car showing yellow and the lights/ pump not working
  6. To recap: - With car NOT running, you should have 12V at pin 9 and 0v at pin 10 With car running you should have 12+V at both pins 9 and 10 If after car running, and then switched off, you still have volts at pin 10, wait a while and see if it drops to zero. It may not be a faulty relay, but simply that there is no load on the circuit. If it does not drop to zero on pin 10, after a couple of minutes, then I might suspect the relay is playing up.
  7. Yep, no need to panic. It sounds like the drain valve was left open. Just make sure the yellow lever is horizontal, and all should be good.
  8. Funny that people do this. It won’t cool any faster. I have tried explaining it to the boss, but she insists on doing it anyway
  9. The original V5 had 750kg for both braked and I braked. The revised V5 states 750kg unbraced and 2400kg for braked
  10. An update to my original post i contacted the dealer, who contacted Volvo. A few days later, I got a letter from Volvo that identified the car by its VIN number and stating the correct max braked trailer weights. Sent this, together with the V5 log book to DVLA several weeks later, the postman delivered a new V5 with correct information
  11. We have a 2018 lunar clubman SR. most of our use is off grid. Fridge on gas water heating / room heating (alde). On gas. Cooker / oven / grill all gas - although mainly use bbq for cooking all our lights are 12v. 110 AH battery and 150W solar panel
  12. A lot of vans have a fuse board located on the front bulkhead, under the front seats. It acts a a termination point for the 13 (actually 12) core cable where it enters the van
  13. You need to establish why it’s blowing fuses. A good point to start is what does the fuse that blows serve? A fuse failing does not normally indicate a fault in the power unit, but what’s connected to said unit.
  14. It varies between van makes. If your handbook states your van does not need a battery, then everything 12 volt should work when on hookup, getting the 12v from the onboard charger / PSU. It sounds as if your charger/ PSU is not working. Several likely possibilities:- Fuse failed. PSU mains switch not turned on. Loose / disconnected power lead into PSU.
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