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  1. I have a Skoda Kodiaq, the SEL 190 4x4, seven seater. I have had it since 2017, as soon as I got it I put a witter tow bar and dedicated wiring loom on the vehicle. I have towed a large caravan since then. I have had no problems towing except the low tow nose weight of 80kg. The 4x4 helps on slippy grass surfaces. I get high 30+mpg on normal fast A roads and mid 20mpg when towing. Another slight issue is the rear view mirrors, style over substance, I have now found if I turn the towing mirrors upside down then they work perfectly (the fitting of the rubber straps). Hope that helps.
  2. Isn't SRP a polish and hence abrasive with little long term protection? If applying a wax then the bodywork must be in a fairly good state? SRP is excellent on UPVC double glazed window surrounds at your home BUT it needs topping with a sealant or a wax.
  3. Thanks Endeeo, that sounds perfect. I have not been well enough to try out the other ideas-once well enough I will explore and feedback. Thanks again.
  4. I had bought some of the interlocking tiles from Aldi last year, measured them up and would you believe it the depth was 6mm when I really want 8mm. I then did some meticulous measuring and started to make duckboard out of some scrap wood, it was full of staples and pretty poor (including my workmanship). Regarding the UPVC what is the depth of the panels?
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions, I am trawling through the internet to find some of the ideas. Basically I want to 'fill in' the hole so that my Dad can step in/out of the bathroom. Thanks again
  6. Hello I need some advice. I have a Bailey Pegasus 524, the shower tray is an odd shape and I would like to fit a duck board. My Father is not brilliant on his legs and when using the bathroom finds it hard to walk into the shower tray and out. I thought a duck board would make it easier for him. Has anybody fitted a duck board or have another idea to 'flatten out' the floor? Thanks
  7. I use a long (extendable) brush for the roof, used to use it on sides but noticed swirl marks from brush. Now I use a noodle mitt, OK so the water runs down my arms and it takes a little longer. DO NOT use the brush on windows. I use a TFR/Turtlewax combo for washing, rinse off then apply Demon shine. The van looks good for a long time. I looked at the karcher but after extensive research a lot of people said the pressure was too low, hence the manual version.
  8. I had a motorhome: Road fund licence (costly-more than my car!) Servicing Repairs MOT (always needed something) Space is a premium, have to load and pack sensibly. Easier, get in, drive, reach destination, hook up and enjoy a brew. I have moved to a caravan: motor mover-dead easy. Servicing (every two years) More time hooking/setting up. Much more space, lots more cubby holes and storage. The biggest decider was that I could either replace my existing car to a car and caravan or keep existing car and buy motorhome. I chose the former. A £9000 caravan that was 6/7 years old or a 15 year old motorhome. I know MHs keep their money but it depends if you have the initial capital. Hope that helps
  9. Thanks Kathy657 I have tried to buy used from various sites but some do not reply and others refuse to post. I was trying to 'spread the net' to encompass other van covers that might fit mine. I know they are customised but was hoping that some might fit. Thanks
  10. I think it feels 'sturdy' and has a useful gauge. Similar problem to yourselves, I did notice that the 'upturned castleations' catch and it drags the wheel when using a motor mover. Solution-wind it up more!
  11. I had problems then I turned the mirrors upside down and now there is no problem-just do not forget to switch OFF automatic fold in as the mirror pole will hit glass/door.
  12. Hello Use hot soapy water, such as a wash and wax or a bodywork shampoo. The temperature of the water/soap should 'lift' the aphid mess. I have used this numerous times and worked well.
  13. I bought an 8 litre boiler for valeting the van/car. Takes 15 mins to boil water then nice toasty warm water to wash car/van. I like a nice cuppa but 8 litres a day is going some-joking! It would also serve for washing up I suppose.
  14. I agree, hot soapy water-use a TFR in the water or spray on let it dwell then the hot water.
  15. Thanks TinShack and happynomad, I purchased the freestanding step with handrail (the cheapest was the Quest step at GoOutdoors), I will look into the permanent handle fixed to the van. Thanks again B O B
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