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  1. It’s your pressure switch that needs adjusting. when adjusting you should only turn the knob 1/4 turn at a time, try it and repeat if required. ideally the pump should stop about 5 seconds after turning the taps off.
  2. At the other end of the scale, late autumn, cold frosty nights, using gas for heating / water / cooking. A 6kg only lasts 2 days
  3. There may also be a master fuse between battery and fuse box. Usually well hidden and nearly impossible to get at
  4. Re battery onto 13pin. No. Unless you have habitation relay to isolate car from van, otherwise you risk at best blowing a fuse, at worst melting some wires when you try to start car. Modern UK caravans are designed to operate with both 12v and 240v, however, think Hobby use mix of AC and DC 12v systems, so you will need to check carefully
  5. Do you mean the pump was running continuously for 2hours? If so, that’s why it’s failing. Caravan pumps are only intended to work a few minutes at a time
  6. It looks like it’s ok to me. BTW. it’s 2kw not 2a
  7. Bad earth connections can cause all manner of strange behaviour. try using the negative terminal on battery as your 0v reference. you can extend the multimeter negative lead with any thin wire for voltage testing. Then you can check voltage at various points, and also at various earth points. Any voltage showing on earth points indicates poor earth. Note you may need to put some load onto the circuit that the earth related to
  8. Our drive slopes, and the pavement drops sharply to the road. I have to drop the front via jockey wheel, maybe 5 to 6 inches lower than towball height, to allow the rear clearance. I also pull up so the van is on the verge on one side. Use the mover to go up drive. once both wheels have got onto pavement, mover copes fine, but the first bit, where it transitions from road to pavement needs a bit of pushing to assist the mover. It’s also this bit that gives the grounding issue
  9. Consider solar. It maintains the battery and, if you have decent size, enables extended off grid use in summer
  10. I don’t know your particular mover, but there are several things that can cause mover issues Battery duff (below 10v most movers shut down) faulty isolation switch giving large volt drop dirty battery terminals loose terminals on mover controller loose terminal on motor remote handset battery low
  11. Corner steadies are available from several online suppliers. I doubt you will get an exact match, given the age of the unit, but you never know
  12. It depends on the age of your van. Generally speaking, they are normally near or mounted on the main control box located under seat.
  13. Normally there are switches for individual lights, and there is a master light switch. you have to have the lights master switch on, then find the switches for the individual lights. there should also be a voltmeter to show rough state of battery. There maybe a test button to activate
  14. How ever many changes of clothes you think you need, double it and double again. Bassinet is a good idea at the outset, but they soon outgrow it. Then your looking at travel cot. Start thinking about how you will get the travel cot in, as your probably going to use this for longer. Also consider nappy changes, and where you have space to do this. Above all enjoy your hobby and your baby.
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