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  1. Deryckh

    Elddis front locker door - daft design!

    I agree it not easy changing the gas bottles or even putting small things in. I believe I saw somewhere that you can get longer struts which raise the cover higher . Now that LincsBob has reminded me I am going to have another look before I do myself a mischief. !
  2. Deryckh

    Water ingress annoyance

    We have an Elddis Supreme (Avante) 550 and had the same problem back at the end of September when we were away with the van. We contacted our dealer immediately who knew exactly what the problem was. Fortunately we had some wide waterproof tape among my tools I carry and placed it over the narrow gap where the windows hinge. Being black tape it was also hardly noticeable. It worked perfectly and no more water came onto the front ledge in the van. Whilst away I also discussed the fact that I would have a round trip of nearly 330 miles and could I use an Authorised Repairer only 14 miles away . They then contacted them and said everything was alright and they would despatch the necessary parts. My tape kept the van dry and everything was done within a few days of my return. To date there appears to be no further leaks. Dealers often get all sorts of criticism but on this occasion Preston Caravans and Crossburn Caravans in Peebles could not be faulted.
  3. Deryckh


    We have a 2018 Elddis Supreme 550 (special Addition) and despite a few problems love the van. Minor problems aside repaired by myself our one warranty problem was repaired by our Local Authorised Repairer in conjunction with our dealer and saved a return journey of over 350 miles. I also had my Repairer do the first service at the same time and there were no additional problems that I was unaware off. If you trust the people you are dealing with then go ahead and enjoy the van as we do.
  4. My 2018 Elddis 550 is in at our Authorised repairer just now for the same thing along with a leaking front window rail and a shower door that came detached from the rail. Rollers unscrewed themselves somehow. Good job we like the van and its layout.
  5. With 8 litres of hot water in a 2108 Avante 550 that's the only way to shower but works perfectly after a few attempts.
  6. Deryckh

    Water ingress through floor Casita 586 and maybe others

    I think it is utter nonsense to have all these vent holes without proper covers over them to keep the water out. I complained and was sent what they call a deflector(three sided cover) to protect the vent behind the offside wheel. There are other vents with little or no protection throughout the floor which could in very wet days get water finding its way in. Whilst not quite the same imagine the floor of your car if they did the same and did not have ventilation via the dash.
  7. According to the Scottish Camping web site it is closed. It was a great site run by a croft owner and we went there several times many years ago