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  1. It is still being broadcast just not part of freesat. You can manually tune to it if you want. Instructions on the web
  2. Yes and no! white diesel from a supermarket can be cheaper than red diesel bought from a boatyard depending on how much tax you elect to pay 100% propulsion red is almost always more expensive 60% propulsion / 40% domestic red sometimes more expensive sometimes not it depends on the boatyard 100% domestic red is cheaper. Some boatyards will not sell at other than 60/40 split normally these are the ones where red is more expensive.
  3. There is a restriction that you can only store 30l of fuel at home without permission and 275l with, the problem comes when garages impose the petrol limits on diesel....... I have done 3 jerry cans at a 24hr card self-service and it went straight to the boat diesel tank
  4. For petrol that is true. However for diesel its not true.
  5. I told my insurance, LV, and my insurance premium went down!
  6. Idleness

    4 Wheel drive

    Something like this https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909262662289?onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&price-to=3000&model=YETI&radius=1501&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=ex392rr&sort=relevance&make=SKODA&page=1 Fitted with decent tyres would be my choice. Not managed to get mine stuck yet!
  7. Cant say, Its been high 20s inside the boat (its steel) but never mid 30s.
  8. There is always enough ice for us and when we take some out it starts up again. Even if you just let it fill and then don't use ice it will start up again once some has melted. Only time it lets me down is if it runs out of water
  9. We have one on the boat, takes about 45mins to make enough Ice for a couple of decent G&T. Once the ice box is full (couple of hours) it switches off until either you use ice or it melts. We don't leave it on just turn it on a while before we need G&T and off when we have finished Best gadget I've ever bought and the only one still in use.
  10. Brother in Law has the Bose and we have listened to them side by side so I know the correct answer! Besides which if you are using Bluetooth to stream audio then the quality is degraded straight away J
  11. As I am a complete and utter cheapskate we use a Betron D51 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Betron-Bluetooth-Wireless-Smartphones-Computers-Black/dp/B0776LHP95 Similar to the Bose but cheaper. Works well for TV, radio and music streaming. The Bose isn't £100+ better.
  12. I declared my tow bar as well and my premium went down
  13. In Cornwall we have stayed at https://www.helfordrivercamping.co.uk quiet and secluded. Would go back in a heartbeat.
  14. I've been using bio washing liquid for years. Hate the smell of "blue" or "green" toilet stuff. The most basic bio wash liquid is the way to go the perfumed ones don't work as well.
  15. Interesting comments, only been a member of C&CC just over a year and not encountered any of the problems described. Of the four club sites we used all were very accomodating and helpful. As for the refund policy I have had two full refunds one last year and one this year, one cancelled a couple of weeks before and the other 3 months. J
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