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  1. Thanks guys That's pics of the underneath of carpets each day they seem to get worse as more dust material escapes
  2. Hi guys thanks for reply Yes they dont seem to made right the stitching undeneath the holes seemed to be too big apart so stuff is fallen out of them causes a right mess in caravan all white dust so are they coverd under warranty and am i entitled to have them replaced Thanks for advice
  3. Hi does anyone have any experience with swift caravan floor carpets mine are just 9 months old with 2019 caravan and the back of carpets is pouring out white powered dust carpets have last shape and are crinking the carpets as the underneath is empty I was hoping I could contact my dealer and swift to have them replaced just looking for some advice before doing so Thanks guys
  4. Thanks guys caravan tech do you trade in caravans what would it roughly cost in 2 years time to trade a 2020 aventura FB similar to sprite Quattro fb for 2022 same model caravan it would be at present trading 2018 van for 2020 what's cost range to change
  5. Thanks guys caravan I am looking at has 100wat solar panel, barbeque point extra external locker, upgraded upholstery,blinds,window in door its a swift aventura from torksey caravans it don't make sense as to why dealers wouldn't be intrested in taking them as part exchange as if i was looking for used caravan the extras would surely interest me Does anyone know if dealers special get better part exchange value on base model when trading Has anyone very had any dealings with torksey caravans Thanks guys feedback really appreciated
  6. Hi been looking at swift dealers special caravans there hi spec with extras looks great just wondering as i have heard that othere dealers are not too keen to take them in as part exchange when changing for new caravan has anyone had any experience with this
  7. I was just wondering if anyone knew if bailey are introducing the twin axle model with fixed bed and dinnette i know it was dropped in 2015 just wondering would it be introduced for 2019
  8. Hi guys thanks for great advice my dealer is suggesting the new modified roof strap he reckons get that sorted first anyone had this done is it better than the original strap he then says come back in a month to check floor again for a damp reading
  9. Thanks Flinty thats positive hopfully it wont be be long for repair i was just think repair man siad the alutech panels are damp proof but is he right does water effect the panels he looked pretty sure i reckoned he never even checked as he was convinced also small bit of my furniture near the plastic coving is turned black would it be much job to repair the furniture
  10. Thanks guys Yes your correct Steamdrivenandy I am From London bough the van in England but I have since moved to Ireland for work it makes situation a bit complicated the problem is baileys it all from the rear strap letting water in which has affected the floor I have contacted my dealer waiting for reply its hassel with bringing it back to England but if I have too I will as I will be going for breaks to England anyhow only problem how long would it take to carryout repair in relation to roof repair I suspect it would be easier to repair than the floor and do I have to settle for any repair bailey might offer or am I entitled to a full floor replacement with everything thats water ingress Ed removed
  11. Hi guys no the repairer is not the dealer i bought from i have contacted them and awaiting response i am certain the floor is made only from plywood not sure is it in two layers or one but reparer is only measuring by damp meter it 24% on damp meter and thats measuring from vinyl the issue is at bed and batroom door across basicaly back of van wont know how bad until investigated i am not to keen on a cut out repair as it could affect the resale value of van and i think the van should be restored to its proper condition as when it was manufacterd i have contacted bailey and my dealer but who should i put on focus most on Guys any ideas on whats the best way to deal with it as repairer says floor replacement is nearly as big a job as buliding a van from scratch and only bailey could carry out that repair and they wont be to keen but he has siad it there responabilty
  12. Since i discoverd leak in rear of my van just had it inspected by repairer and he says that water has travelled to floor and caravan needs repair from bailey he say the could try and recomend cutting peice out and put new peice in but thats most of the rear floor i stated i would only agree to a whole new floor as caravan is just gone year old he reckons Bailey dont have the time to carry out a full floor replacemmet as its a massive job its my first issue with warranty i am trying not to let them pull wool over my eyes so any advice welcomed
  13. I have but i am confussed i only need the panel for exterior the outside panel ://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/product/1120245 Bailey siad this but i am not sure Do they know what i am looking for
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