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  1. Nearly back safe journey for the remainder of your trip in these strange times
  2. We are off to Sky at the end of May and stopping off at Glencoe to break the journey. We live south of Edinburgh but are taking time to enjoy the scenery.
  3. Our van is the same era and just had ours serviced with the Squeaky brakes being done under warranty.
  4. https://www.volvocars.com/uk/cars/xc40-pure-electric Just the start of many I think.
  5. Hi Depending where you live a lot of Elddis dealer do a special with extras and alternative seating and colours. We bought our 550 Avante equivalent a couple of years ago and love the layout . Just about to go for its second service and has now been towed over 4200 miles.
  6. Final 1 for the year please Camping Domaine Chateau de Dieupart Aywaille Belgium New Total - 691 Our Total - 55
  7. Add another 1 please Camping Du Chateau Val De Meuse New total - 681 Our total - 54
  8. Another 5 to add please Camping St Disdille Lake Lausanne New total - 676 Our total - 53
  9. Another 5 to add please Camping Village Conca D 'Oro Baveno New Total - 671 Our Total - 48
  10. Add another 12 please Chester rally at Lake Garda New total - 666. Our total - 43
  11. Another 2 to add please Camping Riva di San Pietro Italy New Total -645 Our total - 31
  12. Passed through the Swiss Border yesterday with 1 Vignette on the car windscreen. Slowed down for 3 security personnel standing at the border crossing the wife had our passports and the vignette for the caravan in her hand quick glance and a smile from one of them and waved straight through without even stopping. Caught them on a good day.
  13. Finally got round to adding a few to your total. 6 Garthfairn Balmaha CL 9 Budle Bay Rally Northumberland 6 Greaves Farm Rally North Lancashire 3 Greanacres Caravan Site Cabus Rally North Lancashire 1 Camping Mun de Metz-Plage France 4 Camping Vitznau Switzerland Our total 29 New Total 638 Deryck
  14. I have a 150 watt portable panel and had no trouble in the last 10 days with mixed weather. I position it roughly where the sun is at midday and never alter it. I checked it even on a wet day and the battery was fully topped up. All are lights are led but we do watch tv and listen to the radio.
  15. Just purchased my 2 Vignettes for Switzerland but with a towing cover pondering where to stick it on the caravan Assume that you can't put 2 on the car windscreen so the only alternative is the left hand front window of the caravan. What have others done . Thanks
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