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  1. Well it's been 2 years since taking delivery of the new van and to date, no real issues other than the Alko brakes. Squeaky floor issue sorted, microwave fascia replaced and we are just waiting for a further warranty fix of the brakes. Just has its 2 year service, all good , including excellent damp report.
  2. If I remember correctly at the time I first raised the fault with the dealer, I had to get under the van to find a white label with model and serial number on so they knew which brakes we had. Dealer offered to do this but it would have meant a 60 mile round trip so got under van myself.
  3. Just had our second service on our 2018 Avante 550. All good apart from needing a new awning light as a couple of LEDs are out and we need a new brake drum and set of shoes. We have only done a couple of trips since having the repairs done last year. We had the first fix which was the application of the magic paste which turned out as not so magic, followed by full replacement of both drums and all shoes. So dealer tells me this week that the replacement shoes has problem with lining components and this had resulted in new current shoes gouging one of the drums. So back to the dealers for ano
  4. Anyone who has served on board ship will be aware of this method. I think its called ship shower routine?
  5. More dealers could learn a lesson from yours. We have had our Elddis in for a couple of warranty repairs on the brakes and each time its a 60 mile round trip. The dealer is pleasant enough but no recompense for the disruption. Just found out at service this week that the replaced brake shoes by Alko are also faulty type which have now caused goorging to the brake disc. So its in again for another warranty job to replace a drum and brake shoes once the parts are in. The joys of owning a caravan I guess.
  6. We have the Elddis Avante 550 which works for us. It has the center Island bed at rear which partially slides in during day to give a bit more bedroom space. I'm 6ft 4 and can get around bed at night to use loo without having to climb over the wife.
  7. We took delivery of our new Avane 550 in March this year. This was a replacement for our 2017 model which we rejected. There is a separate discussion on here so won't repeat reasons. As others have said, you can have problems with any make of van. As far as our new van is concerned I am very pleased. We have had some warranty work done ie replacement microwave facia,squeaky floor fixed,front seat cushions repaired/replaced and the van is going in to have the whole brakes replaced. That's not an Elddis fault though. Numerous owners have had a problem with bad batch of Alko brakes
  8. Thanks for the link. I saw this site earlier but was unsure if compatible with mine. Worth checking out at half the cost of a identical replacement. We are away in van later today so will have to revert to reversing van in myself without mover. Practice will do me good.
  9. Hi Unfortunately this evening I pulled away from the storage yard with my easymover basic 1 8 remote resting on the a frame. Didn't realise until almost home. Dropped van on drive and then retraced my steps. To my total supreme found remote in road approx 200 metres from storage yard entrance. Unfortunately it was in lots of pieces and it can't be fixed. I was looking at a replacement of around £150 but then read about using my phone with am app to move my van Has anyone out there used the phone app and how well does it work. Is there an adaptor or controller I
  10. Hi We bought a Kampa Rally AIR Pro 390 Caravan Awning 2017 a couple of months ago. Got a great deal after searching on line. Anyway back to your question, IMHO they are great. We have had old fashioned steel poled awnings, lightweight poles and now our air awning. One of the best buys we have made. They are a piece of cake to put up. Lots of videos on You Tube worth watching re inflating an air awning. We bought the Kampa pump with ours so I just plug in and wait about 5 mins and its in shape and up. Takes longer to put pegs in. I would recommend and as
  11. Van has gone in today for a number of warranty jobs including the squeaky floor. Only squeaks with corner steadies engineer asked me how far down I put the steadies. He thinks that I may be dropping steadies too far. I tend to put steay down to point it almost starts to lift the corner. He said thats too far. He thinks this may be problem but he will check it out regardless.
  12. Welcome to the forum and welcome to caravaning. Please make good use of this site as part of your van searching. There is lots of good information and advice and also some stories of bad experiences. This is a great source of information to help you with your new hobby and in picking the right van for you.
  13. The seat cushions went back to Leisure Furnishings under warranty. Arranged for courier to collect on Monday and returned today so not a bad turn around time. I cant tell if the cushions are new as I forgot to put any hidden marks on, or if they are our cushions. They certainly look new and feel much firmer so it may just have been a new recovering. Time will tell how these hold out but credit where its due, they got the work done very quickly once picked up
  14. We were caught out in Gran Canaria. Despite displaying the blue badge clearly, we still got a ticket for parking in a disabled bay. What I had missed was that the bay was a dedicated bay for a specific car registration and on the wall near to the bay was displayed the reg number of the only permitted car to use the disabled bay. Although the fine was for 80 euros, because I was a good boy and paid it pretty much straight away, only paid 40 euros so not too painful but lesson learnt.
  15. My van has gone in today for the brakes to be sorted. It would appear this is quite a wide spread fault which Alko are aware off. First fix is to clean up and apply some magic paste provided to dealers by Alko. Apparently has worked for some owners but if this does not sort problem or if it repeats then Alko will replace the whole braking system? Hopeful I can go away next weekend and arrive on site without announcing my arrival from about half a mile away. Interestingly when I pulled up at retailer, there was another Elddis in the yard with wheels off and brakes being sorted.
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