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  1. What is the grams/km CO2 of a MH? To attract a showroom tax of £2134 it must be in excess of 255grams/km. If other high polluting vehicles have to pay why should MH's not do so as well.
  2. This is for the first year or showroom tax. Then if the MH costs +£40K the extra value tax becomes payable in addition to the basic VED. To increase to £2135 the MH must have a CO2 of +255grms/km, so it is a highly polluting engine. What will MH tax be if the CO2 is less?
  3. Yes my Pastiche 565 has atc as standard. Dealer also supplied an alko wheel lock.
  4. Just come back from our annual stay at New England Bay. The site was about 60-70% of capacity. However the front row was full most of the time. That is the row next to the dunes/beach. As we live down south we always stop for the night, each way, at Englethwaite Hall. Last Saturday Englethwaite Hall was full, I walked the dog and every pitch was taken. Earlier this year we were at Start Bay (May 2019) and it was almost full most of the nights we were there.
  5. That is correct, never put the space saver on the rear if towing, so VW say. Mind you VW's come with self sealing tyres and apparently you never know you have had a puncture. damage is another matter. If you limit your choice of tow ca,r to one with a full size spare wheel, then you are indeed severely reducing you choice of tow car. Space saver on the front is OK.
  6. Looks like the rear wheels of the Shogun are raised off the road. Must still be attached to the van perhaps?
  7. Caravan dealers bulk order certain models and layouts in advance. This allows them to achieve a discount plus it gives manufacturers the ability to set up production facilities for the new model year. 2020 models will be on the road before the end of 2019. However if Lunar have stopped setting up 2020 production then they are well behind the curve. We are only three months away from the NEC, who would even attempt to order a Lunar now?? Towards the end of September is usually when 2020 models will start appearing on dealers sites, Lunars might not make that.
  8. Can anyone remember what happened to warranty claims when Fleetwood and Avondale went into administration and receivership? If a Dealer is unable to obtain spares from Lunar then what does the Dealer do? Lunar could have had parts manufactured anywhere in the world and the Dealer has no way of knowing where to even try to get parts from. If a dealer does work under warranty then the manufacturer pays the Dealer's labour costs, who pays the labour costs now? The warranty beyond the first couple of years is provided by the manufacturer so what happens to say damp after three years? Not manufacturing 2020 Lunar vans at present, lots of Dealers and Customers will have paid deposits. Some deposits will be on credit cards and so are recoverable, this means orders will be cancelled anyway. Lunar is down the tubes.
  9. Volkswagen advise never to fit the space saver to the rear axle if towing. The space saver can be used multiple times so long as the wear indicators are not showing. They also advise to change back to the normal tyre as soon as possible. They also advise to stow the removed (original) tyre in the wheel recess in the boot, so maybe a full size spare would indeed fit in the boot.
  10. I have the Tiguan2 R line with the 142kw engine generating 400nm torque. The emergency spare is 145mm and I wouldn't get a full size spare in as the tyres are 255mm. The car also has self sealing tyres as a standard fit. The car is a very good tow car and tows my 1535kgs van easily, very stable and plenty of reseve power.
  11. The anti-squeal grease is a blue coloured high temp, synthetic grease, imported from Germany, so my dealer said. This does improve, and sometimes cures the squealing. However Alko also changed the pads, in some instances, when the grease didn't work. The new pads have may also have the odd slight squeal so the grease is also applied and this seems to do the trick.
  12. Thank you all for the replies very helpful. I am on the case now to get this sorted.
  13. How do you download from Netflix please.?
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