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  1. Ta. I did wonder if the barely-above-freezing water temperature was a contributory factor.
  2. I've primed my water system with a Puriclean solutuion, hot water tank included (not with the heating n though), and now reaise it's going to be in there for 24 hours, or twice as long as the maximum time stated on the tub. Should I be panicking? As a side note, anyone else find it difficult to dissolve? Seemed to be large crystallline flakes in the bottom of the water carrier.
  3. Add 'iconic', especially when applied to something that's still on the drawing board.
  4. Get as far north as you can on the first day - Peterborough to Strathclyde Park Caravan Site is 311 miles. It's going to be considerably slower for the remaining distance! I'd almost be tempted to go up the east coast and stop overnight somewhere near Edinburgh, then continue up the M90/A9 to Dalwhinnie and cut across to Spean Bridge, or even go up via Inverness and Achnasheen. The A82 is wonderfully scenic but it will be painfully slow in parts, especially up past Loch Lomond to Crianlarich.
  5. Polarised lenses are (or should be) orientated specifically to block the polarised light reflected from horizontal surfaces (roads, water, etc.), so you're unlikely to find a pair that work at right angles to the optimum position!
  6. There are worse things on the roads, far less the country. There might be a mild correlation between bad plates and bad driving, but in general a lot of drivers behind perfectly ordinary plates appear to have picked up their driving licence in a lucky dip.
  7. A few years ago we went touring round Europe. Car was on plain number plates so I did buy a GB sticker but never got round to attaching it. Just as well because it's magnetic and when I tried it there was surprisingly little sheet metal to which to attach it. Drove all through the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Belgium and no-one batted an eyelid. In Italy, in the Emilia-Romagna area, we had a week where we seemed to be the only foreigners around. Last year we did the same but I bought a set of plates with the EU stars, the letters SCO and a saltire. Technically non-regulation and unacceptable, but again, never had a problem.
  8. I think my caravan's handbook actually mentions that running on 12V isn't intended to bring the fridge down to working temperature, it's only supposed to keep it 'topped up'.
  9. All hail the cordless drill, especially when it's raining. Anything which brings aperitif time a little nearer is always acceptable. However, I still use the brace to fine-tune the steadies.
  10. I bought a pair of 195/70 R14 reinforced tyres from blackcircles in September 2017, £103. Looking at their web site you can still get a pair for just over £100, only a few quid more expensive than non-reinforced. Had them fitted at an ATS depot; I don't have Tyrons but the question never arose.
  11. Some of the replies in here sound suspiciously close to a wind-up. Can't get decent wine/cheese/bread/meat?!? I haven't yet taken my van sur le continong, but if I did I would be going full-native, as we do when we holiday in Europe. At most my wife will buy a box of Lipton teabags to satisfy her tea craving, but rarely drinks more than one or two cups over a fortnight.
  12. Well, I don't have a windshield, but I do have a windscreen and I use tepid water - a 2 pint plastic milk bottle holds enough for the windscreen and side windows. A quick look out the window usually tells me if there's a layer of frost to be dealt with. In extreme conditions I'll run the engine for a few minutes as well, but modern diesels are so efficient that there's not a lot of spare heat to be doled out. De-icer sprays just add to condensation problems, and chances are it will run out when you're most in need of it. I used to use a plastic scraper but grinding a paste of frost and road dirt across your windscreen doesn't do it much good - I remember when I had to get a new windscreen after a few years, it was noticeably clearer.
  13. You must have massive lockers. I don't think our bedding would fit in ours, so it stays beneath the seats. Never had any problems with damp. To my mind it's more convenient to have stuff you need throughout the day in the overheads, rather than having to ferret around underneath the seats.
  14. Glengavel

    Gas Locker

    Inspired by this thread, I opened my gas locker, shuddered, closed it again and tiptoed away. Maybe next year...
  15. I wonder if something like this would be useful: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-Extension-Attachment-Screwdriver-Adaptor/dp/B07PP7ZK73 although for £7.49 I'd worry about its strength and/or durability.
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