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  1. The traditional methods of building statics was from chassis up and fr om the inside out i.e. the carpet laid and fixed furniture built on top. The innards walls frames etc. were assembled and finally the outside walls fastened on. This meant many of the traditional bench seats had the ‘vans inside wall and frame screwed to them from the outside and then the ‘vans cladding was attached. Thus the fastening screw heads for the seats to walls are inside the wall so to remove seats you end up pulling the wood frame off the screws. The second factor again that for a long time the bench seats along with other internal walls being the fixing points for the ‘vans external walls timber framework were also supports that added rigidity to these outside walls. In some cases where fixed seats have been removed it has resulted in external walls flexing and buckling. All this leads to the standard advice being to check with a ‘vans manufacturer has to whether, in that particular model, seats are supporting the structural integrity of the wall, and if they say it’s OK to remove do so slowly and carefully to minimise damage.
  2. You have to allow for mifi units being the weakest receivers/ transmitters that connect to 3G/4g.
  3. Whilst on the same site & in similar ‘vans with similar usage of ‘vans over the same period our neighbours used three times as many 47kg bottles as us. So whilst I’d love to give you realistic answers to your question I cannot. It’s one of those “piece of string” questions and it’s your “ piece of string “ and only you can measure it I’m afraid.
  4. Our site just closes and locks the gates. If you want to gain access you have to telephone them and book in advance. It is a holiday park after all.
  5. The Lakes is a National Park with strict planning laws so relatively minimal number of static caravans available whilst between Scarborough to the north thro’ Filey down to Bridlington there are many holiday parks. If you then go south of there to include the coastal resorts round Bridlington Bay there are many more. The drastic difference in number of statics available would no doubt cause a differential in prices. However different parks even on the Yorks Coast still sell at a wide range of prices and the same new make & model was for sale last year priced at £55,000, £ 59,000, & £ 79,000 on 3 sites within a few miles of Bridlington.
  6. Welcome Samara to the forum. I can understand that you have a dream of living in a caravan, just be careful it does not just become a nightmare. You need to learn about cars and caravans that they can tow safely as well as what your license lets you tow. Then you need to look into extended stay sites,and if there are any in the area you are thinking of, as well as how much it will cost for a pitch. I wish you well, but fear you may be taking a step too far too quickly if you do not do a lot of research and fully understand what you are getting into before you start spending money.
  7. jetA1, Nobody knows what the value of a ‘van will be in 7 years. In reality the trade in value of any ‘van can be played about with by the trader. My friends “ got a great deal” for their theirs when they traded up. The reality was the ‘van they bought was higher priced than on other sites and trade ins increased accordingly. If a ‘van was sold “off site” at the end of it’s licence then I believe Durbanite’s valuation was probably accurate.. In response to OP’s question whereas many sites supposedly have an open age policy, this tends to be for own sold ‘vans already on site not for “bring ons” . And there are plenty of sites that say whilst you keep it as the owner that’s OK but if it is over a certain age and you want to sell then the ‘van has to go off site.
  8. Have you thought about SsangYong’s? A possible alternative, maybe.....
  9. The general consensus elsewhere seems to be to use bathroom paint rather than normal. Presumably to stop any condensation seeping into the walls.
  10. As so many others have explained the reasons why, the answer to your question is no, in fact a big N O. I have a static caravan on a holiday park and have extended stays there but have a proper home to go home to . I do NOT live in my ‘van. Nor would I appreciate anyone else on that park doing so and putting the sites licence to operate at risk as this potentially could cause me a great inconvenience and financial loss. In fact if I will go so far to say ( in all honesty ) that if I thought this was happening I’d probably protect my own interests by reporting the culprit.
  11. Totally agree Grandpa Steve. The sad reality is that as a Static Caravan Owner, as the law stands in England, you have little to no rights and are at the mercy of the site( land) owners as to what he wants to allow on his land. I experienced a site where it’s ownership changed hands and the new owner decreed that he didn’t like overlarge decking (even though this all complied with spacing regs) so everyone would be limited to 4 foot along the side and 5 foot at the front. His team would come and reduce the size of decks to comply and ‘van owners would be charged for the work carried out. He also didn’t like the green storage boxes everyone had purchased from his predecessor and that everyone would be required to purchase the white boxes ( a different size & shape ) from him that he preferred..
  12. Sorry Firki, but in England it comes down to a very simple concept. He who owns the land let’s you on under certain conditions ( his rules) providing these are in accordance with his licence to operate a holiday park granted by the local council. If you don’t comply he has the right to say “ Get off my land the deal is off”. If you don’t want to play your choice is to go find somewhere else to move your ‘van to. Not easy to do but it is the route we felt we had to do last year and we are ever so glad we did now.
  13. 2seaside describes the way it was done on our previous site. The site acted as Agents/ go -between for one insurance co. . You didn’t have to take their policy out but if you didn’t you had to provide proof you had insurance with someone else and they charged an admin fee for logging this on their records. We found it was easier to go with them and certainly competitively priced. Any problems, it was contact the warden and it was dealt with- Simples.
  14. DaveE1


    Thanks for that confirmation Geoff. As I said that was what was told me by a member of their staff who explained to me how the existence of two separate Wandahomes came about. As I also said both have decent local reputations but it is a great disappointment when customers are left feeling let down by anyone over quality of product.
  15. Can you not check with the seller about the ‘van you are buying specifically rather than asking here as a general enquiry PS when I had a Pursuit it had the channels both sides and we towed it with a front cover on.
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