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  1. There are separate circuits for the left and right side lights. If both circuits have failed, it suggests a common issue such as the trailer lighting module. Have you checked the car lights are working correctly
  2. I just got one. Although it’s 12v it’s not supplied with a 12v lead. (Have ordered suitable one) Apart from normal aerial connector, it also has F type connector, for satellite. Manual is poor (just a quick start), and not found online full version yet. It infers that it can record stuff via USB stick, but not tried. Has both wired and wireless network. Also has apps for access to Prime and Netflix, as well as catch up providers weight is under 4kg
  3. In my limited experience, the solar controller will stop its output if it senses voltage from another source. So the vans charger is unlikely to shut down due to influence from the solar controller. However, have you considered the health of your battery. If it’s failing, then potentially it could draw high current, and this could cause the charger to shut down. As a first check, disconnect the EHU and remove the solar fuse, then take a volt reading directly across the battery terminals. Then wait at least five hours and take another reading. You should be seeing about 12.7v if all is good
  4. If using the caravan BBQ gas outlet, I isolate there. If using a stand alone bottle, shut the valve to isolate there
  5. I have only had tailored covers so limited to my experience. The tailored cover is made to fit your van, so it will be a good fit, with “windows “ for lights, and maybe grab handles, whereas some universal types have pockets for LED lights (not sure these are actually legal). Fitting my cover takes about four minutes on my own, or less than two if with assistance
  6. Agree with Mr Plod, it should be restful and enjoyable. So I got E&P self levelling. The only stress (apart from cost) is ensuring the nose is down to start. It also makes fitting AL-KO locks simple.
  7. Totally agree. The only good thing might be a sudden drop in demand leading to prices dropping. Well we can all dream
  8. Just checked with a mate of mine, who is a professional driving instructor. He advised that you do not need professional instruction prior to taking a driving test, but notes your unlikely to pass without
  9. You could be correct that fluid has entered the fixed pipeline, and that’s what your hearing. Is your regulator higher than the bottle, and does your pigtail have continuous rise between bottle and regular. I recently was poking around in gas locker, so had removed bottles. I was quite surprised at how much liquid drained out of the pigtail. This was on a new van, only a few weeks old. moving forward, it maybe worthwhile getting an engineer in to replace the gas pipe between regulator and isolation valves
  10. And there lies the problem. Your driving up motorway at 70 and the car sees the “50 in half mile “ sign. But it can only ”read” the 50 bit, so it slams on the brakes. The car drivers behind now need underwear changing
  11. Don’t overlook that caravan fridges can take up to 12 hours to cool down
  12. It seems to be a fairly common issue on vans, that the underside of the floor gets wet, especially near corners. From various posts on this forum, it appears that a common cause is the lack of a drip edge, so water runs down the sides and under the van. The awning rail herzim strip is a common culprit
  13. On my Volvo, the ACC can bring the car to a complete stop. A quick blip on the accelerator causes the car to resume moving, but still under ACC. It’s very nice when in stop / start motorway traffic
  14. There is no doubt that “staycations “ pushed up prices on second hand vans. There is strong evidence that many are now trying to get shot of their van. But there still seems to be strong demand for vans, so prices are staying high. I doubt this will change much for at least another year. As for warranty. It seems many entered the world of caravans without any research or knowledge, and the loss of warranty is one casualty.
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