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  1. I have not suggested that a socket should not be tested in the MOT. It is, however, a fact that it is only the 13 pin socket that can be tested currently, so those trailers with "disco" lights which use other electrical connections will still not be tested and you will still be subjected to the light show...... As to your suggestion that "MOT only causes problems on less than well maintained vehicles", I'm not sure I agree. As far as the testing of 13 pin sockets is concerned, there are well known issues with the approved testing kit and modern CANBus electrical systems in cars. Even as recently as February of this year DVSA issued another special notice regarding the problems with the test kit. I ended up having to by my own approved test box to show that my lights were working properly, when the MOT inspector suggested otherwise.
  2. In what way have I made it sound like a good thing? It was intended to be a statement of fact. Do you spend your time on here looking to pick fights with people? If so, I can find far better ways to spend my time than on this forum trying to offer a point which had not seemed to have been mentioned up until now.
  3. I may be completely wide of the mark here, but is it possible that a 13 to 7 adapter has been fitted? I have heard some people advocating this as a way to avoid the 13 pin socket being tested during the MOT, as 7 pin sockets are not tested.
  4. One other thing to bear in mind (I have had recent personal experience) is that if you have a 13 pin socket, it will be tested as part of your next MOT. If the lights do not work properly, it is a Fail.
  5. "Is there an area promoting UK holiday sites? " The 2 main UK organisations will have a presence, and there will probably be stalls for some of the bigger private caravan parks such as Stowford Farm Meadows.
  6. When people say "it is a statutory requirement" my first question is usually to ask for details of the relevant statute.
  7. "Do they let you nose around the caravans or is there a lot of look but don't touch?" For most of the 'vans on display you can have a good nosy around, open drawers, check under the beds etc. The only exception tends to be the the extreme high end motor homes (you know, the ones which if you have to ask the price, you won't be able to afford, short of a Lottery win).
  8. For me, it would be a dealer, you have more comeback if something goes wrong. I also think that, if they specialise in that brand of caravan, they will be able to deal with any issues. But, on the other hand, you'll probably pay a bit more.
  9. Personally, I would always go for nearly new. Someone else has taken the initial depreciation hit and has paid the Delivery Charge. You should also be able to get the benefit of any residual warranty.
  10. "When is a good time to buy?" That's the $64,000 question. The answer is, probably, "it depends". The first decision is whether you are going to buy new or second hand. Then, as far as timing is concerned, it is about trying to identify a time when the vendor (be that a dealer, or private seller) wants, or needs to shift stock. Generally, if you can wait until the "season" has ended for many people, ie autumn or winter, this can be helpful. Of course, all this might be knocked on the head if the type of caravan you're looking for is in short supply, and there are lots of other people looking for the same type. In my case,we had already decided on the type of layout we wanted, and that we were happy to go for a "pre-loved" van. We kept an eye on the local (ie within 50 miles) dealers and when we saw one which matched what we wanted, we wnt to see it. This was late last November. I think that there was only one other couple looking at caravans when we were there. The 'van we were looking at had been supplied by the dealer in the previous May and had had a motor mover installed. When we asked the obvious question as to why it was being sold on so soon, we were told that the owner had bought a bigger one. We were able to buy, what was a very nearly new caravan, with motor mover, at what we thought was a good price.
  11. "Something to do with the cost".....I think we are seeing a lot more of this. For example, it appears that one can no longer use Tesco Clubcard vouchers to purchase a certain caravan magazine recently taken over by Future Publishing. .......
  12. I bought a spare one, just in case. .....
  13. I have, ahem, a "friend" who did that. ... I, sorry he, was picking up the caravan from the dealers and did the same. 10 miles down the road after wondering where the remote was, a phone call to the dealers discovered that it had fallen off the A Frame on the first roundabout. Fortunately it was spotted, and picked up, by a couple who were going to the same dealership and who knew what it was, and handed it in.
  14. No, I've never done that either. .............
  15. Hello, after lurking on the Forum for a while absorbing the pearls of wisdom, I thought it was time to make myself known. I'm a first time caravanner, past the first flush of youth. After much deliberation we bought a Bailey Vigo which is towed by our X Trail. We have had one trip away so far, and have probably made a few newbie errors but, thankfully, nothing serious. Loving the Vigo's layout and the facilities.
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