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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks all, am I right in thinking the euro axle needs the entire drum replaced or can the bearings be pressed out?
  2. Hi, I've read somewhere that older Alko's have taper bearings and newer ones have sealed ball race types. Before I get it all in bits, can anyone give an idea of what I'm likely to find on a 1994 Gruau 37DT? Thanks.
  3. Bit by bit I'm making progress with the Gruau but while looking at the fridge installation the thought occured that the outside vent for the fridge is within the awning. The families '67 sprite would have been if it had a fridge, the same on our Bluebird and the vent on our '87 Whirlwind must have been in the awning too so the question is... Is it acceptable? If not, how do you stop flue build up in your awning?
  4. Can't tip the dishwashing water over the side when noone's looking!
  5. Although we don't tow with our vans, after 30+ years of experience with them the best pseudo large estate car would be a VW Transporter or a Vito. We currently run two Transit customs and two 350mwb vans putting around 100k annually on each and we can't wait to get rid of them! Power delivery (not that there's a lot of it) is all or nothing, fuel economy very poor and reliability is dismal. They will not be on the table when replacement time comes. And beware! If anyone is looking at a 350 size van or camper, most vans in this class are 'officially' 6'4" wide. The latest Ford is 6' 9" wide so cannot get access to many places either by bollard restrictions or bylaws. Heaven alone knows what they were thinking.
  6. Just be aware that some onbaord 12v transformer/chargers will supply mains to sockets etc. , but will not produce a 12v current unless a battery is connected to it.
  7. Interesting. My local council weighbridge in Farnborough was free if you didn't need a ticket but last year they changed the rules so they would only issue a ticket at £28 a time.
  8. And the cost was? Did they charge for 2 weighings?
  9. Hi All, Thanks for the suggestions, I went with CIT as they were fairly local. Dropped it off on the 2/6, and got a call on the 25th to say it was ready. As it came free with the caravan but with a damaged bead this is the first time we've put it up and looking at the work they have done a superb job, even put a couple of small patches on the roof where there was some marks. They didn't deviate from the quote, £60 all done. We hadn't a clue if it was all there - it appears to be complete, a little more time and finesse would get it square and level, but at 2. 6m wide it looks huge in comparison to the 'van. Is 2. 6m a normal width or would it encourage an extra charge? All I need now is to replace one adjuster wingnut and find storm straps with the correct buckle.
  10. It's an Argo. Age unknown, history unknown, amphibious unlikely! The trike is a 1986 ATC250ES, all original apart from the seat cover and tyres.
  11. Looks like your idea of 'toys' is similar to mine.
  12. Just reread the thread and sorry I missed the question! Yes thank you Frank, as good a show as always - if rather hot and dusty.
  13. I gave CIT Camping a call, they've quoted me £60 to replace an 8m bead. I think that is quite reasonable. Downside is a 5 week lead time but I'm in no hurry. Does that seem a fair price?
  14. Thanks for the responses, at least I now know it's not a one-off. I hadn't intended to use a hookup or take the genny but the ticket sellers did appear a little disappointed when I told them I didn't need it. Thanks.
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