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  1. On our lunar, the alarm and tracker are always connected to the leisure battery, even when the master switch is off. If the LB is disconnected, it triggers the tracker. BTW our LB last about six weeks before the voltage drops to around 12.2. That’s without solar panel working
  2. Re difficulty engaging. I had this. Turns out you need to periodically lubricate the sliding parts. Makes a huge difference to the effort needed to engage / disengage the motors
  3. Simply, don't put the key in your pocket. We hang our key on a hook in the van, and use the cubby hole in the car.
  4. Is it possible the problem is the van, rather than the car?
  5. 2018 model year lunar. Handbook says it should be on
  6. Contact Sargent electrical and see what they suggest. It maybe a simple thing. Anything else’s, then take it back to the dealer for them to resolve
  7. Do you have the mains symbol showing?, have you selected electric as the heating source ?
  8. Hi all. Considering changing from Calor to Safefill bottles. I am aware of the cost savings- it’s the main driver for this. Can’t decide on what size to go. 10kg or 5kg. Currently I use 6kg calor. Anyone have experience or suggestions on this. The other concern I have is supply. I have done some searching and it seems the SE corner is fairly poorly served. Anyone with experience around the Eastbourne area, of refilling. Thanks all
  9. You probably have 2 separate issues. First the heating. As your using gas, and warning goes away, I would guess the mains to the heater had failed. Have you checked all breakers are on, and any local isolation switches are on. Secondly your battery. Several possibilities. Duff battery (even new ones can be duff). How long have you been using it without charger. What demands are you placing on it. Basically you will need to do a systematic working through to determine where your problems originate BTW the lunar control panel will let you see how many amps you are drawing or pushing back into the battery. This could be useful in diagnosing the issue
  10. Hi we also have a clubman SR, but 2018 model. I doubt there is any difference in the water system, so..... when we first got the van, the pump would periodically run for a few seconds. We also had lots of air in the system. Eventually, after trying various things, including new pump, traced the problem to where the pump line plugs into the side of the van. Basically the O rings were not sealing fully. I carefully prised them out, and put two wraps of PTFE plumbers tape in the groves. Refitted the O rings and all problems went away. Incidentally the pressure switch Should be adjusted so the pump stops about 5 seconds after closing taps
  11. Cant help on the make / model of tap, but surely on a 2018 van its a warranty issue. I would go back to the dealer and tell them you want the tap replaced under warranty
  12. Have you considered the Volvo XC series. AWD when required, and very good towing capacity
  13. Two separate faults. The trip issue probably is a failed electric element. Gas operation. Have you checked the water heater gas isolation valve is on. Also have you taken the outside cowl cover off. (Has to be off for gas use) probably time to get service engineer involved
  14. In principal it could be done (although how successful it would be is another matter) The problem is, the leisure battery is charged from the solar panel and from the tow car, whereas the fridge is powered from the tow car (when engine is running). You would need some way of hooking the leisure battery to the fridge supply, some way to isolate this connection, and also to remove the supply from the car to the fridge. Quite a lot of things to consider, and you also need to take into account things like habitation relay operation.
  15. Yes it may well work, but it is DANGEROUS. If the male coupler should somehow get disconnected, you would have gas spewing out at a high rate. There must be a better / safer way to achieve what you want, although I don't know of any.
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