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  1. Tradewinds

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Our local ESSO station charges 5p per litre more than the local Supermarket. So ESSO get you to buy their fuel, this is an advantage to consumers?? The local Shell station is cheaper than ESSO and you earn points to get a discount voucher either for Waitrose of more fuel. Shell for me much better.
  2. Cast your eyes across the channel, France is really doing well under Napoleon 2. 0. Marine Le Penn has 24% going into EU Parliament elections and Napoleon has 18%. One German newspaper reckons the EU have hung Macron out to dry. The sooner we leave this dreadful organisation the better, there is so much more we can become without the EU gang.
  3. The article is on the front page of The Sunday Times. The Cabinet was due to discuss contingency planning in the event of a no deal Brexit, and advising families not to book holidays after the 30th of March 2019 was on the list.
  4. Tradewinds

    Westfalia Detachable Tow Bar

    I have had an assortment of tow bars over the years both detachable and fixed. However the present Westfalia Retractable is the best and easiest I have ever had. Electrics are spot on and there is an attachment point for the breakaway cable. Wonder what car the op is picking up?
  5. Tradewinds

    Westfalia Towball Question

    This is the VW retractable as fitted by VW. I think this might be a Westfalia. The attachment point is obvious however you have to double back through the hole as the carabiner (spell?) won't fit through the hole.
  6. Tradewinds

    Bmw Factory Fit Tow Hitch And Electrics

    My 2018 VW Tiguan has a VW fitted towbar and that comes with all electrics wired as you describe.
  7. Tradewinds

    8ft thoughts - after the NEC

    The stability of the vessel is more of a concern than the trim, slightly by the stern usually works well. The ballast tanks will be used to give the stability required for a full load and any shortage of loading will be a bonus. Also to allow for fuel etc used. Usually only the list is automatically corrected the rest would be manual, and all tank soundings checked most carefully before confirming satisfactory stability for sailing.
  8. Tradewinds

    M6 Toll Fees

    Just been away for a week in the van using the M6 toll road. I have become a regular toll road user since the Caravan Club obtained the discount fee for members. However going northbound the lady, in the booth, said this discount rate was coming to an end on 31st December 2018. Anyone else know about this??
  9. Tradewinds

    Aerial advice

    I have spent time in the Borders and the Lakes, plus Dunnet Head to Start Bay and the Status has never failed. The Twig, on the other hand, never received the full range of stations, even on a good day, a station would just disappear as the pixelating picture was being watched. When Avtex withdraw their own product it shows even they don't have much confidence in it. Every TV Aerial in directional, the twig isn't, not a wonder it is a poor piece of equipment. Since Elddis and Coachman have gone to a proper extending directional Ariel there isn't much complaining on CT.
  10. Tradewinds

    Al-ko atc

    LED needs replacing perhaps.
  11. Tradewinds

    Aerial advice

    I had the twig on my last coachman, absolute rubbish, constant pixilation problems and loss of signal. Brilliant for the radio. Dealer gave me a good deal and fitted a status, end of tv reception problems. Even Avtex have stopped making/supplying them.
  12. Tradewinds

    Theft of keyless cars increasing!

    The second man, next to the car, of the two man team that steal the car, has a box that remembers the fob details. It is the second man that opens and starts the car.
  13. Tradewinds

    Theft of keyless cars increasing!

    It makes a difference because when at home, the fob, is in a signal blocking pouch. Make sure the key is in your pocket, then watch out for anyone within 1. 5m of you who is waving a bag in your direction. He will also have another dude standing beside your car, that you have just parked which is 100m away. I don't think the fob is a problem it is the thieves who can duplicate the frequency by-passing the fob, that are the problem. This could equally cause problems with traditional button only fobs
  14. Tradewinds

    Theft of keyless cars increasing!

    That's not how the keyless system works. Even after opening the car it won't start until the fob is physically inside the car. If the car is unlocked and no doors opened, then after a short time it locks again. This is usually why two thieves are needed. The Strait Times article is an interesting read. The same is said for cars without keyless and just fobs with buttons. The frequency can be duplicated. The inews article shows that you need two thieves and the fob near the front door. Hence keep the fob in a signal blocker pouch away from doors and windows. A few years ago thieves used to use poles to reach through letter boxes to steal car keys from tables etc near the front door.
  15. Tradewinds

    Theft of keyless cars increasing!

    How does the thief get to within a short distance of your jacket in the office? Then your jacket would have to be a fairly short distance from the car. Then the thief's mate would have to be standing beside your car which would have to be a short distance from the jacket/first thief, to enable the fob to be relayed. The thief has to identify your jacket, and then which parked car your fob belongs to. Finally he has to get his mate to stand beside the right car. The minute you leave your car locked it is perfectly safe or at least as safe as any other car parked in the vicinity.