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  1. Agree with Ern. Work ok for us. Got all mine from all sizes to bath/beach size to hand towel from Decathlon shops in France. They have UK shops & online sales as well. Ideal for caravanning as they fold up small & dry quickly. We use them at home as well. The type we have are thin smooth ones. Also available in fleecy but cost more & take up more room.
  2. Interesting & informative thread. I know now what a SOG actually is & I know now that the person in front of me at the toilet tip does not have a bad diet & even worse guts. They have a SOG.
  3. Tow weight limit for your van is 1100kg. That caravan is well under that so ok to tow it.
  4. The irony is Alan that the Frenchman who mirrors you ie the social conservative frexity French patriot will be as fully behind his government standing up for French interests as you are for British interests. I would imagine any patriotic French person would be as supportive of his fishing industry as you are of ours. Those you suggest are throwing their toys out of the pram are exactly like you except they say it in French.
  5. Oh for god’s sake read my post again. Where does it knock migrant labour? What it does do is knock successive governments for allowing UK companies to exploit migrant labour instead of ensuring a level playing field where local & migrant labour were treated equally. This tipped the balance over into the leave vote majority. Just saying like...
  6. The main issue with Eastern European migrant labour was uk firms bringing them in to work in exploitative business models & being permitted & encouraged by UK governments to do so.. The myth was promoted that UK workers were too lazy to do these jobs when in fact UK workers would not have put up with the exploitative work practices required to boost profits say in soft fruit production. To do this work people were brought in by labour agencies based in those countries ie people exploiting their own countrymen for profit. Also many other migrants were/are being exploited working in car washes also run by their own people. Do you see similar roadside car washes in France? No because they would not be allowed to exist. It was successive UK governments allowing the exploitation of migrant labour by greedy UK companies with no thought to the social problems large influxes of migrant labour into rural parts of the UK would cause that resulted in the brexit vote.
  7. If a country can be in the EU & break whatever rules they like it makes you wonder why we left. We could have gone with the good bits like free trade & free movement. Our free movement that is & just ignored the the rest of the rules. For example we could have discouraged Eastern European migrants the way Holland does by having strict labour laws & enforcing them making it less viable for companies to hire foreign staff cheaply. I wonder why we didn’t think of that.
  8. Since retirement we have always been used to going out around May. Stopping down in southern France & Spain until Sept/early Oct. We have never really planned anything beyond getting an ACSI card & just booking a ferry from Dover a few days before going then booking a return a few days before we decide to come home. Over winter we would do several day trips not just for shopping but to enjoy a bit of French atmosphere & some dinner. I loved the way we could travel out & back with no fuss & hardly a passport inspection. So pardon me for being gutted all that has to change.
  9. The 90 day rule for a citizen of one EU country to stay in another EU country before having to apply for residency has always existed along with a rule that a vehicle that stays more than 6 months in another EU country needs to be registered & insured in that country but for uk caravanners & motorhomers stopping out in mainland EU for longer than that the rule has been unenforceable so not enforced. Much the same for second home owners from uk used to coming & going as they like. Hopefully next year & year after nothing will change as the visa waver thing will not happen until late 2022 & then it might well unless some sort of alternative arrangement as part of the eventual trade deal is arrived at.
  10. Regarding spare car keys hidden in car. It is not just no insurance payout if car is stolen with keys in ignition it is also no payout if keys are hidden anywhere in car. Good example was surfer who left his £40k VW bus parked & hid keys in van body underneath rather than taking keys in wetsuit. Obviously he was spotted hiding keys. Van went & no payout.
  11. If there is little enforcement then all aspects of any lockdown will remain optional. We have a depleted police force who are not equipped for paramilitary style enforcement. If we did then following a phone call by the op to a police hotline a locally based swat team would have arrived in force in less than 10 minutes. They would have then arrested the motorhome occupants & given them a beating for good measure. The motorhomers suitably battered & bloodied would have then been thrown into a van & transported to the nearest detention centre where they would have languished for at least 3months. Their vehicles would have been seized & sold at auction.
  12. When away I keep spare set of car keys hidden in caravan. I keep a spare caravan key in car. Once on site I hide another caravan key in the chassis of the caravan in case I lose caravan keys when away from caravan but not in car. That about covers it I think.
  13. You zeroed in on a single event you witnessed. I am enlarging a bit on that. Why would low paid workers have more sense than you or me? Maybe they would not or maybe they just would not care. Not caring is one reason people do not bother with rules. Being past caring is another one. If you feel like you are being exploited doing a frontline job you cannot afford to go sick from then maybe you would be past caring too? It is very easy for those of us leading comfortable adequately funded lives to miss the above entirely which is what I think you did.
  14. Why would they not? Why would they not cough & sneeze? Why would the items they pick off the supermarket shelves not have been coughed & sneezed over? Why would self employed drivers using their own elderly vans & cars to deliver online orders not have coughed/sneezed/spat over the packages they deliver? Why would they even go into work with the slightest cough or sneeze? Why would they not be good citizens & self isolate at home for 14 days? Perhaps you can tell me? And paying low paid & self employed key workers at the bottom of the wages heap their full wages while self isolating. But really that ain’t gonna happen is it? So they will just keep going into work even if they are ill.
  15. Add to that Tesco & other supermarket deliveries to the homes of those at risk & all other online deliveries. Fact is those isolating at home cannot hope to be completely isolated from the rest of the world. To single out leafleters when there are countless other ways for infection to enter peoples homes suggests the op has not really thought this through.
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