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  1. We have this one - great value, picture, sound and good for 12v
  2. We had a pootle round The Lawns on Saturday, living in that place that no-one seems to like at the end of the M62 and north of the bridge to no-where! I will miss the show as I agree with Gordon about vans in the natural habitat. Over the last few years the focus has been more on holiday homes/statics/lodges rather than tourers. The accessory shop has always been rubbish, dominated by Leisureworld. Caravanwise - didn’t see anything which stood out for us in the tourers, although the quality of the Coachman upholstery is much superior than the Swift rubbish we have currently. Not sure we will go to Harrogate; the ticket price will increase, they will probably charge parking and the traffic will be terrible as the queues on a normal Saturday there are already bad. With regard to the university selling off The Lawns, they have invested in moden self-contained accommodation on campus as this what students want, rather than catered halls 3 miles away. Added to this, some of the buildings at The Lawns are listed so building new may be problematic, not to mention the University of Hull has serious money problems at the moment and the upkeep of such extensive grounds and property is crippling to their already stretched finances.
  3. We went a few years ago and stayed here http://www.camping-asnelles.com/. I would call it cheap and cheerful however the central location is good for visiting the beaches. We visited all the beaches from this site using it as a base. There are a couple a restaurants nearby in walking distance and also a supermarket and bakery for morning bread. We also ate out in Arromanche a few nights which has a bigger range of restaurants, but on the whole was happy with the site and the location. One of our best holidays in France.
  4. We also love the Woodhall Spa 1940’s weekend in July. The whole town takes part and although they have record numbers, it’s never crowded as it is so spaced out. We now prefer this one to Pickering (just no trains)!
  5. Have a great time - might see you there (amongst thousands of others!)
  6. When contacting Powrtouch regarding warranty, they have always sent out a mobile engineer, which usually results in a quicker repair than waiting for space at dealer.
  7. Actually our mover is used about 20 minutes per trip (10 minutes out of the garden and the same on return) for at least 30+ trips per year as it has to take our van out of the garden and travel along an access road to the main road where the car can be hitched, not to mention on site use, do it does get some hammer with a fully loaded van. We have had rollers replaced, new handsets and other MINOR issues which had been resolved by a good team - my point was to say that since the change of ownership, there is a marked decline in customer service. When working, the Powrtouch is great, just at this moment, frustratingly ours isn’t
  8. Originally we had a Rhyno (first type) but found the after sales unhelpful. Worked quicker than the following Powrtouch, which was a positive. We changed to Powrtouch after reading good reviews and positive customer service experiences. Had it 10 years, fully supported by a great team, it was reliable but slow and was starting to struggle so when we changed van last August, we bought a new one. This one has been problematic from the start. Calls to the (new) Powrtouch team have proven fruitless and a fault reported back in May is still not resolved despite numerous phone calls. The new tech team are less helpful than previously and we’ve decided that if we need a new one - it will be another brand.
  9. Most people there who dress up have never served in the military. There has been a big increase of more fancy dress type costumes (land girls etc), than real uniforms. There has also been a huge increase in American costumes. Also the women tend to like the 1950s style dresses which are not in keeping with the event.
  10. We go every year, staying on a local CL which we book before we leave for the next year. As David 38 has said it started with the railway and the town iof Pickering got involved and it became a huge event. We enjoy seeing the re-enactors and costumes and love the music and atmosphere. There is a park and ride but it does usually end up being park and walk as so busy. It is a very well attended event and very busy. All the stations are ‘dressed’ for the era and there are stalls selling clothes and memorabilia. Last year Levisham did not have Le Visham, the occupied village in France with German encampment, changing it to a home front event. An unpopular choice I think. In our opinion, it’s got too big for its own good and become less enjoyable in more recent years. The railway are still trying to keep a hold in the event but the town have their own plans. Tips - if you want to eat out , you need to book in advance. We usually use the New Inn or Buck Inn in nearby Thornton Dale. Most sites will be booked but there may be some further afield who have space. We used to use Oak Tree Farm CL on the Newton in Rawcliffe road, so worth a try. The amateur theatre (Kirk theatre) do an excellent 1940s show, but again need to book in advance If driving in - avoid the town centre as lots of road closures and congestion. Best to use park and ride. There are two, A170 and A169. This is an outside event so if it rains you will get wet! Be prepared
  11. Us too - lucky to be able to store at home. Nip down the garden on Thursday night to pack few clothes and food, them home Friday, dump work stuff, pick up milk, move van out of garden, book up and off. This weekend trying a new off grid site 12 miles from home but took an hour to get there due to rubbish rush hour across Hull. Lovely site though 😁
  12. Sorry to hear this news, deepest sympathy to Chris, Matthew and families x
  13. True but I was going to buy the Halfords one at £110 so £73 (was £146) was still cheaper and was able to collect it locally the same day.
  14. Not sure if anyone is in need of a new leisure battery (we are), but on searching found some on Euro Car Parts https://www.eurocarparts.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4aDK45vS4wIVhrTtCh1lywJxEAAYASAAEgJgb_D_BwE which if you use Code SALE55 gives you 50% off. Seems a good saving so off to collect one later - pay on collection.
  15. We bought new chairs last year and were thinking Isabella Thor (Lafuma too expensive for us) but we saw the Kampa Firenze and bought those - been great so far, really comfortable and a reasonable price. This year, bought the foot rests to go with them
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