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  1. Kelling


    Hi. Looking to tow with a hyundai i40. just wondered if anyone else uses one of these. looking to tow around 1350kg Any insight on mpg handling etc would be appreciated. sorry car is 1.7 114bhp blue motion thanks in advance
  2. The black pipe with the clip on is the alde heating drain. At least it was on our unicorn saville. Not sure about wheel clearance sounds a bit close to me.
  3. Well done. I'm sure you've made the right decision. Enjoy your new van.
  4. Didn't like to say it but totally 100 percent agree with burns guitar man Again a personal view
  5. Hi we have a truma water connection don't think your whale connection will fit. We had a problem with the centre roof light surround coming away from the ceiling,joint tape and general trim issues. Cupboard sheves to short they fall down. We had problems with rear external lockers leaking but si is different . Some observations when using the van. Lights can be very bright as several come on with one switch but some in lounge can be dimmed. Don't like position of lounge light switches. Miss the clock. Widow blinds tight have used silicone spray.
  6. Sounds like a good deal. If you purchase the Lunar when you pick it up spend some time checking it over before you leave the dealership. I am sure this applies to all makes.
  7. Hi we changed our bailey unicorn seville for a lunar clubman sr for one reason only my partner wanted a fixed bed. Layout of van is just what we wanted took several months before we decided on a lunar We purchased a year old van. All I say is look very carefully at lunar finish
  8. Thanks for the tips Ian. Will probably use your idea. Not keen on screwing direct to the wall. Roy.
  9. Hi could anybody give me some advice on fixing shelves please. Other half has decided we need some narrow shelves for her lilliput ornaments on. Not keen on using screws so wondered if using glue,mastic or good double sided tape was an option Your comments would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I'm sure this one is supposed to be screwed in.
  11. Clubman sr. 4 more screws like this. Not sure who does qc at lunar. Must of been his or her day off If you read this lunar your thoughts would I'm sure be interesting
  12. Yes he did. Also stamped service book with no service having been done discovered this when van was on drive. Dealer blamed human error said I had pdi instead. Pdi report says is a carbon monoxide alarm fitted they're circled no funny that as I have picture of it in van. Look at my other posts and you'll ee where I'm coming from.
  13. Hi we picked up our year old sr in February we have a damp test which says 40% damp in near side locker. Was told lunar had used wrong jig to cut locker holes. Apparently affecting lots of caravans. This was told to us buy the sales man. Didn't have access to our damp report until after we picked up our van. Hope this is of some use.
  14. So why I kind of understand why we can't name names etc and mention dealers by name So I have a suggestion how about a point system where we as consumers name a dealer, insurance company or manufacturer etc and then give them points out of ten. After all the only people to have concerns about this would be sub standard ones. The good ones would benefit and the others would maybe up there game. This would a points only system with no comments allowed What do you think.
  15. Hi Elliott didn't realise we couldn't use names etc. I apologise if I've upset anybody. On a lighter note my parts are at the dealership today. Maybe manufacturers do read these forums
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