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  1. Thanks Les, you were right! The tap filters were clogged. Thanks a million, Don
  2. Thanks guys I'll have a look again in the morning and try what u all said. here's hoping!! Don
  3. Hi All, I was preparing my caravan this morning (Elddis Explore 304) for a trip this weekend. I had drained the system for winter but I now think I may have an airlock in the system somewhere. I have good pressure at the shower head but little or no flow from hot / cold at both sinks. What should I do?? Drain again and start the fill up again? Is there a right and a wrong way to use the water system after winter draining? At first I had good flow at the kitchen sink but this soon stopped!! Thanks, Don
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys, plenty to think about. I'm going to go out to the van and root around to see if it is pre wired which will help. Best regards, Don 72
  5. Hi All, We have a 2012 Elddis explore 304. We would like to fit a car stereo. Has anyone any links to sites or articles that will offer simple step by step guidelines for wiring. Do I purchase a regular car stereo? I want a modern one with blue tooth etc. I presume a stereo such as one of these requires constant connectivity to the leisure battery or one would lose presets etc. and regularly have to enter security codes on start up. Any advice greatly appreciated. Project to complete before next season! Thanks Don72
  6. Towman, Well you learn something new everyday! I had the van plugged into the socket in the shed but the switch was off! This explains the cold air. Thanks so much for the advice. I'm slowly learning. Thanks Don72
  7. Hi All, I need some advice, our whale space heater is blowing cold air on all 3 electric fan settings?? We are new to caravans please help. What should I do to fix same. I haven't tried the gas. Just went out earlier to give the van a warm up. Van is Xplore 304 Thanks Don
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