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  1. VW tow bars come with complete wiring as standard. Nothing extra has to be specified. Pin 9 only switched on when caravan is plugged in. Caravan is also then protected by the car alarm if it is unplugged. Now standard on VW's.
  2. I cancelled my card at the start of last month but despite several emails I can't get them to acknowledge the cancellation or that my data has been removed from their system. They sent me another card which I have shredded. I cancelled my debit card and now have a new card, issued in 48hrs by my bank. Now on 24 txt but I had to check the number of txt messages. I have the phone set to black their txt messages and I can delete them all at my convenience. As has been already said "How could the club get involved with this mob"
  3. I think you will find all new cars have satnavs built in. Just looked up the UK driving test and you do have to follow a satnav route to pass the test. The Examiner uses a TomTom and sets the route for you to follow. Updating satnavs is easy enough and some come with free maps for life. I still update my TomTom maps even although my satnav is now build into my car.
  4. I thought you had to drive via a Satnav as part of the UK driving test. The Examiner sets a route in the Satnav for you to follow.
  5. VW have a website you can go to and download the latest Satnav updates (Discovercare). It takes a long time to download as their server appears to be very slow (4hrs), load to a usb or sd card, then the car has to be switched on for 30mins to update the car. I have done this only once but it does work. There is a long thread on this on the Tiguan2 website. Car-net is their system for loading your own poi, routes and destinations to the satnav. You do this on your desktop in the house, then the next time the car is connected then the car automatically synchronises with the car-net as you have set it up in your house. No charge for VW customers
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned before as I haven't read the entire thread. Watch out for the midges. we were in Bunree last summer and one could not sit outside one's caravan due to the rascals. However the drive through Wester Ross or Isle of Skye makes up for the midges.
  7. Many thanks for all your replies, most helpful. I missed the item on the Milenco website. Seems ridiculous to charge almost the same to re-calibrate as it does to buy a new gauge. The gauge is accurate because I also weigh my van with a Reich Weight Control and the nose weights are the same with both instruments. I just like to carry a nose weight gauge in case I have to change gas bottles and thereby increase the nose weight. Will buy a new one methinks. Thanks again.
  8. A few years ago I purchased a Milenco nose weight gauge. The gauge has a serial number and a date for re-calibration. Does anyone bother getting these nose weight gauges re-calibrated? or just buy another might be cheaper. If they are re-calibrated then who does this?
  9. Whoopee got a reply this morning. They have passed my cancellation request to the accounts department. No confirmation my data has been removed or they won't send any more cards or txts. However a reply is indeed a red letter day.
  10. When my pin didn't work I called them and gave details but nothing happened. I then emailed them and cancelled the fuel card. No reply. Today they have sent the email advising I will be receiving another card. Another email to try and cancel this card has gone on its way. Thank goodness I cancelled my debit card.
  11. Ok thanks for the update. The engine always sounds much better on the high quality diesels, Esso Supreme, Shell V Power etc. I reckon I get about an extra 4-5mpg when using these fuels.
  12. I applied for one of these cards as I thought it might be handy when touring. It duly arrived two days ago and I tried it today. Not working, exactly the same as you, "incorrect pin". They answered the phone and advised this problem has to be forwarded to their technical guys. Have you had any luck getting this sorted out?
  13. Our local ESSO station charges 5p per litre more than the local Supermarket. So ESSO get you to buy their fuel, this is an advantage to consumers?? The local Shell station is cheaper than ESSO and you earn points to get a discount voucher either for Waitrose of more fuel. Shell for me much better.
  14. Cast your eyes across the channel, France is really doing well under Napoleon 2. 0. Marine Le Penn has 24% going into EU Parliament elections and Napoleon has 18%. One German newspaper reckons the EU have hung Macron out to dry. The sooner we leave this dreadful organisation the better, there is so much more we can become without the EU gang.
  15. The article is on the front page of The Sunday Times. The Cabinet was due to discuss contingency planning in the event of a no deal Brexit, and advising families not to book holidays after the 30th of March 2019 was on the list.
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