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  1. We have our pet insurance with the Insurance Emporium - they have been great. Obviously different to van insurance but they have settled our ongoing claims with minimum fuss. Only problem so far has been with the Vet’s paperwork.
  2. We have had two Tucson’s. A 54 (138) plate and a 59 (168) plate Premium. The 54 plate was great, no problems towing 1580kg. The car had a noseweight limit of 75kg but despite the caravan being 100kg there were no issues. This was written off in an accident and we replaced it with the 59 plate as we had loved the first one so much and naively thought they would be the same. On driving the 59 plate was awful. No change in caravan or loading technique but the car felt like it was doing a ‘wheely’ all the time. Made for an unstable tow and after 6 months were changed to a sorento. A costly mistake for us.
  3. You need a good weight ratio and the right tow car 😕 https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/frustrated-drivers-out-cars-gridlocked-2729636
  4. Direct Line will only issue one 30 days prior to your travel, therefore I cannot obtain one for my trip in June until mid May - I do worry that it won't arrive in time.
  5. We’ve used it loads of times both solo and towing. Last few times have been solo to visit army son in Germany. Disembark in Rotterdam then 3 hours to his house. Even better, we can board after work on an evening from home (Hull) reducing the need for an extra days leave. This June we’re off with the van to France via Zebrugge. Booked all though CMC at a reduced rate, free caravan and upgraded cabin. Definitely recommended
  6. Totally agree - we have the card, have used it a few times with no problem at all. Received new card recently, have also used that one with no problems - in fact the only problem has been at the till where the shop's card machine doesn't always work! I also received a vast number of texts on Saturday which was annoying, but very insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
  7. The aftermarket sensors on our previous car were a bit of a problem, however no problems with the Jeep which were factory fitted. We need to remember to turn off the park assist when towing as the automatic braking system kicks in when reversing otherwise!
  8. We love the Gower. Had a fantastic holiday there a few years ago. Sorry can’t help with Nicholaston Farm but we stayed here http://www.perriswood.com/ which was a lovely site. Only needed to cross the road (busy so be careful) to get down to the beach (Tor Bay) through the sand dunes or further down to Three Cliffs Bay. We also cycled from Mumbles to Swansea and also along the cycle trail at Gowerton. There’s loads to do for a family holiday so you won’t be disappointed.
  9. I hope they are successful, it's good to be optimistic. There seems to a be a lot of unemployed people here and the only vacancies are in low level, part time jobs. Don't get me wrong there are still big employers, but jobs are few and far between. If they are tradespeople (joiners etc), there may be openings in the building trade or other caravan manufacturers.
  10. However it will be worrying for the rest of the workforce. Swift is a huge employer here in a city with high unemployment.
  11. Sad news https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/business/swift-caravans-confirms-job-losses-2595789
  12. We paid £441 including meals for June 2019 Hull - Zebrugge with 4 site night vouchers - we won't be able to use them this year but maybe next. Adding them made the crossing £130 cheaper through CMC. (that's for 2 adults in a 4 bed cabin, car caravan and meals). As we live in Hull, it's ideal for us.
  13. That's what happened to us. We ordered a new van at the February show last year from a very large dealer who we had used before. They gave us a great price to change (without seeing our van) - having heard horror stories about unseen trade ins, I was nervous all the time that when we went to collect they would find 'something' wrong and want to renegotiate the price. They also wanted us to pay by BACS in advance - there was no negotiation - so we did! Very unhappy, but wanted the van so complied. On arrival, they checked our van and said there was 90% damp in the rear end and wanted another £1800 for us to complete the deal. The van had been serviced by them for the majority of its life, with them carrying out a previous damp repair in the rear. They were not prepared to negotiate a lesser amount so we walked away (I was heartbroken) It took 2-3 days for us to receive a refund (including the deposit) from the company. Fingers well and truly burnt! After some contemplating, we moved on to another dealer, to purchase a new to us van instead. I took our van in for them to check before we signed the paperwork, yes MINOR damp but they still negotiated a good deal with us. We paid them on the day of collection, some on credit card and the rest by debit card. Very happy with the dealer and the caravan. Walk away - you can do it, be strong.
  14. So you fill the form in at the Post Office, and get the permit immediately?
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