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  1. We appear to have a lack of milk here, but I think it’s a Morrison’s issue as the other shops seem to have it but didn’t get any in my deliveries. Eggs were a problem but are now ok. Our main issue is flour - like gold dust. Got some from the local newsagent when out for exercise.
  2. My car was booked for today. Checked yesterday, all ok. PM statement last night, unsure so went anyway. Turned away whilst they sought guidance but rang me later today to say government have ok’d Mots so booked back in for tomorrow.
  3. Us too! We considered going home early but after speaking to the site owner chose to stay as planned until tomorrow. The CL we are on is full and has been all week, with mainly elderly motohomers including one with a Spanish number plate. The site is large enough for no contact with others and we are all careful around the tap/waste disposal. We have checked with our Easter site to see if they are happy for us to still visit - we can make use of the time walking, reading and enjoying the countryside but if they decline, we’ll spend it at home where no doubt we will end up doing house jobs instead ! Incidentally, out today, we have encountered large numbers of people walking the sea front, enjoying the sunshine despite the very cold easterly wind.
  4. We are currently away in the van on a CL near Lowestoft. On arrival today (from Sandringham CMC) we were the fifth unit on site. The four others are all elderly, as is the owner. I asked if there was any problem and he insisted it’s business as usual. We are all spaced out on site so no contact with each other. We went out for tea tonight to the local Wetherspoons which was reasonably full and no one particularly seemed concerned about the latest update. Rightly or wrongly, we intend to stay for the remainder of the week before travelling home. As this is a fluid situation, we will continue to monitor and change our plans as necessary.
  5. Mine too. I was amused by mine today- dad advised mum against using the bus to go into the town for supplies, but still intended to visit the social club (full of over 60’s) for a drink and game of bingo.
  6. We were due to fly to Malaga tomorrow for a Spanish cruise. Was cancelled by TUI yesterday as all ports in Spain are closed. My brother is stuck awaiting a flight home from Fuertoventura as he flew with Jet2 whose planes are now all in the wrong place following their ban this morning. We’ve unpacked the suitcases and re-packed the caravan. One night at Sandringham CMC site and 6 on a CL in Lowestoft. Couldn’t change annual leave so making in the most of the break. It will be a break chilling and resting, with lots of reading and walks along the seafront blowing any germs away.
  7. We lost our caravan in the 2007 floods - we were insured with CMC through Devitt who paid out a total loss and reinsured out new van with no problems. We have stayed with CMC and have had a further damage claim, equally pain free but they continue to insure us. (we keep our van at home) Additionally at the same time, we also had our house flooded, the story couldn't be more different. Insured by Prudential through Churchill, absolute nightmare at paying out, keeping us updated and a massive increase at renewal on an already high premium due to the property having suffered subsidence in the 80's (no problem re: flooding). Tried to change provider countless times but unable to as goal posts kept moving. Eventually paid for a structural survey to prove no further movement (£300) and was able to happily move to Direct Line who have been really good, although not made a claim). Our car insurance is also now with them.
  8. From our local paper (in Hull where Swift are based) https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/couple-holiday-dangerous-caravan-recall-3859767#comments-section
  9. Might be a bit further from Arras but we stayed here last summer to visit the area https://www.france-voyage.com/campsites/campsite-albert-53656.htm. We had a great tour round the area and managed to visit all the memorials and places of interest. Was a good central base and able to walk into Albert for meals/shopping etc.
  10. and those who think I should move onto the muddy grass verge so their dog can walk on the path!!! we also drop to single file for other users but seems to be a thing of the past. I’m getting more where I won’t move though now that I’ve moved into my 50’s 😉
  11. I understand that they have been moved to Newcastle for treatment. Its likely that they were the people at a York hotel yesterday.
  12. I shop online at Morrisons so can't take advantage of the offer, however I have saved around £20 per week on my groceries . Did like Aldi, but our local stores are very poorly stocked unless you can get there first thing in the morning - no good for working folk.
  13. From our local newspaper- shame for those affected by redundancies https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/business/swift-caravan-redundancies-factory-closed-3714687
  14. Worst car Ford Escort 1.4 H reg, 2nd worst Morris Marina 1.3 V reg.
  15. I received a similar email a couple of months ago. I contacted them for a refund as unlikely to use it again anytime soon as using Hull-Zebrugge/Rotterdam these days. No problem for a refund, certainly no charge and deposited back into my account. However, I did have to chase for the refund; their explanation was that they were incredibly busy.
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