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  1. I had this and it was the rotor in the pump hardly turning. Take the end cap off and gently try and turn the rotor if it is stiff it may take a short time to ease off A swirt of WD 40 always helps.
  2. Durham CaravanCentre Rally in June Monturpie Fife 10 Nights Our Total 28 Nights Forum Total 215
  3. Apart from the air con our Elddis Supreme 550 we bought from Preston Caravans has the extras you mention. Quite a number of dealers do their own variations of specials in conjunction with Elddis .
  4. 4 Nights Glencoe CCC 14 Nights Loch Greshornish Skye CCC Our total 18 Forum Total 91
  5. Had my 2nd last Tuesday and the wife gets her 2nd on 17th April no side effects at all
  6. Sorry to hear that Ian hope she's on the mend soon.
  7. Portpatrick Port O' Spittal 9 Nights Our total 31 Nights Forum Total 432 ps Not sure if DottieD's figures have been included ealier
  8. Another plus for an XC60 is the backup you get from Volvo Assistance We were about to pack up the car and the end of our stay at Rosemarkie north of Inverness when I noticed a puncture in the rear tyre . With the ground a bit soft and uneven I called Volvo Assistance. They advised that this was not a problem and that someone would be with me within the hour. Precisely 25 minutes later while I was getting the space saver out I noticed the warden speaking to the breakdown driver. Advised where to get the puncture repaired then back to the site and on our way.
  9. Staying an extra night at Sunnybrae Findochty Our total 22 Group total 234
  10. Dallachoulish 5 Rosemarkie 7 Sunnybrae 5 This Trip 17 Our Total 21 Group Total 217
  11. First outing of the year Troon New Total 105 Our Total 4
  12. We had this last week, I found out that the impeller in the pump was stuck. Take of the end cap off and you will see a wee rod and the impeller. Now take a small screwdriver or similar and turn the impeller clockwise. Once its free keep doing it for a couple of minutes. If you have wd40 give it a quick blast. Mine worked for the rest of the holiday
  13. Just back after a week away for the first time this year and came back to a second speeding fine from our trip to Italy last year. Discounted rate is for 5 days but I have no idea when it arrived and the letter is dated 28/07/2020. I assume the post man must have signed it. The first one came in January and was paid immediately. Both were on the 25/08/2019 with one at 10.52am and the other at 10.59am. only 7 minutes apart. I have no idea why this one has come nearly a year later. I am sure our number plates must attract camera's as the Italians seem to race past me without a care in the world. Hope they don't come in three's !
  14. My 2018 Elddis 550 Supreme had the pads and drums replaced under warranty in January . The noise was bad when going through towns and villages and certainly made people turn round. Unfortunately I have only done 14 miles since they were replaced taking it home. Sites booked from the beginning of August so hopefully silent breaking again.
  15. Nearly back safe journey for the remainder of your trip in these strange times
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