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  1. I tow a relatively heavy twin 1820kgs mtplm with an S-max, max towing weight 1800kgs. I weighed the car on a weighbridge & it was 1840kgs empty bar under 1/4 tank of fuel. Now when you add to that, mine, my wife's, 3 kids, a 3x7 metre awning, etc that puts the car well over the weight of the van. The van also has ATC. In my mind as long as the Max train weight of the car, 4250kgs is not exceeded then all good. Some people are obsessed with 85%. I check tyre pressures, nose weight etc etc seen plenty of people not checking anything. Go steady and you will be fine.
  2. Thanks for the comments, The access gate runs paralell to the single track, it's the back of the van swinging around and hitting a fence that is the issue. I have a mover and did think about unhitching, using the mover through the gate then re hitching as I'm at the far end of the yard which is a good 3-400 metres away.
  3. I have had a look through some previous posts with regards to rear cameras but can't quite find the right thing. We have recently changed from a single axle to a longer twin, the storage yard is extremely tight and the owner said prior to my purchase you might struggle getting in/out, however there are a couple of twins in the yard. Changing yards is not really an option as this is only 3 miles away and places at other yards are hard to come by. The obvious thing is to have my wife with me to watch me through the gates, however this will not always be possible. Is there a bubble camera or similar that will show the corners of the van, as when I put it in the yard I literally had about an inch of clearance and had to keep getting out to check. Any help gratefully received.
  4. Lori, yes we are still looking. It hi k I have been communicating with your friend Wendy for the last 6 months!
  5. I looked at one before Christmas at Rock caravans and recently one at Charmouth caravans. Both with considerable damp around the front windows. weve been looking for 6 months now! considering buying a new Adria 613PK from the continent!
  6. Hi, I am desperately trying to find one of these, I travelled a long distance to view one recently at a second hand dealer and it had damp on the front right and centre windows. Also missed out on one privately. I am led to believe there were only a handful made. Any one with any knowledge good or bad is gratefully recieved or if anyone knows of someone who might have one and is thinking of selling. thanks in advance
  7. Hello all, I have been a caravaner for the last two years, always went when I was a child and managed to convince my wife to give it a go! Needless to say she loves it. We have three young girls, 5,3 & 1 and are looking to upgrade our van to an Elddis Tempest. Triple bunks a must for the three girls! we are going to venture to France this summer and have somewhere booked for every school holiday this year! all help, advise, hints and tips are gratefully recieved. cheers
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