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  1. Agreem but sometimes there is no choice- my husband works in construction and has in the last few months worked in Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Tewkesbury (all Covid hotspots) staying in hotels. There is little food provision and they are confined to their rooms, but what can they do? Object and you’ll soon be on Jobseeker’s Allowance! I’m unhappy about the risks to our family, including my vulnerable parents my mum fell and broke her hip in September and I e been her career).
  2. I am so sick of the press and media reporting misinformation and scaremongering, This is why the general public are confused and find it so hard to understand all the different rules because they are reported In so many different ways. For example our local rag must run a dozen stories about Covid every day all delivering conflicting information. Why must they speculate causing panic and worry amongst the population. They don’t need to second guess what’s Boris is going to say - just wait for the announcement like everyone else! Also - this pandemic shouldn’t b
  3. My son is a delivery driver for Morrisons and he reported a huge increase in the deliveries from today and a lack of toilet rolls in store! He doesn’t mind as extra shifts mean extra money!
  4. with the addition of good worktop space in the kitchen. Also the bathroom washbasin needs to be decent - some are not practical
  5. totally agree that the engineers they send out are great - it’s just getting to that point which is the problem. Certainly jumping through hoops seems to be the norm. Our previous experience with Powrtouch was great until they became part of Truma.
  6. In agreement with very poor service from Powrtouch since they were taken over by Truma Firstly you have to get past the technical staff who insist on having a diagnostic call with you - and won’t send an engineer out unless you’ve done it. Very difficult to do inside the van when you need the legs up to test! Our bar is bent and just needs replacing but since August it’s taken three phone calls so far and still no engineer. Having to repeat ourselves multiple times to explain the situation. Now told items out of stock due to Covid and still waiting for engineer to call.
  7. And mine (6s) - needs to have had all the relevant updates to work.
  8. Update from Hull Daily Mail https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/po-ferries-crossing-hull-zeebrugge-4563832
  9. Unfortunately they are not as good at customer service since they became part of Truma. Trying to get an engineer out is nigh on impossible without going through a diagnostics call. Have you ever tried testing it whilst in the van (to look at the lights etc ) legs up to look at the rollers (no obviously!). I called this week as our offside roller won’t engage, and the near side is also troublesome- the peg is certainly bent somehow but no we had to do the diagnostics first wasting more time. Turns out - no bars in stock anyway with a two week lead time. Previously an engineer
  10. A friend told me about Direct Line at the start of lockdown. I applied online and get £25 refund. Son applied through Hastings and got £10.
  11. we tend to do it when we hitch up and set off as part of the checks but I know if you forget it’s a pain! Good luck
  12. Our buttons look like this First picture turns off sensors and MPG says the cars slams the brakes on when reversing onto pitch. We found that out on our first tow on a very wet dark night in January 🙁 Second picture is the stop start button - like I say ours does what it likes and apparently that’s normal (all to do with car temp, speed etc etc) - easier to disable 😂 Apologies if you know this already and also that our Jeep is only The Cherokee model, but thought it might be useful. I love our Cherokee, one if the best tow cars we’ve had.
  13. We use the Aldi blue and have done for a while. 6 bottles usually lasts us a year of at least two weekends per month plus three week long holidays on no facility CL sites. The fragrance is fine and we find it breaks solids down and generally empty the cassette every two days. We’ve not had any problems at all.
  14. We have a Jeep Cherokee and have to switch off our sensors when we tow otherwise the car wants to brake for us when reversing. Our stop/start does what it likes, so have switched it off. We have a Witter flange towbar fitted after purchase but still required a VLM for the electrics.
  15. Apologies - I had wrongly thought you meant there was none available at your local store, not online. I'm pleased I ordered when I did as the sudden surge in people going away has obviously caused a shortage. Do feed back on your use of the bio tabs, I'd be interested to hear your experiences.
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