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  1. BigobBear

    I need your support

    I had a motorhome: Road fund licence (costly-more than my car!) Servicing Repairs MOT (always needed something) Space is a premium, have to load and pack sensibly. Easier, get in, drive, reach destination, hook up and enjoy a brew. I have moved to a caravan: motor mover-dead easy. Servicing (every two years) More time hooking/setting up. Much more space, lots more cubby holes and storage. The biggest decider was that I could either replace my existing car to a car and caravan or keep existing car and buy motorhome. I chose the former. A £9000 caravan that was 6/7 years old or a 15 year old motorhome. I know MHs keep their money but it depends if you have the initial capital. Hope that helps
  2. BigobBear

    Pro-tec Cover

    Thanks Kathy657 I have tried to buy used from various sites but some do not reply and others refuse to post. I was trying to 'spread the net' to encompass other van covers that might fit mine. I know they are customised but was hoping that some might fit. Thanks
  3. BigobBear

    Alko premium jockey wheel problem

    I think it feels 'sturdy' and has a useful gauge. Similar problem to yourselves, I did notice that the 'upturned castleations' catch and it drags the wheel when using a motor mover. Solution-wind it up more!
  4. BigobBear

    Help with Tiguan towing mirrors?

    I had problems then I turned the mirrors upside down and now there is no problem-just do not forget to switch OFF automatic fold in as the mirror pole will hit glass/door.
  5. BigobBear

    Tree sap

    Hello Use hot soapy water, such as a wash and wax or a bodywork shampoo. The temperature of the water/soap should 'lift' the aphid mess. I have used this numerous times and worked well.
  6. BigobBear

    Portable Hot Water Urn

    I bought an 8 litre boiler for valeting the van/car. Takes 15 mins to boil water then nice toasty warm water to wash car/van. I like a nice cuppa but 8 litres a day is going some-joking! It would also serve for washing up I suppose.
  7. I agree, hot soapy water-use a TFR in the water or spray on let it dwell then the hot water.
  8. BigobBear

    Tall double caravan step

    Thanks TinShack and happynomad, I purchased the freestanding step with handrail (the cheapest was the Quest step at GoOutdoors), I will look into the permanent handle fixed to the van. Thanks again B O B
  9. Over Christmas holidays last year I tried to remove the spare wheel (Alko), what a mess around and like other caravanners have said you would not want to do it at the side of the road. I had to ask other members of the family to help me to remove it. I initially placed it under the fixed bed in a large plastic bag but it took too much space and placed a heavy weight at the back of the van. I now place it in the back of the car, I too noticed the indentions on the tyre wall, does this mean it has to be replaced. If so what a waste -the tyre has never been used!
  10. BigobBear

    Tall double caravan step

    Thanks TinShack, do you mean a grab rail fitted to the van or as a stand alone device?
  11. BigobBear

    Tall double caravan step

    Can I please detract from this thread slightly? My disabled father finds it hard to haul himself up the steps (the larger double plastic steps for disabled people). He grabs hold of the LHS door bin and uses a stick on the plastic steps. I am worried he will wreck the bin or his stick slip on the step. Suggestions please. To add to the post, he finds the wideness of the plastic double steps much easier to use than my previous metal double step.
  12. BigobBear

    Pro-tec Cover

    I am seeking advice on a cover for my Pegasus 524. I want to buy a used cover but customised ones for my model are rare, will another cover (for another van) fit mine? (bearing in mind the position of aerial, vent and door) Thanks
  13. BigobBear

    Towcar Tyre Pressures

    It is a faff putting pressures up and then down again but it clearly states that in my handbook (and it is quite a big difference). Keeping pressures at load pressure-will this not lead to more wear on the centre of the tread/bouncier and harsher ride (relative to lower pressures on an unloaded vehicle)?
  14. BigobBear

    Hosepipe ban

    Another option is ONR. It means washing and drying by hand but it works and puts a little shine to the van. You put ONR in a bucket of water then using a mitt wash a panel then dry. It might work for some, I have used it on my vehicle and was impressed.
  15. BigobBear

    Autoglym with a shine

    For the first time I washed the van with Turtle wash and wax (with a capful of Fenwicks), hose off and dry with Aqua Wax (Rapid Wax if you buy in bulk)-very impressed. I have used the Fenwick combination and that was also good.