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  1. I think the latest versions do have a cut off, but it’s a token gesture, as the electric plate stays hot for a long time. I have seen on here, lots of folk pull the knob off to prevent accidentally switching it on
  2. WD40 is bad news for plastics. It causes it to swell after a short while, making things worse. Only use silicone spray or silicone grease
  3. I went through the same dilemma just recently it appears that the external satellite point is wired to the satellite points that form part of the TV connection area inside the van. you can buy converter connectors to go from F plug to tv coax. i also understand (but not tried so not certain) that the site bollard has F docket.
  4. It’s not uncommon for these switches to fail. They used to be readily available from dealers and car accessory shops. (Not sure if they still are, as not needed for some years ) The failure mode is as you describe, simply unable to move from one position to the other
  5. On a calm day, we had a sudden strong gust of wind pass through. This resulted in the Fiamna unit ripping the pegs out and flying up onto the van roof. Luckily only pride damaged. you won’t be surprised to know we don’t use it much now, and when we do, I put a big storm strap over it. Slightest suggestion of wind, it’s put away. All that said, I think they are good, but with limitations
  6. I used to use a fiama one. You basically measure the length of the straight section of awning rail, and get the one that fits this length. now, I stopped using mine, as it’s very prone to wind lift, even when using heavy duty awning tie downs. Also the exposed edges can frap in a slight breeze, and make an awful noise. for a quick shelter in calm (I.e. not windy) conditions they are good. Anything more than a gentle breeze, not much good
  7. I had leaks on two side window, during fairly heavy rain. Investigation found that the point of Ingres was at the bottom of the window, where the ends of the seals butted up to each other. Strangest of all, just cracking the windows open stopped the ingress, with no further issue even with torrential rain the next day.
  8. A few years back, I looked at universal covers. These were offered with LED lights rather than light windows. Seemed a good idea. However I saw something somewhere that suggests that trailer lights must be switched via the tow vehicle to comply with the law, effectively making the LED lights illegal for road use
  9. We have kampa 390pro. With the kampa gale pump. As I have back troubles, using the hand pump is a do a bit, rest a bit procedure. using the electric pump is a connect up, switch on and wait procedure The pumps are a bit noisy, and the power cables are not mega long, so you have to get car near. for me it’s electric every time
  10. Very much personal preference. Some folks have to have new, others prefer second hand, working on the theory that any niggles will have been ironed out by first owner. personally, I wouldn’t look at it as new Vs old, but as what suits me and my caravaning needs
  11. In principal yes. Although just a permanent live will only drive the ATC. If you wanted to charge the leisure battery, then you would also need the switched live - the one that drives the fridge, as it also drives the habitation relay to permit battery charging. not really sure what “fridge drama” you are referring to, but if you don’t want fridge on 12v, then don’t turn it on.
  12. As Easy T said. The Alde system is designed to operate with OR WITHOUT the hot water. I for one would not like to leave my van unattended with the water system filled, even if the heating is on. As others have suggested, check that you have the plug symbol showing in top R/H side of the Alde home screen. This indicates that mains is available at the boiler. Note it means available, not necessarily that it’s being used. Also note the Alde control panel works of 12v, so the fact it is working has no relevance to whether mains is on or off
  13. Powertouch movers have an aerial wire on the control box. Try poking it down a hole in the floor - use a handy vent or even where the motor cables go through. This will enable you to establish if it’s the body shell. If it works, just clip the wire to the underside of the floor
  14. After pilot lights, before turning the knob, check if the pilot remains lit when releasing the knob. If it doesn’t then it’s probably the thermocouple that’s failed
  15. Our 2018 clubman has the sensor in the panel above the door. Daft place to have it. One day I will get a remote sensor in a better location
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