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  1. On our last outing I tried a roll mat under the duvalay. I must admit it made a huge difference. Thanks to all for the tips and suggestions. Next van when the children are to big for the bunks will have a fixed double!
  2. We have a twin axle van with ATC, I always load it correctly (was a must behind the S-Max) and am never is a rush! as for the Disco, it has recently had both intake manifolds replaced (2k repair bill) new tyres, brakes etc so hopefully should be OK for a while. I did get it at the we buy any car price (around 3k below market value) so thinking worse case senario the crank snaps. It will cost around 5-6K to put right, then in theory I’m only 3k more than I would have spent and the engine will be good for 10+ years. I have no intention to replace it as I am already in love with the vehicle. looking forward to many outings with the van and some decent breakdown cover 😂
  3. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I have just taken delivery of a Disco 4. I was undecided until an old work friend was selling his due to a divorce. Prior to him it was his brothers car which had been fastidiously maintained. It has never towed prior to my ownership in which we are taking it out on its maiden trip next weekend. Can’t wait to see how it performs compared to the S-Max we have been using. I am well aware of the crank issues and considering the number of Disco/rr sport you see I’m hoping mine won’t be one of the horror stories. I will always change the oil every 6K.
  4. There is no gap as such, I think it’s due to the back rests not being sprung so are to soft, it seems my hips are right in the middle of where the cushions join. We have tried rearranging the cushions but due to the size/shape of the Lou he they only go one way! I will maybe try a big topper with the Duvalay on top but think it will be like the princess and the pea.
  5. That’s what we do. My hips sink in between the seat cushions and chair backs where they meet up. No bumpy bits.
  6. Hi, we have a triple bunk layout due to having 3 small children which works great. The wife and I are on the make up double at the front. We invested in a pair of Duvalay’s which offer more comfort but on stays of over a week I shuffer from back ache/pain. I find my hips sink in to the Duvalay which in turn sinks in to the join where the cushions butt together. (we have a firm mattress at home) I tried having some plywood between the cushions and Duvalay but it didn’t work. does anyone have any other suggestions or tips I could try? I thought of a thin sheet of plastic as this may offfer greater flexibility than the ply wood!
  7. Limecc how long should it take to raise the suspension? Is there a quick way of telling if a vehicle has Air suspension fitted as sometimes it’s not listed in an advert.
  8. Good tip about the fridge circuit. we need 7 seats as we are a family of 5, occasionally we take my Mother or Mother in law and sometimes niece as well. Normal operation is boot seats folded down and the three girls across the middle seats hence why we ideally want room for 3 and not 2 1/2 which most seem to have. This is why we purchased an S-Max when our third daughter was born as our V70 was not large enough for 3 booster seats. thinking the Q7 is the way to go. thank you to all for your helpful suggestions.
  9. No sorry to disappoint. Civilian licensed on the big wide bodied jets.
  10. Thanks for your replys. We definatly need 3 middle seats which rules out the Kia Sorrento, we have friends with one and just not quite big enough. a newer XC90 would be my first choice but still 23k for a second hand one! The caravan is around 1850kgs loaded, we want to be able to take 5 bikes with us and must have 4wd as whilst the S-Max can cope on road as soon as you meet a slightly damp field it is wheel spinning! We do use our van alot all year around. Regarding car maintenance, im an Aircraft Engineer so do alot of the car stuff my self which will keep costs down. Like others have said, will have to find the best example of either and go from there. If we didnt require 7 seats I would have a Touareg all day long.
  11. After some recommendations please. We currently tow our Elddis Crusader Tempest with a Ford S-Max. Whilst this is not ideal it has served its purpose. We are now in a position to upgrade and have around 15k to get something with 4wd and 7 seats. We have 3 daughters so need the middle row seats to be large enough. Whilst my heart is saying Disco my head is saying no due to the potential of a snapped crankshaft. Does/has anyone towed with a Q7. I would be looking at a 2013 so air suspension is an option. Also the V8 Tdi could be an option. Any suggestions welcomed.
  12. I tow a relatively heavy twin 1820kgs mtplm with an S-max, max towing weight 1800kgs. I weighed the car on a weighbridge & it was 1840kgs empty bar under 1/4 tank of fuel. Now when you add to that, mine, my wife's, 3 kids, a 3x7 metre awning, etc that puts the car well over the weight of the van. The van also has ATC. In my mind as long as the Max train weight of the car, 4250kgs is not exceeded then all good. Some people are obsessed with 85%. I check tyre pressures, nose weight etc etc seen plenty of people not checking anything. Go steady and you will be fine.
  13. Thanks for the comments, The access gate runs paralell to the single track, it's the back of the van swinging around and hitting a fence that is the issue. I have a mover and did think about unhitching, using the mover through the gate then re hitching as I'm at the far end of the yard which is a good 3-400 metres away.
  14. I have had a look through some previous posts with regards to rear cameras but can't quite find the right thing. We have recently changed from a single axle to a longer twin, the storage yard is extremely tight and the owner said prior to my purchase you might struggle getting in/out, however there are a couple of twins in the yard. Changing yards is not really an option as this is only 3 miles away and places at other yards are hard to come by. The obvious thing is to have my wife with me to watch me through the gates, however this will not always be possible. Is there a bubble camera or similar that will show the corners of the van, as when I put it in the yard I literally had about an inch of clearance and had to keep getting out to check. Any help gratefully received.
  15. Lori, yes we are still looking. It hi k I have been communicating with your friend Wendy for the last 6 months!
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