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  1. It isn't programmable on mine. Pin 9 is dead until switched on when you plug in the van.
  2. Good post. Sturgeon has been six years in the job and has presided over a divided nation with no sign of her managing to unite Scots either for or against independence. The Government is doing very well, in my opinion, it would be nice if the media, both written and visual, could be said to be doing the same. I think the BBC prodding a 12ft microphone through a window, into a persons lounge ( who has cancer and can't go to hospital) is dreadful journalism.
  3. Following from BBC:- Over 82% of 4,167 people who died with Covid-19 in Canada have been elderly residents of long-term care homes, a report from Canada’s National Institute on Aging says. The proportion is similar in other parts of the world, as the virus disproportionally affects the elderly and sick. The US state of New Jersey plans to deploy National Guard troops to nursing homes over the weekend, after finding that residents make up half of the state’s death toll.
  4. The point of testing is that the disease can be traced and the carrier isolated before they pass the disease on to other people. The transmission is then limited and the number of people infected is reduced. People can be carriers without being aware that they are carriers. Lock down can then be lifted without a surge of infections, life returns or at least moves towards returning to normal. An American medical chappie has come up with the following:- 01.Close and prolonged contact is required for transmission of the virus. 02.Risk is highest in enclosed environments such as houses, care facilities, public transport, bars and other indoor spaces where people congregate. 03.Casual, short interactions are not the main driver of the epidemic. 04.Susceptibility to infection increases with age.
  5. Part of the monthly NI is ring fenced and this pays state pensions. Not that many people on 80% pay except the low paid. It is 80% up to a maximum of £2500/month, from which is deducted tax and NI. Anyone on more than £30K per annum takes a large pay cut. If mortgages, car loans etc are based on earning say £50K then they are in trouble. Hence 1.5million have requested mortgage holidays etc.
  6. Below is part of an article from today's Times. Self explanatory. We will have to wait to get final comparisons. However, there are mitigating factors and much that we do not know. The raw numbers of deaths needs to be set against the population size. Britain has a population 10 per cent larger than Italy’s, which makes its number of deaths per head of population slightly lower than Italy, small consolation though this is. Italy’s figures do not include deaths in care homes and neither do Spain’s, which is likely to put them ahead again once figures are collated. Moreover the testing regimes of different countries differ so the data may not be strictly comparable.
  7. If you go to this link you will see that we were the second best prepared country in the world, for a pandemic. So the experts thought!!!! https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/02/these-are-the-countries-best-prepared-for-health-emergencies/
  8. I don't really understand what you are saying. Where did I say life was rosy?? Your comments re interest rates and unions in the eighties are correct. This is relevant ??? I have never had a state benefit in my life until I received the basic state pension 10yrs after I retired. What you mean by "Your attitude re-enforces it" is a mystery.
  9. I am not reading the wrong paper. I am telling the story of my family members and their situation. There are many people earning more than £30k particularly in certain regions, South East for example. Brown had no effect on me or my company final salary scheme pay-out, obviously my company paid more for my pension. If people require pension top ups, from the state, then today's workers have to pay for these top ups. It would be best if they were working, earning, and paying into the system via their tax etc. I worked for 39years non stop and have now been retired for 14yrs on a pension way in excess of the maximum furloughed amount. I assume you are enjoying being supported by today's younger generation, perhaps if you could support yourself you might look at things differently. Just saying. You don't understand why interest rates are at zero. It is not to fund younger peoples mortgages. Do some research, check out Denmark where interest rates are negative and still mortgages are more expensive than other nations. The reason being deposits and fees. Your comment is totally without foundation.
  10. Furloughed workers also pay Income Tax, NI and pension contributions. Their maximum is £30K per annum this is a considerable reduction from their previous salary. Mortgages to pay, children to feed etc. Pensioners have had no extra costs and their income has remained the same. The younger generation are carrying pensioners.
  11. It is VW fitted and the pins only work when the van is plugged in, you can hear the car switch the pins on when you plug the van into the car socket. The Honda dedicated system, as fitted to my 2016 Honda, is as you describe. A 15amp fuse at the battery. The line from the battery to pin nine is a Honda extra cost, when they fit their tow bar. The wire splits into two, at the battery post, one wire goes to the relay and the other to pin 10. The basic tow bar did not have power to pin 9 or pin 10. I think Woodentop has the answer the relay needs a bit of adjustment. If you take the fuse out and lose power to both pins then the relay is suspect.
  12. Depends on which car you have. My VW has pin 9 and pin 10 dead when the van isn't connected.
  13. I had a 2010 Clubman ES. My grey cells aren't what they used to be. However there was a blue night light and floor level lighting. Your 2011 model could well be different, Lunar always seem to have extra lighting. (Grab handles etc)
  14. The switch you are mentioning is either for a blue lunar night light or surround lighting at floor level.
  15. If you have a cough then you have a symptom of Covid19 and should be in self isolation. Not out and about with a mask.
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