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  1. Well quick update, received truma control panel back put back with battery connected and hey presto! main Bailey control panel showing 14.6v ( never shown more than 13.7v when EHU used) flashing green light on truma panel that goes to solid green when a load is applied to battery to indicate a charge is taking place via solar panel. Still need to get battery fully checked now. Funny thing is Trumabsaid there was nothing wrong with panel I sent !
  2. Yes sorry , reading of 13v was taken 24hrs after being on optomate.
  3. Well the battery is reading 13v after 24 hrs, the solar panel control unit is at truma awaiting testing. going to check the blue n white wires that go to battery +,- terminals on the control panel to the battery next.
  4. I rang Truma and explained the situation that the green light was erratic and at no point has it ever been steady to say it was charging battery. They said you may have a faulty battery or controller and I could return the caravan to the dealer for testing(100 mike round trip) or send it to them, so I’ve posted it back to Truma for testing. Mean while as my battery has been connected to ehu for 4 days is now showing a healthy green indicator and is now in my garage on my optimate.
  5. Thanks for all your help, my daughter is in the van this weekend so next week I’ll put battery on charge in my garage. so assume then when I remove my battery voltage reading will increase on the solar panel connection on the truma .
  6. The green light on the truma panel flashes but not regularly, tends to flash at a regular beat for so many seconds then misses a beat if you know what I mean. I’ll also need to check if there’s an inline fuse.
  7. Well checked voltage on Tuesday 13.1v, checked today 13.7v the battery has an indicator states green is good, clear needs charge and white battery needs replacing. mine says it needs charging, checked settings on the Truma solar charger and it was set for Gel(default) rang battery place mine is a Wet one so I’ve set the panel to Wet hope this helps. might be a daft question can I connect multi meter to the solar panel connections on the truma box +&- to get a reading? Getting 22.2v on the solar panel connections 13.7 on the battery connection on the truma charger panel!
  8. That explains it all, I’m going to check shadows/clean panel.
  9. Just assumed because the green light is flashing on the solar panel controls something was getting to the battery! but I’ll check voltage again later tonight at dusk and go from there. dies the solar panel need direct sunlight as my van is parked up mainly in the shade north face of the house.
  10. Just unplugged mains lead and checked voltage at the battery terminals 13:37v I’ll check it again tomorrow to see if there’s any drop.
  11. Hi quick question regards our battery, went into caravan yesterday and turned thee switch to show me battery voltage only showing 12.1v checked green light was flashing on from solar panel so assume the battery is getting some charge from the solar panel? So I connected van to mains then showed 13.6v and will leave it plugged in for 24 hours to see if that charges the battery.
  12. Ours has the gaps on the rear panel assumed that was normal! next time I’m at a dealers I’ll check other Bailey s4.
  13. Yes that seems to be general thought that sat navs are not 100%, my wife does not read maps or have a clue where we are once on the m62! I check google maps for roads close to caravan sites maybe I should pay more attention to the rest of the route😬
  14. Hi, would like to ask views/recommendations on sat navs that are for caravan/motorhomes. Been looking this morning and most get mixed reviews I’m needing one to stop arguments as I’m sick of been sent down small one track roads, it’s got to the point should we sell the caravan and buy a sub 6m van conversion. Feel we should try a good sat nav first.
  15. Went on Thursday , it was our first visit to look at pvc as thinking of selling our caravan and car , had 4 caravans in the past 4 years and car is costing a lot at the moment( freelander 2) and think we’d get more use out of pvc BUT at what a price😲. Hate it when base price is £45k but the one you are in is £55k😡
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