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  1. Sorry for the delay in a repost but works been hectic. Just been and collected the caravan today and on first inspection the work looked great. However, Getting back to the storage yard I spotted a few issues. Firstly one of the speaker grills had dropped into the front bench during travel. Not an issue I thought maybe needs clicking back in. The dealer has somehow managed to break the speaker grill so used a screw through the mesh and into the speaker surround to keep it in place. Wrecked both speakers and one isn't working at all. The gap between the facia board and the roof light is different on both sides and all the cupboard doors are out of alignment or loose in some cases. Also the microwave hadn't been refitted correctly despite them refuting removing it to repair the roof. It's the detail that let them down. I spent the last few hours up there and managed to realign a few doors and I removed the facia panel and refitted it correctly to correct the gap as well as refitting the microwave back in the middle of the cupboard correctly. I'm sending the dealer photos of the speakers so I hope they can just send me a set because I'm not lugging it all the way back for a set of £30 speakers. The dealer also refutes bodging the speakers and pretty much accused me of doing it. Pretty angry tbh and it's disgusting I have to finish work they couldn't.
  2. I will certainly be chasing compensation for loss of earnings, fuel costs for transportation (been back 4 times in the first 12 months) I sort of hope that the dealership can do a better job than the sloppy production line at elddis. Apart from the issues I am more than happy with the van. The layout and design is fantastic and I've loved it since the moment I saw it. I just hope the finish is to my standard. The dealership didn't say I couldn't use it but the amount of condensation was awful we didn't fancy using it. I will see what next week brings. If I'm not happy with the work then I'm not accepting it.
  3. Just can't believe that my 10 month old avante 586 is going in this week to have the front end rebuilt. Water has managed to get through the front window bar and soaked the front board. I reported this three months ago to my dealer and they quickly got it booked in for an assessment. It's taken three months to get parts and they didn't see the benefit of sealing the leak before sending it back so after three months of bad weather the water damage has spread over the front whole panel. I damp tested the walls and those too now are showing slight damp. Very angry especially as we decided to cancel our half term trip as it was so damp. What will the job entail? Will it be a complete front removal? What should a look for upon collection? I'm also having a bowed roof timber replaced at the same time. Will this be a roof removal too? Will my caravan be the same after? All these questions I have and my dealer shrugs them off with don't worry it happens all the time. Really? In that case there's a major quality issue here if this is a common issue. Common elddis get these reoccurring common issues sorted, your 10 year water ingress guarantee is going to be getting some use by the looks of it.
  4. Phoned for an update today and slightly disappointed by the response. After my dealer saying Monday that the faulty part was on order but when chased friday the part was only just being ordered as whale wanted them to try a fix before sending the part. However, Friday fault definitely confirmed as a faulty control module so part is on the way. Now I don't know what's happening and the dealer is going to be closed over the Easter weekend and still no progress. I'm going to chase whale again tomorrow to see what the blazes is going on as the part has to be there by Wednesday at the latest to have any chance of getting it fixed in time. Really frustrated as a two month old van causing issues already. Really tempted to reject it and buy the swift instead.
  5. Hi Craig. I don't think whale deal with warranty parts direct with the customer. I believe it has to go through the dealer and from reading if you have a aftermarket fit I believe a whale engineer comes out to you. Brecon I had thought of this. The dealership are getting back in touch with whale today for an update on the ETA. If no joy I will phone myself and see if whale can contact them direct to arrange a speedier fix. Thankfully my dealership seem all over it and are keeping me updated. Tim
  6. Hi. The suggestions made above did not work so I have returned the Van to the dealer. They have identified the fault as a failure of the boiler control unit circuit board and have put a claim in to Whale for a replacement. However, when I spoke to the dealer they say that the chances of the part being with them in time for my Easter holiday is pretty much impossible. They say claims through Whale takes ages. Now its 10 days that leaves me but I cannot understand why it will take so long to post off a replacement part? I'm so disappointed that our first full week away is in jeopardy and the Van isn't even 2 months old yet. Has anyone else had issues with replacement parts from Whale taking a long time? The chances of me finding an alternative vacation for the family at such short notice is virtually none. A slightly miffed Tim
  7. Hi Hayley I phoned today and I spoke to the technical division and was given a reset procedure to try. I will head across to the storage site tomorrow and give it a go and update you on the outcome. I hope its a simple lockout and nothing more as we are away in a fortnight. Luckily my dealership have got me an emergency booking for this Friday so if your suggestion doesn't fix I will hope it can be rectified quickly so I can get away on time. Thanks again Tim
  8. Hi all, just been away for a weekend in the van and noticed on Saturday afternoon that we had no hot water. Now it was on in the morning so presuming sombody had been pressing buttons I checked the Ivan screen. It said that the heater was operating on electric and consuming 3. 5 amps but the temp was reading only 15 degrees. Confused and needing hot water for washing up I put it on the highest setting with boost turned on. A few mins later I ran the tap again. Still not hot water. I looked at the display and still reading 15 degrees. I immediately set about checking the obvious faults such as blade fuse for the 12v feed to the heater, checked the mains breaker and also the thermal cutout. All seemed ok. I tried the gas option and it still wouldn't work. A quick Google and some advice to remove battery and disconnect mains for a while and reconnect to clear a lockout. However leaving my socket set at home I removed the main battery fuse and pulled the mains electricity for a good 5 mins. Reconnected and still not working. No faults showing on Ivan and the temp is reading on display so I'm guessing there is a 12v feed so I'm at a loss. Has anyone any suggestions before intake it back to elddis? Thanks, Tim.
