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  1. Bought one last week. Easy to fit, better than our old clamp (and lighter)
  2. We’re in Albert (Camping Velodrome). Quite empty but a lot of one-two nighters. Mostly German and Dutch but one or two English. Lot of small tent campers on bikes/motorcycles. Weather has been hot (26) until today when it was 20 with heavy thunderstorms.
  3. We're going on Saturday to Albert - the long term forecast looks quite good so keeping fingers crossed. I have booked the site though as I didn't want to be turned away as there aren't many more in that particular area.
  4. Blue bank is fine - I would be more worried about the Hole of Horcum on the same road!
  5. To be fair, it’s not dissimilar to a CMC site. We were able to sit out watching the sunset in a lovely little wildlife area, with picnic tables/bbq. The facilities were great if we needed them. The local police drove through every so often checking on visitors. Plenty of other vanners to chat to if you wanted, a pleasant stay en route and return from the Vendee.
  6. Us too, we go in 4 weeks via Hull to Zebrugge. Booked through CMC, ferry £440 return and 7 nights on a site at £140. Few tolls to add on but once off the ferry we’ll be on site in around 3 hours. Some of us who work can’t take 2-3 weeks at a time; although my husband gets 21 days holiday per year, he has to take 7 at Christmas leaving only 14 which can be taken within the year. He prefers to spread the holidays out over the year to ensure breaks from work and also has to fit it around other staff, avoiding school holidays as we don’t have small children. I get more holidays but work in higher education and need to avoid May/June as exam period and August/September as the new academic year starts. So so for us, a week is ok and our holiday will probably be around £1200 in total.
  7. We’ve stayed there overnight arriving late afternoon to get a pitch. Did get busy but no problems getting a space.
  8. We were on Go Touring to start with 😊
  9. Not stayed there but is very popular. We stay at a CL a little further outside Thornton le dale. There is a CS just behind Mathewson’s but as not a member of CCC never been Have also been watching the programme - really good. I love that area, one of our favourites
  10. We have our pet insurance with the Insurance Emporium - they have been great. Obviously different to van insurance but they have settled our ongoing claims with minimum fuss. Only problem so far has been with the Vet’s paperwork.
  11. We have had two Tucson’s. A 54 (138) plate and a 59 (168) plate Premium. The 54 plate was great, no problems towing 1580kg. The car had a noseweight limit of 75kg but despite the caravan being 100kg there were no issues. This was written off in an accident and we replaced it with the 59 plate as we had loved the first one so much and naively thought they would be the same. On driving the 59 plate was awful. No change in caravan or loading technique but the car felt like it was doing a ‘wheely’ all the time. Made for an unstable tow and after 6 months were changed to a sorento. A costly mistake for us.
  12. You need a good weight ratio and the right tow car 😕 https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/frustrated-drivers-out-cars-gridlocked-2729636
  13. Direct Line will only issue one 30 days prior to your travel, therefore I cannot obtain one for my trip in June until mid May - I do worry that it won't arrive in time.
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