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  1. Yeah I wont be looking for the cheapest quote, as you do get what you pay for
  2. Mrs H has just renewed our insurance and was told that they no longer provide No Claims Protection, she went ahead anyhow as I wasn't around. Having just checked the renewal letter, Section 6 from last years policy has just been removed. Has anyone else noticed this We have been with them for the 18 years we have been camping or caravaning, but this has just annoyed me beyond words i can put on here Time to start shopping around, and they can then be told where they can shove it Your learned thoughts would be appreciated
  3. We're out in Spain & ordered ours from C&CC when we booked this trip Nothing arrived yet? Anyone else in Spain received theirs from the C&CC yet?
  4. Really appreciate the map We are south of the protests as we move into Spain the following day
  5. Hi We're doing our 1st winter in La Manga this year, travelling down from Calais early November, here's the list of sites we're using Camping Les Nénuphars 00° 59' 04"E 49° 30' 19" N Camping Tours Les Acacias 47° 24' 8'' N 0° 46' 43'' E Camping le Moulin 46° 6' 28'' N 0° 5' 38'' W Caravan Beau Soleil 44° 45' 20'' N 0° 37' 40'' W Camping Larrouleta 43° 22' 13'' N 1° 41' 10'' W Camping Ciudad De Zaragoza 41° 38' 16. 908'' N 0° 56' 35. 448'' W Camping Ciudad De Zaragoza 41° 38' 16. 908'' N 0° 56' 35. 448'' W Camping - Bungalows Altomira 39° 52' 29'' N 0° 30' 38'' W They are pretty close, and next year we will no doubt make fewer stops, but when planning we had a young dog who was not exactly happy on long journeys, but since booking he has become a lot better Hope that helps
  6. One way I've had great success with is using toothpaste & water It does really work, check out YouTube & you'll find some good vids
  7. I've just had a scoot around with google after seeing the OP There are many of the pouch thing online, but found an interesting article http://www. autoexpress. co. uk/car-tech/101890/how-to-avoid-keyless-theft It leads to another one where Thatcham are involved, and they seem less than glowing with thoughts on the pouches I think i will stay with my steel key box until a Thatcham rated pouch becomes available
  8. Just noticed this on the Mobile Home WiFi website, new antenna design & fitting service https://www. motorhomewifi. com/product/fitted-wifi-booster/ I'm still gonna go for the directional kit of bits though, but thought worth sharing
  9. That's my understanding too It all happens in the ether of T'internet However that is just the same as our main 1st Direct bank
  10. Another option is https://www. starlingbank. com/travel/ Can't comment on using it, but may well give it a try this winter Just another one for you guy & gals to have a look at
  11. In my planning I've been investigating & the only problem with Revolt is that your limited to £200 free ATM per month
  12. Just thought I'd say hello I've been camping best part of my life starting with scouts back in the 70's, my wife& I move to a van over 10 years ago as getting of the ground wasn't getting any easier Started with a Adria with back bunks for the kids, then as they stopped moved onto a Lunar Solaris, and last year we took delivery of our new Lunar Clubman SI Google has always been my friend, but being newly young retired, I'm planning a winter trip for 4ish months over Christmas to Spain, which is a bit more specialised than normal google searching So i may well be looking for some guidance on the finer details Thanks in advance Nigel
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