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  1. Another common issue, sometimes the heater duct passes under the van, rather than inside. Often the exterior ducting isn’t insulated, or poorly insulated, so by the time the air reaches the outlet, its cold
  2. Just make sure to regularly remove them and lubricate the screws. I had one seize and snap. Right old job drilling it out without damaging the van
  3. Maybe, whist the “get the new model into production “ pressure is off, the “designers “ could try to design a van that cannot leak. Was that a pig that just flew past
  4. In summer time a 6kg bottle can last months. In cold weather the same size bottle can be used within 48 hours. Are you sure your not simply using more
  5. Err no it’s not. It’s paid for from tax and national insurance. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking it’s free
  6. Why not contact local Alde service engineer, and ask how much to assess what you already have. You never know, it maybe perfectly serviceable.
  7. Generally they run around the floor up against the wall, but not always. hope I’m not preaching to the choir, but make sure to use suitable flex, not solid core
  8. Just got this months copy of CMC magazine. Normally I quite enjoy reading through, but not today. Full of venues and stuff that we can only dream of at the moment. There's a law that will probably ensure the weather it rubbish, when we are finally let out to play
  9. Don’t use silicone. You need a non setting type of sealer. Not sure what it’s called. Others can advise
  10. If you have a tracker or iNet or similar, could you not get this on your phone?
  11. For your info. We have a 150w roof mounted panel. From around April onwards, we often go off grid for a week at a time. The panel more than meets our needs, but we don’t have TV
  12. Seems an awful lot of trouble. Would it not be quicker / easier/ cheaper to just turn off the vans built in charger?
  13. Have you tried just the bolt, without the lozenge. If the bolt runs in OK without the lozenge, its probably that the wheel is slightly mispositioned
  14. In these gloomy days, I just had some good news. van was in for its second service. Came back with clean bill of health. bit relieved, with old lunar down the tubes
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