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  1. It isn’t about them doing nothing regards the sale. ... They would say it is about them recovering the “lost” profit they would have made on reselling that ‘van or a new one on the pitch. I’m not expressing a personal opinion, just saying that there are different ways to look at the same scenario.
  2. DaveE1


    With less than two weeks to get the signatures required it looks like a non runner, I’m afraid. The Holiday Park Industry could do with this sort of tightening up.
  3. DaveE1

    Stolen swift challenger 570

    I’m sorry for Simon’s loss, but alas I suspect it is going to be his loss. It is very easy to be wise after the event, but thankfully for me I have always followed Grandads advice ( I know) but he said it about things in general. “ If you cannot afford to stand the loss, insure it “ It’s stood me in good stead for the las 50 years.
  4. That is an easy assumption to make, as to the culprits, as it is one of the popular makes for them. We all get it wrong now and again when we “assume” though.
  5. DaveE1

    Willerby, Pemberton

    Both makes are reliable. However have you considered the cost of transporting a van abroad. I’d guess at between £5-10 thousand