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  1. What is the nose weight on a Skoda? The XC60 is 100kgs.
  2. The Volvo XC60 comes with either petrol or diesel engine, front wheel or AWD. I have the XC60 with the B4 engine, AWD on its way from where ever it is built. 147KW and 400nm torque. Nose weight 100kgs.
  3. The main thing I want is torque. Petrol tend to have much reduced torque. I have just ordered a new car, 147KW and 400nm torque. That will tow my 1550kg van without problem.
  4. According to Coachman terms and conditions, it can take 60days, from them receiving all the paperwork, to pay the money. They have cancelled the end of January deadline, vans for February delivery can be ordered before the end of this month and still qualify for cashback. Going in to see my dealer today.
  5. I have a Tiguan with VW fitted tow bar and all comes correctly wired. The fuses are in the fuse board behind the glove box, factory fitted. Pin 9 is switched on when the van is plugged in, dead when not plugged in.
  6. Is the fridge running when the car is in electric mode? Surely all that is required is a replay in pin9.
  7. Interesting. The present cashback is paid direct from coachman, via cheque, they say. I don't really want a van before 31st January so have to have another think about this. Maybe another scheme after this month
  8. I assume pin 10 and 11 are connected. The fridge would be running when the car is running. However if the car is in electric mode does pin 10 and 11 come into play or is the relay ineffective, Pin 9 comes from the cars 12v battery so it would be possible for a tow bar fitter to run a wire from the battery to pin 9. In fact a few years ago two wires were always fitted direct from the battery ( pin 10 relayed) . However driving along on electric would pin 9 drain the cars 12v battery?
  9. I have been round the dealers looking at new coachman caravans. The VIP 575 seems to tick all the boxes. However the cashback deal, from coachman, must be completed by 31st January 2021, you must have taken delivery of van by this date. If the van has already been built then you have 45 days to take delivery. If the van is being built then you have to take delivery 45 days after completion but no later than 31st January 2021. So if you want to order a van for end of February, start of March 2021, you will have to pay extra money. In my case £830. Hmmm Also d
  10. I am on a site in Devon at the moment. The Caravan Club have the QR code in the reception window and at the desk as you check in. My app works well and venue Check-In worked first time. However it checks you out at midnight so you have to remember to check in daily or when you return if checked in somewhere else. Also it appears to lock onto your home postcode, I am in a medium risk area, it does not advise risk for your present area. The reason I am medium risk, at home , is neighbouring areas, my actual home town is low risk. The app scans constantly and sofar all qu
  11. The point I was making, obviously not very well, is that the Coachman website has been updated to show the 2021 caravans. The 575XCEL isn't a VIP but a Laser. The Acadia XCEL weighs in at 2000kgs with weight plate upgrade. Just two interesting points, not discussed before
  12. Just been on the new Coachman 2021 website. No mention of the Lusso but the rest seem to be there.
  13. Is Lusso the Italian word for luxury? Be an expensive caravan I expect, competing with Swift Elegance.
  14. It isn't programmable on mine. Pin 9 is dead until switched on when you plug in the van.
  15. Good post. Sturgeon has been six years in the job and has presided over a divided nation with no sign of her managing to unite Scots either for or against independence. The Government is doing very well, in my opinion, it would be nice if the media, both written and visual, could be said to be doing the same. I think the BBC prodding a 12ft microphone through a window, into a persons lounge ( who has cancer and can't go to hospital) is dreadful journalism.
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