  9. Our first weekend away was a great success. A very cold NE wind kept the temp below 3 degrees but we where nice and toasty in the caravan. We picked a nice CL just outside of Shrewsbury with hard standings, 13a mains hookup and service pitches to each. We all thoroughly enjoyed it including the kids who didn't want to come home and wanted to stay longer but work and school beckons otherwise I would have quite happily stayed a few more days. The car towed perfectly but the caravan already had a 80kg noseweight before we put anything in (inc gas bottles) so some to and froing with the gear was required to maintain the 85kg max. Pretty much everything was piled up over the axle However, underway it towed straight and true with only a few twitches when passed by some fast moving high sided vehicles but that could have most likely been improved if I read the cars owners manual and increased the rear tyre pressures to max load as per its recommendation. Can't wait for Easter now for our next adventure. For those in previous posts about keeping costs down by using CL's I spent £27 for two nights for two adults and two children with a dog with a service pitch and 13a mains. I bet you can't get that on a caravan club site for that cost. OK the toilet blocks where not the best but I didn't use them, and the roads where gravel not tarmac but the views and the quietness where second to none and the kids had a great time so that's worth every penny in my book. Tim
  10. Well its nice to hear everyone else's thoughts and experiences over their years of Caravanning. As we speak we are packed up and ready to go with clothes packed into bags with only a quick visit to the supermarket in the morning required to pick up some supplies for a chilly weekend away. As for plates I picked up a set of melamine plates, bowls and cups for £12 so it hasn't broken the bank and we are heading to a CL for a under £20 a night stay so keeping costs low. Kind of excited to be getting away. In all honesty it was touch and go us heading out as I still had some electricals to finish on the towbar today as I opted for a self install to save costs. Nightmare pulling your interior apart to find a plug that's supposedly on the left of the vehicle according to the fab instructions and it turns out its on the right. The weekend weather reports lows of -3 so will be testing out the apparent grade 3 insulation. However, as a backup I packed my fluffy onesie and taking an extra blanket to keep my feet toasty in bed. I will let you all know how it went on my return. Tim
  11. So one day my Wife turned to me and asked what I thought of purchasing a touring caravan? Now I have done caravanning all of my life with my parents so I had thought of it before but never really thought she was that into the idea, but with the children in tow and knowing the fun I had growing up with the caravan I thought it was a great idea. So off we went with an open mind to go and have a look at a few caravans to see what was available and how much it would cost knowing full well this wasn't going to be a cheap venture. Having already experienced the caravanning way of life we decided to buy new (something about sleeping in a previously slept in bed and all that) and after looking around a few we decided on a new Elddis with bunks for the kids and nice bathroom etc etc and we parted with the better part of £19000 with the view to pick up a few months later. Now I already knew we would be needing a new towcar as my previous wasn't up to the job, we had not got anything other than our old camping gear so we would be starting from fresh with everything requiring purchasing. We set a budget that we thought was realistic to get everything together and get going early 2018. So here I am researching cars ploughing through kerbweights with the disillusioned belief that as long as the total weight of car and caravan doesn't exceed 3. 5 tons I can drive on my B licence and I come across an article stating that the MAM weight cannot exceed 3. 5 tons. BUMP! Realising that there is no way I can tow this caravan with anything on my B licence I set about finding lessons and tests for my B+E. £600 later and I got my B+E with no faults and to be fair didn't really learn anything I didn't already know about towing but still a big chunk of my budget gone. Picked up the caravan in early 2018 and purchased a leisure battery; ka-ching - out goes money, purchased another aquaroll; Ka-ching, had to purchase a twin 7 to 13 pin adapter; Ka-ching, purchased a towcar; big Ka-ching, purchased a towbar; Ka-ching, purchased more bits to fit towbar as towsures kits seem half complete; Ka-ching, paid for storage; Ka-ching, insurance; Ka-ching, well you get the drift. Now I still need an awning and some plates and cups but those are on hold as my budget was blown an aquaroll ago. To cut a long story short if your new to caravanning and are taking up the hobby be prepared to spend lots of Ka-chings from the outset. Its not a cheap by any stretch of the imagination and whatever you think your outlay will be for the extras double it and you will be somewhere near. Now we hope to be getting our first weekend out this weekend (minus plates and cups of course) and to be fair I can't wait. Its been a long road to get to this point and in all honesty I need to rest my fingers from keying in my pin number at the caravan accessory shop. Tim
  12. Thanks for the replies. I guess it's just easier to back the car up and plug in for a quick charge.
  13. Hi all. Just a quick enquiry regarding inverters. I have a 3kw modified sinewave inverter that I wanted to use to provide mains electricity to the van running from the car with engine running as we do not have mains electricity access at our storage location. This would be to run small devices such as the vacuum cleaner, kettle etc and give the battery a little boost when we visit. Most of the sensitive equipment is run from the 12 volt system but is there any devices that could be damaged from using modified sinewave? Could the battery charger for example be damaged. I don't have any intention of running the heaters or water heater from this due the power limitations the car can provide. The caravan is an elddis Avante. Thanks Tim
  14. Thanks guys. I've decided to bite the bullet and go for the B+E. I was thinking of going for one of these crash courses where you do it over a couple of days with the test on the third day. Might as well do it and it's done with and it will open up the options of tow cars that I can purchase. Tim
  15. Thank you all for taking time to reply. I have towing experience and have towed before but not anything the size and weight of this caravan. Having had a quick look I don't see any vehicle that would have a mam under 2000kg that also has a kerbweight over 1500kg. I have to agree that it certainly seems likely that I will be booking my b+e very soon. Whilst I don't really need a big suv I really do miss the practically that a big load area and bigger payload that they offer coupled with the elevated command driving position. You just don't get that even with the biggest estates. Tim
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