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  1. Yes our 2018 fridge door shelves cracked and 3 replaced under warranty.
  2. Basically when my wife see’s a caravan she likes we go into the office they give us a price for ours we pay the difference 😬 I’ve stopped taking her to caravan showrooms!!! our first van was stored at the caravan showroom storage so every time we came home we looked😱. only last time there offer was terrible so went further afield and saved £2000!
  3. Take vat off rrp or the price I paid! mine is the newer s4 unicorn.
  4. Yes know about losing money on newer vans as this is our 3rd new van in 3 years! campervan would be T5/transit custom type but we’ll see prices seem a bit out of my reach😬
  5. Yes going to try that problem is finding one for sale privately. We’ve said if we can’t get anywhere near a reasonable price we’ll keep for another few years. I want to tour France/Belgium but O/H said we’d be divorced by the time we got back due to my driving😬 as I’m a very nervous one when towing down unknown roads. In a Campervan she said she would drive as well 🤗.
  6. Thanks, I’ll try and get a price this weekend.
  7. Surely a dealer would only give me a price based on part ex? im really after a price to sell privately.
  8. Tried app but didn’t work as I have no login details, tried caravanbuyer but was offered stupid money. thinking my caravan Bailey Seville s4 2018 around £16500-17000 mark inc Isabella awning etc. cant find any caravans on the market like mine.
  9. Thanks, is it available online?
  10. Hi thinking of selling our caravan and wandered if there was a price guide anywhere?
  11. Used 4 of there sites, Brookside nr Scunthorpe ,Blue Rose Bransburton, York, Chainbridge nr Berwick. We have used York quiet a few times great site, Chainbridge was great loads close by.
  12. We are looking at selling our caravan hopefully to find purchase panel van conversion. on the hope we use it more, I hate towing the caravan but love it once it all set up.
  13. Well quick update, received truma control panel back put back with battery connected and hey presto! main Bailey control panel showing 14.6v ( never shown more than 13.7v when EHU used) flashing green light on truma panel that goes to solid green when a load is applied to battery to indicate a charge is taking place via solar panel. Still need to get battery fully checked now. Funny thing is Trumabsaid there was nothing wrong with panel I sent !
  14. Yes sorry , reading of 13v was taken 24hrs after being on optomate.
  15. Well the battery is reading 13v after 24 hrs, the solar panel control unit is at truma awaiting testing. going to check the blue n white wires that go to battery +,- terminals on the control panel to the battery next.
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