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  1. Most touring caravans have mains voltage systems, known as EHU, electrical hook up. Touring caravans are designed to use water from supply barrels, but there are systems available for connection to mains water supply. Waste water falls into two types, grey and black. Grey waste is sink and shower waste. This can be sent down suitable drain. Black water is the toilet waste. This is collected in a cassette system, and has to be emptied every couple of days. There is no option for connection to sewer systems
  2. As already said, much simpler to use a motor mover. A bonus of having a mover, it opens up access to a whole new range of pitches, and makes levelling a doddle
  3. AFAIK. you would be legal, but don’t overlook that the factory MIRO does not normally include things like gas bottles or leisure battery. If you have a mover, that’s extra weight.
  4. Can’t give comparison, but I tow with 2019 XC60, pulling 1500kg. I get just over 29 MPG towing nice everyday drive, with lots of “toys” and numerous safety systems
  5. You say it makes a pumping sound. Have you checked the pump is actually running. The symptoms you describe, sound like you haven’t bled the system through after setting up. To determine if your taps are microswitch type, take a look under the sink (either one) and look to see if wires go up to the tap. If there are wires, it’s microswitch. No wires it’s pressure system
  6. Our first door bin failure, advised by dealer “not warranty item”. £25 later..... Second bin failure, was directly after fitting the first replacement. Put a milk carton in shelf, then added a ketchup bottle. Watched in disbelief as it all clattered to the floor. So phoned Dometic, to be told they are covered by warranty, and given instructions on how to claim via dealer ( claims can only be made by dealers)
  7. The reverse polarity light, is somewhat crude, in that it’s wired between neutral and earth. So if the live / neutral were to be reversed at the bollard, the indicator would light. It’s also possible for it to light if your neutral line has failed between van and bollard
  8. Don’t know about ROI but in the UK there are rules relating to how long you can stay on a site (28 days IIRC), and don’t overlook that the majority of sites shut down over the winter period. Modern caravans have good levels of equipment and insulation, so are usable all year, but they are relatively small. That could put a strain on relationships after extended periods
  9. Most newsagents still sell it, or you can get it online https://www.amazon.co.uk/Frenterprises-Genuine-300ml-Butane-Clipper/dp/B08D6FHBJV/ref=sr_1_5?crid=31NZS8LETZUN9&dchild=1&keywords=lighter+gas&qid=1605168844&sprefix=Lighter+%2Caps%2C172&sr=8-5
  10. For me, when setting up, getting the van level and legs down is priority. After that everything else can wait until had a cup of tea. We always carry some bottled water for this purpose. It’s a holiday, not a race. Awnings. There are two main styles, full or porch. If looking at porch style, measure the gap between door and rear windows, lockers etc, to find what size will best suit your van.
  11. Check your handbook to see if it gives a figure (unlikely). From several posts on this subject, it appears that most vans use between 10 to 15 litres. Not very precise, but gives you an idea.
  12. It would help if you told us what switch. Even better if you post a photo of what you need
  13. I think you will find that it’s not a pressure relief valve, but an air admittance valve, for when draining down
  14. What was the reason for fitting new battery. I’m guessing the old one failed. In which case, you could well have had acid fumes whilst on EHU. Unless you cleaned the battery box and connectors prior to fitting the new battery, they would do what they do on your new battery terminals
  15. If I read this correctly, you have 0.6v error, and show 11.7v with a light on. So you actually have 12.3v. That’s almost a flat battery
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