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  1. We do too when necessary. Our 24” tv/dvd player is from Aldi (Bauhn) and is great for our needs. Good picture, decent sound, no problems in the 3 years we’ve had it (cost £129) and it also works on 12v which is a bonus. Not paying a fortune on something used minimally in the caravan For Netflix, we have the app on our iPad and connect this to the tv via an Apple adapter and a HDMI cable.
  2. We also supported our two boys, made sure they did homework, practiced reading/writing etc and learnt life skills just like you! My boys are both successful in their own way (one is in the Army and one works in home delivery at a large supermarket, both also having worked right through the pandemic) without having had the experience/costs of doing a degree and we are equally as proud of them as you are of your girls. Having worked in a university, in fact, a medical school for 20 years, I am well aware of the dedication of some students, however it's not for everyone - I don't measure success on qualifications alone and would never consider that mine haven't 'faired so well'. As for a change in caravanners, we've also noticed an increase of 'newbies' on the sites we use (predominantly CL's), no issues with behaviour as such, but some with a lot to learn as did we when we started; we just offer help if asked and hope they learn from any mistakes.
  3. Thank you - will investigate or alternatively use Tockfield as Derby isn’t too far either and they say they’re done in a day.
  4. What company did you use and are you still happy with the outcome? We’re thinking of doing the same with either Regal or Tockfield but Bridlington is closer!
  5. The Moonstone - that’s what we had before our current 530. The 2010 has a massive walk in shower which we loved.
  6. We used to have one bought by my parents as a gift. Hubby (the cook) wasn’t impressed but know many do like them. We have a small portable charcoal bbq or for bad weather, a George foreman 😉
  7. We normally do however this wasn’t an option on our last service as the dealer wanted everything out including carpets and cushions. We just stored the bulk in the garage and the soft furnishing etc in our dining room but it must be hard for those without the space to do so.
  8. Thanks for the update. Is this a newer change as like I say I was unable to do this a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t have been over my quota as I rarely post photos (unless you count old posts). Not to worry though, I’ll know for next time.
  9. You can’t unfortunately as you’re not a a Caravan Talk Supporter (blue writing under your name - requires payment of £15 per annum)
  10. As well as the door not being closed, the beeping can also indicate low voltage in the van. It might be that the site electrics are not strong enough especially if there is a lot of draw on site or that they only provide 6 or 10amps or that the connection is faulty. Check your not overloading your electrics (heating, lighting, tv etc). If it works on gas, this is most likely the cause.
  11. my husband says the same - we also have a picture but can’t post on here 😕. If you private message your email I can try to send it via email. Scrap that - as a ‘free member’ neither of us can use the PM facility or upload photos.
  12. I’ve sold two awnings over the last couple of months and could have sold them ten times over. I’ve still got one for sale at the moment which has also had a lot of interest, however trying to pin people down to commit and collect has proved difficult this time. Someone coming tomorrow to see 🤞🏻with a queue of another five waiting if it doesn’t sell. I’d say there is definitely a demand. I’m just confused as to why we had so many in the garage!
  13. We had three, sold two earlier this year, then bought one on EBay, so now selling the ones that’s been replaced.
  14. I sold a lightweight pop up awning yesterday on Facebook marketplace. Also have a full sized awning on the same site, GumtreeUK, and CT (once it was working). I also wanted to avoid eBay due to charges but feel there would be more interest there so might reconsider.
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