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  1. I wonder what other countries like America India etc will be contributing while we are being squeezed , I think we should go back to the old wooden caravans and a Horse (and shovel )
  2. yes , it is turned on fully , I am going to leave it on all night and see how far its chilled , ive just been away for a couple of weeks and its worked perfect on mains , pete
  3. now the gas fridge lights up the pilot light stays on but will not get cold its like it wont turn up ,
  4. I think that is the way to go this is the last straw , the thing is these fridges are expensive new . wise words thanks
  5. no its gone again , I cleaned it out fitted it back together and it wont go , ive tried another thermos coupling still no good , im a bit reluctant to try a engineer , my friend got bit a while ago , I am an engineer myself but not a gas engineer , any ideas would be welcome . I am just going to clean it and try again , thanks
  6. thanks I have got plenty to try , it was working before we went away but when we got there it wouldn't work ,
  7. thanks for your replies , yes I think its time for a strip down , all the other gas burners etc are working , and in " fist trips" Marchie1053 the ones I remember I used to come 2nd
  8. hi everybody , ive been on the fist trip this year and my fridge RM 8550L wont get going it will pop and run but when I take my hand off the gas reg it goes out , I can hold in the reg for 60 secs and it still goes out , has anyone had same problem ? and how did you rectify it . Thanks Pete
  9. Thanks to all, I saw the light at night slightly through the edge of the door, I think now that I will be looking for a new rubber seal and there are magnets in them ? I will look into it . thanks
  10. hi everyone, I have a bailey peg with a dometic fridge, the light is on all the time when the fridge door is closed is this normal ? thanks
  11. hi again, after leaving it on all night it is working well so I must have done something, I think I will clean it out with airline and vac, I still cant tell if it is on by the indicator perhaps it needs a new one even now its freezing the indicator is not on the green Thanks Peteus
  12. thanks for your reply, its a model rm 8550l, I have taken the vent covers off just now and the exhaust is quite hot, I don't know if its a piezo I have to hold the button in for a second before I hear a pop , its running just now I will see what happens, I must have disturbed something, ive just had a weekend in the van and it didn't keep the beer cool enough (which is a very serous problem as you will probably understand ) , its the first time on gas with this van thanks Peteus ps the ign indicator don't show it is lit
  13. hi everybody, the fridge in my newly acquired bailey Pegasus 2010 don't work on gas when I try to ignite it there is no clicking noise when I press the igniter, perhaps it shouldn't click I don't know, the fridges ive had before seem to have a continual clicking noise till it ignites, I do hear a faint pop when I press the igniter would that be the sound I am supposed to hear ? I leave it for a while 5 mins press it again and the same will happen can anyone help Thanks Peteus
  14. thanks, I will try that, it seems as if its a common fault yes it was a gen part
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