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  1. ArtBrew local to me is offering mail order beer, excellent beer and service !
  2. For those who have dealt with big battery banks, a little treat
  3. Have a read about the mess that the VW software fix made of previously good reliable cars. I had my software "fix" reversed by a tuning company as the car was appalling after it was done. If it was me I would not do it.
  4. Idleness

    tuning box

    Manual or DSG? If DSG be very careful as there is a limit on the torque that the clutches in that model can take. Mine was done by Shark Performance who were very good before they sold out. If I was doing it again I would look to Revo https://www.onlyrevo.comhttps://www.onlyrevo.com/product-details/software/skoda/yeti-2009-/239/stage-1 I have the equivalent of the SPS module and very useful it is too. . For the naysayers : I did notify my insurance. (It went down as I changed company) I fitted new clutch and DMF (DMF went weeks before remap) Uprated the brakes
  5. Idleness

    tuning box

    Didn't bother with a tuning box on my Yeti as a remap was better value and I can switch it on and off at will. What car is it? Yeti is a diesel and is now roughly 180bhp/420nm pulls like a train, much better than the 140bhp it was whrn I got it. Bonus is that the remap also removed the VW fix
  6. If its just a normal Haldex failure then yes it can still be driven. Mostly what happens with the Haldex is the filter blocks and the pump fails so the Haldex clutch remains open. I suspect there are hundreds of cars out there that are in this state. When I bought mine the Haldex had failed only discovered by wheel slip on wet grass and a scan of ECU codes. Dealer covered the repair costs.
  7. Is it the diff or the Haldex (4wheel drive) that has gone? Haldex failure is quite common in VAG cars (my Yeti has gone twice) . However the only time I have heard of a diff going is when an oil change was done and the diff was filled with Haldex oil. There are no real outward signs that the Haldex has gone the first sign is wheel spin on wet/loose surfaces....... but the car remains drivable just front wheel drive only.
  8. I've been running "unlimited" 3 4g as a home system for 8 months since we moved. 2 year contract with router was £22, I have since upgraded the router to a better Huawei b525. Interestingly (for me) 3 do not do home broadband in my area (North Devon) but mine is an extension from my previous mobile contract. I get between 30 and 60mb, presently 45mb with 41ms ping so not good for gaming but fine for my uses.
  9. It is still being broadcast just not part of freesat. You can manually tune to it if you want. Instructions on the web
  10. Yes and no! white diesel from a supermarket can be cheaper than red diesel bought from a boatyard depending on how much tax you elect to pay 100% propulsion red is almost always more expensive 60% propulsion / 40% domestic red sometimes more expensive sometimes not it depends on the boatyard 100% domestic red is cheaper. Some boatyards will not sell at other than 60/40 split normally these are the ones where red is more expensive.
  11. There is a restriction that you can only store 30l of fuel at home without permission and 275l with, the problem comes when garages impose the petrol limits on diesel....... I have done 3 jerry cans at a 24hr card self-service and it went straight to the boat diesel tank
  12. For petrol that is true. However for diesel its not true.
  13. I told my insurance, LV, and my insurance premium went down!
  14. Idleness

    4 Wheel drive

    Something like this https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909262662289?onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&price-to=3000&model=YETI&radius=1501&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=ex392rr&sort=relevance&make=SKODA&page=1 Fitted with decent tyres would be my choice. Not managed to get mine stuck yet!
  15. Cant say, Its been high 20s inside the boat (its steel) but never mid 30s.
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