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  1. A friend told me about Direct Line at the start of lockdown. I applied online and get £25 refund. Son applied through Hastings and got £10.
  2. we tend to do it when we hitch up and set off as part of the checks but I know if you forget it’s a pain! Good luck
  3. Our buttons look like this First picture turns off sensors and MPG says the cars slams the brakes on when reversing onto pitch. We found that out on our first tow on a very wet dark night in January 🙁 Second picture is the stop start button - like I say ours does what it likes and apparently that’s normal (all to do with car temp, speed etc etc) - easier to disable 😂 Apologies if you know this already and also that our Jeep is only The Cherokee model, but thought it might be useful. I love our Cherokee, one if the best tow cars we’ve had.
  4. We use the Aldi blue and have done for a while. 6 bottles usually lasts us a year of at least two weekends per month plus three week long holidays on no facility CL sites. The fragrance is fine and we find it breaks solids down and generally empty the cassette every two days. We’ve not had any problems at all.
  5. We have a Jeep Cherokee and have to switch off our sensors when we tow otherwise the car wants to brake for us when reversing. Our stop/start does what it likes, so have switched it off. We have a Witter flange towbar fitted after purchase but still required a VLM for the electrics.
  6. Apologies - I had wrongly thought you meant there was none available at your local store, not online. I'm pleased I ordered when I did as the sudden surge in people going away has obviously caused a shortage. Do feed back on your use of the bio tabs, I'd be interested to hear your experiences.
  7. You can buy Aldi Fluid online (free delivery over £20). I ordered last Saturday, arrived on Tuesday, not over priced At all, same price as always and works really well and we use the caravan toilet for everything.
  8. On the BBC this morning, one of the 'experts' said the industry expected the FCO to update their advice once the corridors/bridges were announced so watch this space. There were some repercussions mentioned about travel insurance in relation to this. Not good news for my youngest, due to fly to Spain on 13th and doesn't really want to go at the moment and was hoping for a continuation of the FCO advising of only essential travel. Looks likely that he'll lose his money as had been unable to get travel insurance to cover COVID. At present the flights and hotel are available so it would be personal choice not to travel, hence loss of money. If the company cancel - he'd get a refund.
  9. No just the blue - I'd rather use nothing than clog it up with black bits from the pink
  10. Hmm - I didn't know that - we only use a small amount in the flush (still use bloo in the cassette), mainly for the fragrance in the water but it just goes to show that some recommendations on here should be taken with a pinch of salt. The pink causes black bits in the flush (I think that's want the original discussion was about). In which case, I would also be wary of using biotabs in the cassette as they are also designed to kill bacteria (on your clothes). Maybe we should all stick to the designated chemicals. On a positive note - my fluids ordered on Saturday from Aldi have arrived
  11. We tried Zoflora (and copies) after a recommendation on here. Fragrance and cleaning in one. No problems at all. Stopped using pink some time ago.
  12. You can order now - just put in toilet in the search. Just ordered mine. Never been brave enough to try bio tabs.
  13. update Coachman have been back four weeks - fingers crossed for anyone waiting
  14. I drive past the Swift factory several times per week and there is limited activity there at the moment. I wasn’t aware Coachman had returned as I have friend whose husbands works there and she hadn’t mentioned he was off furlough. Fingers crossed for everyone waiting for a new van or repairs.
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