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  1. With the EHIC expiring at the end of December, I hope that the NHS will put into place a more stricter way of charging the immigrants in this country for any medical needs.
  2. Thank you for all your posts. I'll make sure vents aren't blocked and turn heater off
  3. Hi everyone, hope your all keeping safe. I'd like your thoughts on heating my caravan in the winter while it's stored on my drive. I have a small oil filled radiator that is timed to come on for a couple of hours in the evening and the same early morning. Is this OK, I don't want to cause condensation. Thank you
  4. The area behind rear view mirror is just a shading to stop glare of sun from your eyes, so when you look into mirror you won't be dazzled
  5. Hello Jon-L, Good for you, go for it. Nerja is a lovely place and I for one would stay. Too many people are too quick to poo poo ideas, you have obviously thought about it for a while. Good luck on your new venture & let me know when your up and running.
  6. I have already changed to the UK style plates, either have been dictating to us for long enough.
  7. Hi Clever, can you make the stickers for both sides of my Fleetwood Heritage ?


    1. WispMan


      PM sent to Deckchair

  8. Hello everyone I'm just hoping someone else can help me. My Caravan ( Fleetwood Heritage 560/4) I got home last weekend and was cleaning the van and noticed that I hadn't secured the bi-fold shower doors properly and one of the pivot doors dropped down onto the shower tray, and for the life of me I cannot see how they pivot. I had thought there would be some kind of a pivot hinge on the top and bottom of the doors, but there is nothing to make them pivot when getting in or out of shower. Hope someone can help me. Thank you in anticipation
  9. Hello Everybody, I'm new to caravanning, but have been gleaning lots of very helpful information from you all. My question for today is can I use a car battery to move my caravan with the motor mover? My leisure battery is kaput, so was waiting till winter's over before I buy a new one. Thanking you in anticipation
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