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  1. And Seat I have to admit I first heard it from my daughter .
  2. VW are driven by those whose sense and money are equal Skoda are driven by those with more sense than money Audi are driven by those with more money than sense
  3. I use Vonhaus for TV mounts, done 5 so far in various properties and the van https://www.vonhaus.com/vh_en/furniture?cat=225
  4. Welcome to my home area, its a beautiful place. Were you at Braddick's ?
  5. Best I found is ASDA smart price bio washing liquid, been using it for 16years living on board the boat and now in the caravan. A couple of capfuls is enough of a dose.
  6. Not battery recomendations but suppliers, you will have to check your sizes https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk https://www.tayna.co.uk/ both of whom have supplied to me in the past.
  7. It might be badged as an NHS app but I believe its actually run by Serco which is why when it was first released a week or so ago it wouldn't recognise NHS tests and would only recognise its own tests. That has now been changed but not before I had removed the app from our phones. I have been using the zoe app since it started. https://covid.joinzoe.com
  8. I use 3 at home as we have no phoneline and at present its running at 33Mbs which is slow its normally 46 I have Smarty for the van/boat as I can do it month by month depending if I am away or not, deal of the moment is 100gb / £15, its a good system and if anyone wants a free month sign up at https://referme.to/blHJxg I get a freebie as well.
  9. Right at the top of Bedfordshire but very good. https://www.ravensoakecaravanstorage.co.uk We stored there until we moved to Devon last year. Technically its Northants but only by 100yards.
  10. On dry tarmac? Even on wet tarmac you would have to give it a fair amount of throttle to get wheelspin, most drivers don't drive like that. Let alone drive on loose/muddy surfaces. I expect there are many many Haldex out there that are not functioning and the owners just don't know. I use Carista, its not bad, it will even let me force a regen if needed. £34 a year so reasonably priced. OBD eleven looks good, is the cost a one off and does it include a dongle?
  11. Fine on the fans, no one has mentioned it before which is why I was sceptical. I only use independent garages so didn't know about the reduced interval from VAG, it makes sense to me. As for not having Haldex serviced most people would never know it had failed, I discovered the first one from a OBD scan by chance, the second one involved mud and lack of traction Sad thing is now that I am no longer doing regular long distances mine sits unused unless the journey is over 20 miles or I am towing, mainly to protect the EGR/DPF etc. The wife's RAV4 is no substitute.
  12. A decent towbar fitter for the Yeti will cut the bumper panel and supply the panel and recode the electrics so there will be no difference from factory fit. http://www.philtaylortowbars.co.uk/skoda-yeti-feature/4577253717 I have never heard of uprated cooling fans for the Yeti are they real or an urban myth? As for the Haldex its not just changing the oil, on the Gen 4 it needs a new filter and the Gen 5 needs the filter/gauze cleaning. If its not done the pump will fail, I have had this happen twice once when I first got the car and once 30k miles later b
  13. When I bought my Yeti it had been "fixed", in the first week of ownership I had the fix rolled back by a local tuning house the difference was very noticeable. Couple of months later (I waited until my insurance was due as my ins co wouldn't cover the remap) I had it remapped and uprated the brakes, that was 3 years and 50kmiles ago its now on 140k. Will I change it ? Certainly not anytime soon, when I got the Yeti my Octavia vRs went to my son in law at 190k and is still going at 225k so we like to get value from our cars
  14. Pretty much the one I have, a remapped 140 4x4 2l diesel manual Elegance, its now at 180hp and 420nm of torque. I don't think that remapping the 150/170 gives that much more torque. You have to be careful if remapping a Yeti with a DSG boxe as they are limited to the torque the box can handle.
  15. My only concern with the Yeti (I have one) is the panoramic roof, as on the Yeti forums there are a fair few tales of leaks and wet carpets. Other than that its a great car and doesn't notice my 1200kg van on the back.
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