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  1. MrsKT


    Right, from my cars handbook I've attached a picture with info on towing. Yo be honest all the abbreviations don't make much sense to me. The MAW of the van from the VIN is 1270kg. So am I right in thinking the van is too heavy for the car? Thanks
  2. MrsKT


    Thanks, I will check that out
  3. MrsKT


    Haha, it was supposed to be van 😂
  4. MrsKT


    Hi, complete caravan novice and newbie here so please excuse me. We inherited a lovely compass illusion 490/4 from some friends who were buying a new one. We have it on a local site at the moment but I want to bring it home for the winter. The issue is we have just swapped our cars and now have a Peugeot 2008 1. 6 100bhp and I don't know whether we can legally tow the caravan with this. I've tried to search online but am finding conflicting information and the jargon quite confusing. According to one site, the 'mass in running order' of our can is 970kg, and the Maximum allowable weight is 1270 kgs. On the car info, the Web says it can tow up to 1270 (max towing weight braked). Then I've read about an 85% weight ratio- would that be the mass in running order figure of 970 for the van against the kerb weight of the car? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks