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  1. Yes that seems to be general thought that sat navs are not 100%, my wife does not read maps or have a clue where we are once on the m62! I check google maps for roads close to caravan sites maybe I should pay more attention to the rest of the route😬
  2. Hi, would like to ask views/recommendations on sat navs that are for caravan/motorhomes. Been looking this morning and most get mixed reviews I’m needing one to stop arguments as I’m sick of been sent down small one track roads, it’s got to the point should we sell the caravan and buy a sub 6m van conversion. Feel we should try a good sat nav first.
  3. Went on Thursday , it was our first visit to look at pvc as thinking of selling our caravan and car , had 4 caravans in the past 4 years and car is costing a lot at the moment( freelander 2) and think we’d get more use out of pvc BUT at what a price😲. Hate it when base price is £45k but the one you are in is £55k😡
  4. Sold our vango air awning(porch) now have Fiamma pull out awning and wind break for short breaks 2-4 days and Isabella sun canopy for 5+ nights must admit if we had a dog think I’d buy another air awning our vango would bend in strong wind and collect rain.
  5. Well after 4 caravans in 3 years we found our 12 year old sterling Europa better built than our unicorn 4! We are going to give caravanning 5 years if the van last that long. must agree the dealer plays a major role.
  6. Yes we had one new 2016 and had a few problems but when damp appeared they repaired it but my mates bought the same time leaked as well so cut our losses and bought a swift. i wouldn’t buy another Lunar but I must say the dealer did there job.
  7. Seen the videos this morning and like the front lounges with the storage that goes right across the front, the prices have gone up considerably very close to Unicorn,
  8. Well I predict I will buy a 8’ wide when I try seasonal pitch in 3-4 years time and it will be swift!
  9. Leakylunar


    Have a Seville and a few light items go in gas locker as I only carry one bottle all waste and aqua roll go in car along with any water connectors and ehu. i do this so when I arrive everything I need to caravan set up is to hand and I’m not searching inside the caravan.
  10. I also have Bailey with no front locker so am interested in A frame mount, as my car is tall and has removable tow bar it’s either A frame or rear rack attached to tailgate taking the wheels off to give clearance.
  11. Well finally got my mtpl upgrade from couplands now have 1450kg fir my Seville, even took a 20kg kettle bell away this weekend to improve noseweight .
  12. Tried 3 in 1 oil as that’s all I could get I got the caravanstore up but it was a struggle having to tap the atanction to get the small to release it’s the same on both sides so I’m going to remove them this weekend to see if it’s just a spring or full replacement. thanks for the number I’ll probably be giving them a call.
  13. Yes I’ll have to try that only had olive oil to hand!
  14. Hi tried to put up my caravanstore yesterday but two of the push in buttons to lock the arms are stuck in, tried to release them they move a little but don’t snap back. so can I just replace the spring or am I missing something?
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