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  1. With the low temperature I would be quite surprised if there wasn’t any condensation around the windows
  2. Yes. Halfords own digital unit capable up to around 100psi. Only weak point is the screw on coupling
  3. Is your battery well charged? The Sargent unit will shut down if the battery is low. Not sure but think 10v is the shutoff point
  4. My Volvo reads speed signs. I know this because there is a retirement home on the main road. They have a 10mph sign on the entryway. The car picks up on this and then alerts me I am speeding!!!
  5. A quick simple test to see if 230v is getting to the van, is to press the “test” button on the RCCD. If it trips you have power, if it does not trip then there is no power into the van
  6. When we stored at home, we used a fan heater with thermostat control. Set to about 5 deg. It would only cut in for about 10 mins every hour with below zero outside temperature. We did it mainly for frost protection, as the plumbing would not drain fully, due to pipes going up and over wheel boxes
  7. Our 2018 clubman seems to be well installed. Even heat throughout the van, and about 45 mins heat up from cold. The only issue is a creaking noise at the front when the system cuts in. I guess it’s a pipe rubbing, just haven’t got round to investigating
  8. Hoping the collective knowledge can help. After 20+ years of caravanning, we finally got a TV, although only used on one trip so far. We are going away to the CMC Longleat site. We know that there are TV aerial points on the bollards, but have no experience using these. Our van is a 2018 Lunar clubman (No snickering please). Fitted in the battery box is a "F" type socket. There are two "F" types in the van, as well as 2x standard aerial sockets. I know the standard aerial sockets are wired into the Status aerial on the roof (via amplifier). What I don't know is how the "F" types are wired. The handbook goes into good detail on using the on board aerial, but does not mention the "F" type sockets at all. I have seen on other posts that you can get F-type to standard convertor plugs / sockets, but not clear if / when these maybe required Now my questions are: - When using the site bollard, what type of connection is required for the bollard end Can I use the battery box "F" type as the inlet point to the van (Rather than dangling cable around the interior of the van) - if yes, I assume that an F to standard adaptor plug required inside the van - can somebody confirm this please. Will I need to swap / alter the vans wiring. Any input will be much appreciated
  9. Did that once, then made the mistake of washing up in the van. No matter how much drain cleaner, or how many types, the van always had a lamb smell when you opened the door.
  10. If only pin 9 has power, no harm will be done but, your fridge won’t work on 12v and your leisure battery won’t charge from the car. Just insist that they do full wiring for caravan use
  11. And a big step up to the van. Worse it’s also a big step down
  12. In what way is it “not up to the job”. By my calculations, even if you only had five hours daylight, that would be over 30Ah. More than enough for maintaining the battery in store, and enough for careful off grid use for several days
  13. Not using the pro+ but a standard specialised one. More than happy at the quality of it, and the ease of fitting
  14. That’s the same make as the one I had fail on my 2018 van. Luckily a mobile tech was on site, and he had a suitable replacement on his van. Sorry don’t know what make / model the replacement is
  15. Worth knowing that a lot of solar panels are not wired via the Sargent box, so it never displays charge current ( I have this setup on my clubman 😩). All I get is the battery voltage. As long as this goes up in the sunshine, I know the solar is doing something.
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