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  1. The anti-squeal grease is a blue coloured high temp, synthetic grease, imported from Germany, so my dealer said. This does improve, and sometimes cures the squealing. However Alko also changed the pads, in some instances, when the grease didn't work. The new pads have may also have the odd slight squeal so the grease is also applied and this seems to do the trick.
  2. Thank you all for the replies very helpful. I am on the case now to get this sorted.
  3. How do you download from Netflix please.?
  4. You will note I said "The pitches in Question" that is, for example the pitches opposite where you are pitched. in fact the narrow pitches are almost down the entire far away side of the site.
  5. If you go to Start Bay caravan site, with CMC, then you park in front of the caravan, at right angles to the caravan. There is no other option as the pitches, in question, are not wide enough to have the caravan, awning and car parallel to each other. Offside rear corner of the caravan to the white pitch marker. You would certainly never park on the grass.
  6. I would have thought it should be live all the time. Otherwise if you get in the car, and start the engine, then you could move away whilst the atc is going through the self checking procedure. During the self checking procedure the caravan brakes are applied. My present VW switches on the permanent live when the caravan is plugged in.
  7. I have a 2017 Coachman and there are no cracks. The fitting seems to be about the same as yours except for the undulations. My van is flat along the entire area where the screws are fitted. Underneath, the turned over section, appears to be a strip of rubber/foam to stop vibration damage?
  8. My coachman has two inputs to the amplifier. One from the aerial and one from the external connection, the one that you connect the bollard aerial to. This one is normally located in the battery box. The aerial connection, to the amplifier is white and the bollard connection is brown. Might be worthwhile making sure the input connection to the amplifier is white as it seems the aerial and amplifier work and the input connection to the amplifier wrong.
  9. Thanks for the helpful comments. Just had a look at two caribiner's ( spares in my garage) and neither fit the VW tow bar. However the hook eyes on the cables are different sizes. I assumed that all cables had the same size hook eyes so looks like I will need to find one that does fit my tow bar.
  10. This is a VW fitted tow bar, Westfalia detachable I believe. The breakaway cable head won't go through the attachment point so it has to be looped round.
  11. Tight fit but it should go. You will need a fully charged battery for the motor mover. These covenants are difficult to enforce. There was a long discussion, a few years ago, and the conclusion seems to be that a legal letter has to be sent then even a court ruling to enforce it. The covenant is probably from the original builder, as is my case, and they are long gone. I spoke to my council and they aren't interested, so long as no one lives in the caravan, it doesn't provide an obstacle for emergency services or across a footpath, then carry on was their attitude. I am not sure if a councillor has the legal authority to ask people to move their caravans. There is a covenant on my Close but no one seems to bother and my caravan spends a lot of time on my driveway. I have a storage pitch nearby which I use occasionally, as for signed work vans, I think that is ridiculous. It is a persons employment, their lively hood, glad I don't live anywhere like that.
  12. The new style do not open. They slip onto the curtain rail then press the top and bottom between your fingers and they clip into place. I have a 2018 magnum and we have just fitted the curtains. No chance of them coming away from the curtain rail once clipped into place as described above.
  13. My last van was a Coachman Pastiche 460/2 2014. It was a lovely van and very well built, we only changed because we wanted the 565 model. The only thing to watch out for is the windows, Coachman changed over from screwed window bars to an adhesive secured type. They got it wrong on some models at the construction stage. The window bars tended to become detached from the van wall and dealers had to refit correctly. Once this was done there was no further problems. I have a Mk2 Tiguan and tow at 90% with nose weight of 90kgs and experience a nice stable tow with no problems. Your proposed rig would be perfect.
  14. What you describe is lane guidance assistance, VW have this fitted as standard. This is one of the systems the EU wants fitted to all cars. Occasionally I can feel mine tug me back into the centre of the lane if I have drifted out a bit. As you say and error message comes up asking for hands on the wheel. I think that an alarm is activated if you don't steer then the car will slow down and stop. It activates about 40mph by two green lines on the dynamic instrument panel.
  15. One further point is surely that ISO require Pin 9 to be permanent live. Would Volvo wire in a system that isn't to ISO requirements??
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