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  1. Sifta

    Laser 675

    Yes all devices were conected and checked, the water taps were all ok but i never checked to see if the pump was working correctly. Thanks for the advice on the pump will check out next weekend.
  2. Sifta

    Laser 675

    Enjoy your first trip with your new Coachman, just check your outside pump is calibrated ours seems not to be. We are away next weekend will let you know if this fixes the issue.
  3. Sifta

    Laser 675

    Thank you for the info i will be following the instructions when we are a way for couple of days in a few weeks time. Cross fingers i hope this will fix the problem.
  4. Sifta

    Laser 675

    When we collected our new Laser 675 last Saturday i was pleased to see the spare wheel carrier was fitted under the caravan, they said they just had room to fit it in between the caravan mover and the water tank. Very happy with the workmanship it is a top spec finish. There is one problem we found while we stayed over on a site to set up the caravan the external pump is coming on for around 3-5 secs every couple of minutes even after checking all taps are flowing with water and no air locks. When i returned home i looked up issues with this new type pressure switch and found out I need to calibrate the whale IC pump controller which is a new product Coachman use.
  5. Sifta

    Laser 675

    Anyone thinking of buy a New Coachman Laser 2019 there is a problem if you require to have fitted a 4 wheel drive motor mover, the dealer fitter rang me to day to report he will have to take off the spare wheel carrier which he explained they generally move it further back but on the Laser models there is a under slung water container so i will have to store the spare wheel under the bed or put in the back of the car.
  6. Sifta

    Laser 675

    Collecting new caravan Saturday thanks for the advice will be checking everything with a fine tooth comb.
  7. Sifta

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    How about a Audi Q2
  8. Sifta

    Laser 675

    Had phone call yesterday and i have had been told the caravan will be ready to collect on the 26th January 2019. Can't wait
  9. Sifta

    Laser 675

    We have ordered 675 Coachman Laser 2019 and we have been told collection will be end of January. We have a Swift 580 2018 dealer special and had all sorts of problems was very disappointed before that for three years we had a Lunar 544 special edition and we were very please with it for the entry level van.